EMSAT Math full guide

If you have special interests in math curriculums, aiming to enroll in engineering, computer science, or any relevant field to mathematics, then the EMSAT achieve mathematics test must be one of your main concerns.

What is the EMSAT math test? 

It is a quality test in mathematics and is considered one of the most important computerized tests presented by the UAE in the fields of mathematics and calculations.

What are the sections and number of EMSAT Math model questions? 

  •  The Math model consists of 60 questions divided into three sections: 
  • algebra – geometry – and statistics. The types of questions vary between: 
  • Multiple choices Choose more than one answer, Fill in the blanks, and Drag the right answers into the proper space.

What is the eligible duration required to finish and submit the Math exam answers? 

The duration required to complete the answer to the Math exam is -one hundred twenty- minutes. The time appears on the computer screen, enabling the test taker to know the remaining time.

Who is eligible for the Math exam?

The Mathematics exam aims to assess the level of the test taker’s readiness to study mathematics at the college or university. The main benefits of the Math test are:

  • Evaluating the skills of students to be enrolled in public or private institutes in the United Arab Emirates, which qualifies them to To obtain a master’s and doctoral degree.
  •  Credentials for new job opportunities in various fields. 
  • enable your advancement in your work.

How to prepare for your Math achieve exam?

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EMSAT mathematics curriculum sections:

  • The first section is Algebra represent (60 – 70%) – in the math test 
  • Interpretation of the structure of algebraic expressions 
  • Writing algebraic expressions in symbiotic forms to solve mathematical problems 
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials 
  • Comprehend the relativity between zeros and factors of polynomials 
  • Use polynomial facts to solve problems 
  • Rewriting a rational function Forming equations that describe numbers or their relativity.
  • Comprehend equation solving as a way to explain and explain justifications Solve equations and inequalities in one variable solve systems of equations 
  • Exemplifying and solving equations and inequalities graphically 
  • Comprehend the concept of a function and the use of function symbol Interpret functions that arise in applications through context Analyzing functions using different representations.
  • Constructing a function that forms a relationship between two quantities.
  • Building new functions from existing functions Create and compare linear and. fundamental models and solve problems. 
  • Clarify expressions for functions in terms of the states they represent. 
  • Broadening the domain of trigonometric functions using the unit circle.
  • Modeling periodic phenomena using trigonometric functions 
  • Depiction of your extreme trigonometric Use the properties of numbers and professionalism Quantitative 
  • interpretation and use of units Perform arithmetic operations on complex numbers 
  • Perform arithmetic operations on vectors 
  • Performing arithmetic operations on matrices and using matrices in applications Finally 
  • solve problems The original solution is in the derivation 
  • Solve the main problem in integration

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EMSAT math score:

If your target college was engineering or medicine or computer science then you need a score of at least 900 to 1500 on The math exam, each result will represent and assess your math skills:

  • Score from 1500 and above: the student shows at this level sufficient proficiency in algebra and geometry, which enables him to directly enroll in advanced courses in calculus in institutions of higher education.
  • Score from 1475 to 1300: in this level, the student implies a strong understanding of algebra and geometry, which enables him to join pre-calculus courses or compatible courses at the level of higher education institutions.
  • score 1075 to 900: The student at this level reveals some understanding of algebra and applied geometry. The student at this level needs more lessons and preparation in the pre-university level courses in algebra.
  • Score 875 to 700: The student at this level signified a limited understanding of some concepts of algebra and concepts of applied geometry. The student needs more lessons and support in basic algebra and number topics.
  • Score 675 to 500: The student at this level shows some understanding of arithmetic and a very limited understanding of the basics of algebra and concepts of geometry. Students at this level need more lessons and assistance in the basics of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
  • Score 500 or less: The student at this level shows little or no ability to apply basic mathematical concepts at the university admission level.

It is permitted to use the calculator during the  EMSAT math examination, which must be brought by the test taker himself, as the test center will not provide it. A calculator is also available in the test system as it is an online computer test.

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