You might have this question popping up in your mind, do I need to pass EMSAT? 

Does EMSAT even pass and fail tests?

Before answering your question you need to 

know why the EMSAT was innovated?

In a significant development process in the field of Education, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Higher Education came up with an assessment test, Focus on the abilities evaluation of the next generations, to empower them to their ultimate goals, the test is based on the knowledge of the student acquired during his different educational stages.

First, the test targeted the 12 graders students, in a trial to make the university admission process and acceptance more precise and specific based on international standards.

Then in recent times, it has become an assessment test for grades ( 1,4,6,8,10, and 12).

Do you need to pass EMSAT ?

EMSAT is not a pass or fail the test, there is no pass EMSAT or fail scores in it, the scoring system based on a specific range of grades of each subject escalates and measures student abilities, skills, knowledge, and their eligibility to enroll for different courses in the first academic year in college.

Although getting high scores in the EMSAT in different subjects is critical for you to enroll in your aspired university.

The pass EMSAT English score adds to you an advantage whether you were An UAE citizen or an international student, the English curriculum is updated to certify you by a score to be equal to those who have ILETS or CEPA as the English score system in EMSAT follows the CFRE system.

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What is the passing score for the EMSAT?

Talking about pass EMSAT score, you should evaluate it based on what college you are targeting, and what is the minimum score for each subject to be Accepted and enrolled there, taking into your consideration that EMSAT scores are validated for two years only, so if you thinking about taking a Gap year to explore what major you want, the certificates will be expired during two years.

EMSAT test materials:

  • The EMSAT covers the basic subjects for students in schools, which are: 
  • Arabic language. 
  • EMSAT English Exam. 
  • General Mathematics Exam. 
  • EMSAT Physics Exam. 
  • Chemistry (for advanced track only)

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What would happen if you fail the EMSAT?

You don’t have to be worried if you miss one of your exams, or even don’t attend it all or get a low score, since the EMSAT testing system is very flexible allowing you to redo the tests, you could check all about how to redo the test in this article on our blog, noting that the system will delete your past scores when you redo the test.

What to study for EMSAT?

We will summarise the subjects contents for you as much as we can in this article, for more detailed informatics articles  you could visit our blog and check the articles all about EMSAT on this link, you could also take a look at our EMSAT distinctive courses and reserve it now for 60% discount on

Chemistry Exam:

  • It measures the readiness of students in grade 12 to study college subjects, and to complete the achievement test in chemistry, and determines their qualifications for university study. The chemistry exam is concerned with the following sections:
  • the matter and its properties cover between 55 to 65% of the Chemistry exam
  • power, Strength, and the Law of conservation of mass, which covers 35 to 45% of the Chemistry test

Physics Exam Form:

  • It seeks to assess the mastery of grade 12 students in the achieve stage and their readiness to study in the college curriculum. The Physics exam consists of 5 sections.
  • mechanics
  • Waves and Optics
  • Thermophysics and Thermodynamics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physics

English exam model

  • The English exam aspires to scale the skills and preparation of students of grade 12 at the high school stage to enroll in universities and colleges in which the study system is in English.
  • Test duration 125 minutes, 110 questions covering the different sections of the exam.
  •   The English Exam contains the next sections:
  • English Grammar, Vocabulary, and Sentence Building
  • Reading and it contains
  • Cloze reading aims to complete the correct blanks and syllables of words to measure the student’s ability to understand the vocabulary within the paragraph.
  • Extended Reading and writing:
  • The purpose of which is to measure the reading, writing, and oral skills of students.
  • writing skills

Arabic Exam Form:

  • The EMSAT Arabic Exam aims to measure the Arabic language skills of grade 12 students by focusing on three sections
  • The first section is for texts, grammar, and extraction.
  • The second section deals with the structures of the Arabic language and vocabulary.
  • The third section is about writing

Biology Exam Form:

  • The biology curriculum for achieving students are consist of 4 Main units:
  •  Molecules to Living Organisms, Structure and Function
  •  Genetics and Genetic Technology.
  •  Biological Diversity: Similarities and Differences.
  •  Ecosystems: Interactions – Energy and Dynamics

Mathematics Exam Form:

  • It intends to measure and assemble Mathematics and assess the readiness of Grade 12 students to study mathematics at the level of academies or universities. The Mathematics  exam contains the following compartments:
  •  Algebra, which represents 60 to 70%
  • geometry, which represents 15 to 25%
  •  statistic, which represents 5 to 15% of the exam’s total final score.

Computer Science Exam model:

  • EMSAT Achieve Computer Science consists of five main units:
  • Computing systems.
  • Computer networks.
  • Programming and problem-solving.
  • Effect of computing

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