Top 9 hints to pass EmSAT Chemistry

Top 9 hints to pass emsat chemistry

emsat chemistry is one of the electronic tests that are required from you if you aspire to enter any university that relates to chemistry in the United Arab Emirates.

 what is chemistry?

Chemistry is one of the natural sciences that study substance, its interactions, and the changes that happen by checking its properties, structures, and compositions.

In addition, chemistry studies atoms and the chemical bonds that occur between the atoms that constitute molecules.

More than 100 basic elements constitute all matters such as iron, copper, and oxygen.

In this article, I am going to tell you some tips that are highly helpful to pass any test, especially the emsat chemistry test:

  • Procrastination: how to overcome procrastination? The best way to get something done is to BEGIN, do not wait for Tuesday to come to study also do not tell yourself “let’s wait till it is 7 pm” just begin now and you are going to be amazed by the results.

You are the one who controls you!

  • Put on your mind that there is nothing complicated for you to learn, you do not hate chemistry you might just have had an unprofessional teacher or a teacher who has been hard on you, and you hated the way it was explained to you in.

You can now start learning with private emsat chemistry teachers of al

  • Time management and mind mapping: make a studying plan at the beginning of every week, and write down your weekly goals and what needs to be done by the end of the week this will manage and organize your brain, and also will help you a lot prepare for your EmSAT Achieve Chemistry test without being distracted.

Then make a “to-do list” every day to manage your whole day, this is going to save you SO much time, e.g. 1. emsat chemistry studying ch1(6 am to 12 pm), etc..

  • Put your goals right before your eyes, this will help you stay motivated most of the time, such as writing the score you are studying to get in an emsat chemistry test or your dream university.
  • Where you study can have a massive impact on how you study, do NOT study laying on your bed or lunging on a sofa this will not help you and will take you much longer time, all you need is a flat surface with a comfortable agronomic chair.
  • Organize your workspace: Even if it takes five extra minutes, in the beginning, organizing your workplace will help you finish the task much faster.

Don’t put anything that is going to distract you later, all you need, if you are studying I.e. emsat chemistry, is books, stationary, your computer if you are using it and here is a good recommendation “drinks and snacks” having a water or juice and some healthy snacks like fruits or nuts will make you feel satisfied for a longer time.

  • Note taking: have you ever tried to record your voice while you are summarizing the most important information of what you have just studied?

 You can try this method as it really works with many people; make it a short record to not feel bored listening to it while revising.

if you don’t like this method just go with the old method, write down the most important notes from every part until you finish the chapter then start to read them, this will help you retrieve information quickly.

  • If you found some parts difficult for you to understand you can use the analogy concept, by finding something in your everyday life that is too close to a chemical process or reaction.

top 9 hints to pass emsat chemistry

Do you know that you do chemical reactions almost every day of your life? When you are lighting a match, cooking on your stove, or even washing dishes with soap you are doing a chemical reaction!

Just think of it chemistry is not that hard and passing EmSAT Achieve Chemistry test will even be much easier if you started learning with someone who is specialized in emsat chemistry 

  • You MUST practice, by practicing you are going to measure how much you have learned, and what needs to be retrieved and most importantly you will train yourself how to answer your emsat chemistry exam questions.

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  • Try to avoid people who put you under undue pressure and stress, this will cause you nothing but depression and disappointment and you might not be able to achieve what you want.

Stay with those who support you and push you forward.

  • Do you know why waking up early can literally change your life? The studies have approved that your brain works at its best during the early hours of the day starting from 4 am! 

The more your brain is active the more you study for fewer hours.

  • The last tip and the most important one is to SLEEP well, there is a theory referred to as Neuroplasticity that says that our brain needs to rearrange itself as it conducts archiving information.

 Mathew Walker says that our brain does not just help us remember the beneficial information that it received but also plays a massive role in helping us forget useless information.

The more you do not get enough sleep the more you lose your ability to focus!

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Finally, whether your dream is to get yourself into medical or scientific colleges such as Dubai Medical College or Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and health you have to pass the EmSAT Achieve chemistry exam with a minimum score of 1100.

The duration of emsat chemistry is 90 minutes and the exam consists of 40 questions.

The topics of the exam vary between matter, its properties, energy, power, and the conservation of matter. 

Always remember that you only reach your desired goals with a lot of hard work. 

Give yourself a chance to succeed and do not be so hard on yourself.

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