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Students in grades 11 or 12 start to prepare for the Emsat test. According to their dream college or institution, they have to get particular scores in Emsat. Hiring an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi is a good step in your journey of preparation to achieve your goal.

Emsat test in brief

  • Emsat is a national Emarti standardized test that aims to evaluate the learned skills in a specific area.
  • Emsat tests are designed according to the national standards of the UAE.
  • Emsat used to issue a grade 12 certificate.
  • To enter university or join postgraduate studies, you need particular scores in the Emsat exams.
  • Emsat was first launched in 2019, and since 2024, it will be optional, not mandatory.
  • Emsat’s results are valid for only 18 months.
  • The Emsat test covers different subjects, such as English, Arabic, mathematics, and physics.
  • Each subject has a different pattern of questions and different timing.
  • Registration for the test is done online using UAE PASS.
  • For non-Emiratis grade 12 students, the registration fee is 309 dirhams for the core subjects. Registration fees for an optional subject or repeating one core subject are 105 dirhams.
  • For Emaratis and sons of female Emaratis, the registration fees are only for optional subjects and for repeating one subject.

Where can you take the Emsat test in Abu Dhabi?

If you are in Abu Dhabi, you can take the Emsat test in different places. The test centers in Abu Dhabi are:

  • Al Jazirah Institute of Science and Technology-ADVETI
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Humanities- Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi School of Management (Female)
  • ATHS/STS – Abu Dhabi Female Campus
  • Fatima College – Abu Dhabi Campus
  • HCT Abu Dhabi Women’s College – City
  • Khalifa University
  • Zayed University Abu Dhabi (Khalifa B)
  • Emirati School HQ
  • Al Ain University – Abu Dhabi Campus

What are the pros of taking lessons with an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi?

Taking lessons with an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi can be beneficial and impact your scores and the net result.

You will have a better attitude towards the test and gain more confidence. The Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi will guide you towards success. The expert teacher will focus on your weak points.

The expert teacher at Emsat will customize the lessons to fit your needs. Focusing on difficult topics will make you more comfortable and less nervous about them.

The attention of an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi in one-on-one classes is focused on only you; this pattern of learning is more effective than group classes. You will get personlized constructive feedback that affects your improvements.

You will learn useful tips and tricks for mastering the test and how to avoid committing common mistakes in either preparation for or dealing with the test.

When you book an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi, you will invest in your future and reduce the efforts and time spent to achieve your goal. You will notice big progress in your performance in a short time.

One of the biggest pros of taking private lessons for Emsat preparation is flexibility and convenience. You can schedule your lessons at your preferred hours, either in the morning or evening. lets you choose whether your lessons will be in the morning or evening.

You will get customized materials designed by your expert teacher; these materials will be effective in your studies.

 What are the criteria for choosing your Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi?

When you want to choose your private teacher to help you with Emsat preparation, you need to consider some points.

After you choose a tutoring platform such as, you check the profiles of many teachers and compare them to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Check if the teacher has a degree in the subject or has some professional experience related to the subject. It is preferred to choose an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi who has experience with Emsat tests.

Check the number of years of teaching experience; experienced teachers are often better than newbies in most cases.

Check out ratings, reviews, and feedback from other students. This will inform you about the teacher.

Check the prices of teachers and choose those that fit your budget. At, you can take lessons at an affordable price. It often provides discounts for multiple lessons.

Don’t forget to check their availability, as you may choose a teacher that fits your needs, but the teacher is available only at times that don’t fit you.

Don’t choose an unmotivated teacher; they will not help you improve and build your skills. However, a motivated teacher full of enthusiasm will let you love the subject and do better.

When to change your Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi?

If you find good private teacher in Abu Dhabi , stick with them. To ensure that you are with the right teacher, there are some signs.

  • The teacher prepares and tailors material for you in advance.
  • The teacher provides you with constructive feedback and corrects your mistakes.
  • The private teacher is professional during the class and focused on the lesson.
  • The classes with this teacher are enjoyable and interactive.
  • You notice the progress of your skills and understanding of the material.

If these signs are not found in your teacher, it is time for change. You can make this decision after 2-3 lessons with this teacher.

Top tips when taking private Emsat lessons

These top tips will help you achieve better and get the most out of your lessons with an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi.

  • Before you start the lessons, clarify with your expert teacher what your needs are.
  • Make a study plan with your teacher.
  • Try to avoid distractions during the lesson. This is done by sitting in a quiet place and silencing the notifications from social media.
  • Always ask your private teacher for feedback.


If you are preparing for the Emsat, taking lessons with an Emsat private teacher in Abu Dhabi is mostly beneficial to your performance at the test. You can take Emsat preparation lessons with and enjoy your learning journey.

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