EMSAT High scores

EMSAT High scores are your way to The top UAE universities

Do you know that the United Arab Emirates is the second Arab country in education rank and 10th globally? Having the chance of being able to enroll in UAE universities is an amazing chance for you later in your field of work. The way to top UAE universities is by achieving a proper score in the EMSAT subjects matching the university requirements.

Your way to success is by understanding what the scoring system is in EMSAT, the subjects, and how to prepare for the final exams.

 It isn’t complicated at all if you get professional mentoring from our specialized teachers. They said good planning is the key to success,


You will find all you need to know about EMSAT and more.

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It’s important to keep in mind that part of your eligibility to go for the EMSAT is the correct precise registration.

How to register for the “ achieve” tests? 

Achieve registration is different from the past phases of registration. If you are a 12th grader or a graduate student, then you have to follow. With those steps, you could find them in this article if you are still under the age and this is your first time registering. It’s preferred to ask for the help of your academic school teacher responsible for registration.

Be sure to provide a valid email address and a valid mobile number, because you will need them when your test results are announced.

EMSAT UAE practice tests:

The higher UAE ministry of education, present some tests sample for students to practice on it,

Starting from English to all the subjects with the ideal answers, you could check them on this link,

A sample of the English test and what are the type of questions on it, you could also check the Arabic samples and the full illustration of the answers on our website, our Arabic courses will enable you whether you were an Arabic speaker or not of :

  • Gain reading texts skill,
  •  practical training and exercise on the Arabic exam model.
  •  Gain Arabic grammar skills, grammar, morphology, and continuous spelling to know common mistakes
  •  Training on familiarity with the most common synonyms from the reality of EMSAT test questions
  •  Gain written skills from spelling and grammatical errors, which qualifies you to pass the writing section of the Arabic exam with guidance with the most important tips and ideas
  • The EMSAT Arabic course prepares you to acquire text-reading skills – analyze ideas – acquire vocabulary, grammar, morphology, and written texts, which qualifies you to gain high EMSAT scores as a result.

 The EMSAT result tells you alot  about your skills

As we mentioned before EMSAT wasn’t designed to be a failure and passing the test, the main outcome of the test system was to get to know more about students’ capabilities and which skills and knowledge they gain the most during their educational journey.

That doesn’t mean we neglect the final results, as it will help you to define what a career is suitable for you, based on your different scores, it will be like a replacement test for you.

If your interests where on the scientific fields more than the human arts, then you will have to focus on biology, physics and mathematics scores, as every university in UAE set a minimum score for each specialisation to be able to join it, also some universities could have a placement test in order to be accepted their, but focusing in your EMSAT result will make it more guaranteed for you.

How to reach your desirable EMSAT results?

You must start earlier preparation, like 3-4 months earlier the exam due date, check on the outlines of each subject curriculum, and test your knowledge about it, if you miss a lot of it, then you need to start studying with private teacher,

What will a private course in elmadrasah.com add to you?

  • Elmadrasah.com online reviews, enable senior high school students to become knowledgeable about the strategies for solving exam questions through practicing on previous models.
  • We guarantee you superiority! We offer review sessions in the following languages: (Arabic-English- Mathematics- Biology- Chemistry- Physics)
  • You can have two review sessions for the EMSAT- the duration of each session is an hour of training – you can choose the subject you want.
  • Online reviews are private sessions conducted via zoom, not in a group. They are designed based on your needs and the deficiencies that you want to overcome.
  • Classes with lecturers who specialize in teaching exam techniques and dealing with questions.
  •  Notes and educational materials to help you study and review outside the sessions.

What will the outcomes you gain if you take courses with us?

United Arab Emirates universities are among the top 100 universities ranked, according to QS, enrollment in one of it will guarantee you the quality of educational opportunities and a reputable graduation certificate, investing in yourself will come back for you, our courses will pave your way to college, you don’t need to have plan b or redo the test, save your time and money and don’t hesitate to contact us for advising

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In this article, we highlight all the important information you need to know about the EMSAT and the higher education system in the United Arab Emirates, you could follow our blog and check it for more informative articles, about educational tips, subjects, exams last updates and courses offers, discounts and more.

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