How to practice for EMSAT English

How to practice for EMSAT English

There is no doubt that after the accreditation of EMSAT  English as the substitute for ILETS and TOFEL in university admission requirements, quality preparation for it is the key element for you to pass it with an appropriate score, and escalate your Level in the English language, measuring your skills and knowledge.

What is the EMSAT English test?

It is an Emsat exam innovated on the bases of student English assessment, in 125 minutes the student will be tested in 6 different sections, (Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and Writing)

The test timing will be available to the student to see it as is a computer online -based- test.

The test consists of 110 questions and the 250-word essay is counted among them. The type of test questions varies between questions to assess the student’s knowledge of (Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing). Questions types in this test also vary between (Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Drag and Drop, Essay, Reading, and Sentence Reordering).

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EMSAT English score

The EMSAT English score is similar to the CEFR score, the levels according to the final score range are from C2 to A1.

Each level represents your abilities and skill in the EMSAT English language:

  •  Score 2000: Show that you Can easily understand almost everything you heard or read.  You Can summarize spoken or written information.  You Can express yourself spontaneously, fluently, and precisely, even in complex situations. (CEFR Band C2).
  •  Scores range from 1625 to 1975: You Can understand a wide spectrum of texts.  You Can express yourself fluently and spontaneously without much hesitation.  You Can use language flexibly and produce clear, well‐structured, text on complex subjects. (CEFR Band C1).
  •  Scores range from 1250 to 1600:  you Can understand the main ideas of the complex text.  You can react with native speakers without tension.  You Can make a clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint. (CEFR Band B2).
  • Scores range from 875 to 1225. You Can understand the main points of daily use subjects in work, school, and break time.  You Can deal with most daily situations while traveling where English is spoken. Can write simple connected text or describe experiences on familiar or personal topics. (CEFR Band B1)
  •  Scores range from 500 to 850. You Can understand sentences and common expressions on basic personal and family information, shopping, or daily routine. Can communicate regarding simple familiar or routine matters. Can describe simple aspects of the environment and immediate needs. (CEFR Band A1)
  • Scores range from 300 to 475. You Can understand and use everyday expressions and very basic phrases for instant daily needs. Can make an introduction about yourself and give personal details (address, friends, or possessions). Can deal if the other person talks slowly and clearly and is helpful. (CEFR Band A1).

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How to prepare yourself for the EMSAT English?

As we mentioned before that the EMSAT English test is divided into sections, each section demands a wise understanding from you, how to practice it, and the most important step is how to manage your time.

Here are the most delicate tips for you about good exam practicing:

1- The active memorizing of English words

  • The method of writing words or English vocabulary to memorize them is one of the old and traditional methods, but it has proven to be very useful because it makes you interact with the word when writing its letters, as well as with reading it out loud and helps you in writing and spelling words.

2- Collect the words of the units of study

  • The English language is a continuous and developed language with many words and you should not study the English language not only to prepare for the coming tests but also to try to make the English language a daily habit practice in your life, whether it is for the academic purpose, university level or life and work.
  • Make a group of English language synonyms or words according to the units of your textbook
  •  Do not be satisfied with that, the English language is rich in synonyms and antonyms. Be sure to learn more synonyms and antonyms for the words that you have extracted. This will greatly benefit you in enriching your English language – and solving the test questions easily.
  • Understanding comes First, it is very important to understand the use of the words that you extracted from the textbook unit before memorizing them. The best way to achieve this is to put the word in the context of a sentence to understand its meaning accurately. The use of synonyms may vary depending on the context of the sentence.
  • While learning words, synonyms and antonyms, try not to learn synonyms and antonyms at the same time or on the day designated for keeping a review of words, as this can cause things to confuse each other.
  • The previous method of memorizing the words we mentioned in points 3-4 will make you rich in your English language synonyms and help you in developing speaking and writing skills.

3- Continuous and systematic review of English words

  • Be sure to review the synonyms or English words that you understood first and memorize them later. You can do this in a practical way such as training on Writing An article or paragraph using these words by answering one of the previous test model questions
  • Training in solving missing syllable guessing questions through previous test model questions
  • It is certain that using this method will make you remember and review the words effectively and make it easier for you to recall them in the Emsat English test.

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