Most Frequently Asked Questions about EmSAT Physics Exam

emsat physics is one of the United Arab Emirates standardized tests to which students who seek to complete their educational career and want to enter universities are subjected.

Each part of the EmSAT Achieve Physics exam tests a different aspect of your comprehension of Physics, the majority of emsat physics test sections and questions are arranged randomly.

Now, let me answer all your questions about emsat physics:

How many questions are in the exam?

EmSAT Achieve Physics consists of 50 questions. 

 Every section is associated with a specific time that appears on the computer screen to allow you to know the remaining time.

Questions are arranged gradually, easily, medium, hard, and so on.

If you answered the first question correctly then the next question is going to be harder, and if you answered it incorrectly the next one will be easier, and so with all the questions.

You should do your best at as many questions as you can.

Can I go back to a previous question to modify my answer?

No, once you move to the next question, you will not be able to go back to a previous one.

How long is emsat physics?

The allotted test time is 90 minutes (one and half-hour) and 120 minutes (2 hours) for the EmSAT Achieve Physics exam.

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What score should I obtain in emsat physics?

The minimum emsat physics score is 1100.

What is physics and what topics may I find in the exam?

Physics studies the interactions between matter and energy

Physics is concerned to define the fundamental quantum of the universe such as charge, velocity, and acceleration.

Some topics of the emsat physics test:

Mechanics: mechanics describe the motions of objects, forces analysis, and applying the principles of momentum.  

Mechanics account for 30% of emsat physics exam and you should be acquainted with:

  1. Displacement.
  2. The gravitational force.
  3. Equilibrium applications of newton’s laws of motion.
  4. Acceleration.
  5. Speed and velocity. 
  6. Newton’s laws.
  7. Collisions in one and two dimensions.

Foundations of physics: Ability to use standard features of vectors to solve questions related to it.

Foundation of physics accounts for 10% of the exam and you should be highly knowledgeable of:

  1. Units.
  2. Trigonometry.
  3. Addition of vectors through components.
  4. The components of the vector.
  5. Scalars and vectors.

Magnetism: basics knowledge of magnetic properties, the reasons for its existence with linking to charges and its movements.

Magnetism represents 15% of emsat physics and you should have studied:

  1. Magnetic fields.
  2. Transformers.
  3. The motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field.
  4. The force that a magnetic field exerts on a moving charge.
  5. The electric generators. 
  6. Induced EMF and induced current. helps you achieve your most educational desired goals with their preparation and revision sessions.

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Waves and modern physics: explanation of anisotropy of wave’s properties and binding it into the nucleus of the atom.

Waves and modern physics represent 15% of the EmSAT Achieve Physics exam and you should be knowledgeable of:

  1. The nature of waves.
  2. Sound waves.
  3. The formation of images by a plane mirror.
  4. The mass defect of the nucleus and nuclear binding energy.
  5. The formation of images by lenses.
  6. Lenses in combination.
  7. The principle of linear superposition.
  8. Line spectra.
  9. Periodic waves.

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Energy: the ability to solve questions using types of energy.

Energy represents 15% of emsat physics and has to be acquainted with:

  1. Heat and temperature change: specific heat capacity.
  2. Common temperature scales.
  3. The kelvin temperature scale.
  4. Thermometers.
  5. The Work-Energy theorem and kinetic energy.
  6. Gravitational potential energy.

Electricity: the ability to answer questions about applying electricity laws and circuits.

Electricity represents 15% of emsat physics test and you have to be highly familiar with:

  1. Coulomb’s law.
  2. Ohm’s law. 
  3. Resistance and resistivity.
  4. Circuits in series and parallel.
  5. The measurement of current and voltage.
  6. Series wiring.
  7. Charged objects and the electric force.

You must have the ability to understand, compare and apply all these concepts.

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What are the types of questions in the emsat physics test?

  • The first section is “multiple-choice” 
  • The second section is “fill in the blank”
  • The third section is “drag and drops the correct choice” 

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How to prepare yourself for the emsat physics test?

  • You have to start at least a month and a half before your emsat physics.

This will give you enough time to retrieve your lessons before the test and will not make you amass the information due to lack of time.

  • Memorizing the terms of physics is not easy if you are using the wrong method.

Want to memorize the terms of physics easily, then you should simply understand them!

Try to pick a term, understand it then link it with a specific physics experiment.

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By doing this you will rarely never face any question that you cannot answer.

Because your brain is going to be active almost all the time.

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