Learning ChatGPT: revolutionising language learning and AI customer service

Learning ChatGPT became something necessary nowadays for the progress that it had, and how helpful it can be.

millions of people around the world are using ChatGPT now, and plenty of them are trying to adjust it according to their specializations, which made learning ChatGPT something out of the discussion.

chatGPT is an AI technology that is designed according to the linguistic context, analysing most of it and then answering according to it.

And that made ChatGPT the most intelligent AI technology and can maintain a human conversation.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of learning ChatGPT, and how learning ChatGPT can help in language learning and customer service fields, the advantages and the disadvantages of ChatGPT.

How can learning ChatGPT help you learn languages?

Learning ChatGPT became normal since the usage of this technology is increasing.

People are using ChatGPT in almost everything now, in their jobs, and studies, even if they want to ask random questions or topics they are interested in generally.

We all now know how important it is to learn a language, especially in the easily linked world that we live in recently.

And believe it or not, learning ChatGPT can help you on your path to learning any language, as ChatGPT will help you improve your language by:

  • Increasing your vocabulary and phrases bank.
  • Improving your listening and speaking skills, as it can make a conversation with you and correct your mistakes.
  • Also informing you about the material and sources that you need, or will help you improve your language skills.
  • Having a language partner that can be available any time for you to practice.
  • Helping you with the audio resources, and getting the expressions.
  • Summarising the grammatical rules and how to build the sentence.

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How does ChatGPT deal with sensitive or controversial topics?

ChatGTP is an artificial intelligence technology that is considered smarter than most of the old AI versions.

But, no matter how smart it is, it can’t violate the rules of the company that established it, which means that the ethics and the rules that the company has set this tool upon will never be crossed, regardless of the culture of the user.

This was obvious in the information that ChatGPT was giving, answering the questions that shouldn’t be answered, and declining questions that are normal to be asked.

besides the answers that can be not accurate, not true, biassed, or not proper or allowed in some cultures or contexts.

OpenAI programmed the trial version of ChatGPT in the last couple of months of the last year, and it is still considered new.

As a result, you can find some answers that may be considered politically, culturally, or race biassed, Which caused a mess around this system and to question its credibility.

Besides that ChatGPT has only been programmed to match with the knowledge in this world until 2021, and any information added in those couple of years is not included, so it’s not updated.

So, it is recommended to check up after its answers to make sure of any false mistakes, or outdated information that doesn’t match with the new adjustments.

  What are the potential risks of using ChatGPT?

Plenty of people are learning ChatGPT, or helping in the process of teaching it or developing it.

However, plenty of people refused it or ignored it completely, and they fear that one day AI will take the human place in their jobs.

And they have a point, because of this extra intelligent tool that can fulfil any task, with its built-in memory that knows about everything without even connecting to the internet.

And let’s take a look at the risks that may be caused by ChatGPT:

  • ChatGPT has built-in memory that has information about almost everything, so it can be dangerous if it reached the wrong hands.
  • The information that can be accessed by some methods, will be opened even if this information wasn’t allowed or prohibited internationally, or in ChatGPT’s own ethics.
  • Some students use it to cheat in their assignments or exams which can lead them to forge their success or certificate.
  • Some employers use it to do their tasks instead of them and will cause them to get credit for something they didn’t do.
  • This will in the end lead to a gap between the professions and the people who are working in these professions and not trying to improve themselves.

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How can ChatGPT be improved in the future?

We mentioned previously that chatGPT can be biassed politically, culturally, or even racist, so its answers can be offensive or not proper culturally, or the answers generally can’t bear any tolerance to different cultures or mindsets.

So the developers want to improve it by increasing its flexibility and tolerance, to be open to different cultures and mindsets.

So the answers can be mindful of each user’s point of view, culture, political side, and mindset, without being biassed to a specific one, but that will need plenty of hard work and time to maintain such balance.

And to solve this problem, the developers of ChatGPT programmed the comment option, which allows the user to comment on the information or the answer that ChatGPT gave.

And with this option, they saved time gathering the information from the different resources, and then put it in an acceptable frame that sounds as flexible as possible.

This option also allowed the users to comment on the false information that the tool gave with no updated background, and that will help update the accurate information faster.

Also, chatGPT is not available in all countries, so building access to as many countries as possible will help it get spread and build connections around the whole world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ChatGPT over human customer service agents?

The customer service field is considered one of the most important fields in any business because it is the link between the company and the clients or the customers.

And the customer service representative is considered the interface of the company in the market.

However, the customer service field requires plenty of skills besides technical skills that it requires.

As the customer service agent must have high communicational capabilities to deal with clients with different mindsets and inquiries, and the AI technology even if it gets smarter over time can’t pass the communication issue.

So, let’s take a look at whether learning ChatGPTwill make any difference in this regard.

First the advantages of learning ChatGPT and applying it in the customer service field:

  • ChatGPT is programmed according to human experiences, which will make it easy to maintain a human flow in the conversations.
  • ChatGPT basically was programmed as a linguistic tool, to store the phrases, and words of any language, analyse them and reuse it again according to the situation.

And that will make it easier for it to understand the questions, and give the best answers according to the speaker.

  • Save time, effort, and money, instead of spending so much time finding the answers to the questions accurately.

Secondly the disadvantages of learning ChatGPT and applying it in this field:

  • The answers can sometimes be biassed, offensive or not proper to the speaker, as it doesn’t have the flexibility to deal with different cultures and mindsets.
  • Learning ChatGPT will require you to be aware of the updates that occurred from 2021 till now.

As it is not updated with the new information from 2021, and the information it gives can be false or outdated, so will need correction and checking.

  • Can’t be available in many countries.
  • As it is considered like a language container, if any conversation went out of the data it has, it may answer with misleading information.

And now since we discovered how learning ChatGPT is important, let’s know how learning ChatGPT with El-madrasah.com could be advantageous:

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