ChatGPT: Understanding Natural Language and Revolutionary Applications

Most of us must have heard about ChatGPT, the new AI program, which had huge propaganda in the last couple of months.

This program has had millions of users in just the first months, and many companies began to use it, and it is only the trial version.

So what is ChatGPT, why it has such propaganda, how can we use it, and its applications, that’s what we’re going to know in this article.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

ChatGPT or the generator pre-trained transformer is a new AI technology program that has been produced by Open AI company, and was launched in November 2022.

This program has taken the shape of a chatbot, which means that you can deal with it through conversations, in the form of questions and answers.

The main idea of ChatGPT is that it can give you the answers you seek accurately, depending on the huge data basis, without searching online.

ChatGPT can help you to achieve any task, answer any question you like, or even summarize and explain anything you ask from it.

However, although this technology sounds interesting and useful, most people don’t approve of it, due to the human fear of technology that may cause them to lose their jobs.

What are the applications of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has a very qualified data basis, which can help save effort and time, but how?

One of the strongest advantages of ChatGPT is that it has its own data basis, which means that it doesn’t need to search online to find what you’re looking for, and it can inform you with information you can find only after searching through tens of pages and links.

And because of its high smart technology level in conversations that it reached, allowed ChatGPT to give you the information you need accurately.

Which is for this reason it can be used in almost all fields, like;

  • The First is studying

As we mentioned before, ChatGPT has the ability to help you through your studies, help you through your tasks, explain the lessons you need, and provide you with all the information you need in any subject.

  • The Second is through your job

Due to the tons of information ChatGPT has, it has the ability to help through a wide variety of fields, like

  • Programming: it can help create a code, and discover and correct one automatically.
  • Content creation: it can help you identify the SEO keywords, and provide you with creative ideas.
  • Video making: it can produce sounds, and videos, and edit them.

And many other things, like having conversations about anything, and it will answer you even if you’re offline.

How is ChatGPT different from other chatbots?

ChatGPT is not just another chatbot that answers your questions in a monotonic way, it has different features like:

  • Smart conversations

The way how the conversation is held with ChatGPT, makes you feel like you’re dealing with a human, not a robot, as it gives you the answer to the question you asked.

Then, you can adjust this answer, for instance, if you want to eliminate or add any point to the results, it will answer you according to it.

Without repeating or mixing any information, like if you asked ChatGPT to summarize an article for you, it will, and if you asked it to search about a specific topic and include or exclude any point, it will also, besides answering you without repeating the same information it mentioned before, like dealing with a human.

  • The offline search

ChatGPT is not just another browser or website that uses google to answer your questions, it has its own data basis that has been programmed till 2021.

So all the answers it gives are according to its self-data basis, it doesn’t need the internet, so the search process can be done offline.

Which is for this reason ChatGPT is considered a strong rival for browsers and search engines. 

  • The corrector option

ChatGPT is a trial version, so it is natural that it will make mistakes, this version’s database has been programmed to give answers till the year 2021, so it is not updated.

For this reason, the programmers gave the option of correcting the mistakes, and putting comments, in order to help with the process of developing the program faster and more accurately.

And since it is important to learn about ChatGPT, let’s mention the advantages of taking the ChatGPT course with

  • The course is fully online and allows you to deal easily and directly with your trainers anytime and anywhere.
  • The course’s system is completely flexible, whether it was through the flexible methodologies that are used or the flexibility in the timings of the class.
  • The course material can be a guide for beginners, as it provides all the information and the skills needed, besides the tools that are afforded to help the student for better understanding.

What is the training process for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is using the reinforcement learning method, which is using observing human conversations and interactions to establish its data basis.

This method also allows the learning through observation process, which means that learning is happening through observing the environment that is surrounded.

This method supports the reinforcement method of learning, as it allows the program to observe the interactions, analyse the data according to the situations and the human experiments that it observes, and then make the decision according to the data it had observed and processed.

This data basis is the material that ChatGPT is using, and it analyses the situations or the questions that are asked, to make its own decision according to it.

 How does ChatGPT understand natural language? 

As we mentioned before, ChatGPT is using the reinforcement method of learning, which happens according to the observation method of learning.

Which is simply encountering human interactions, and judging according to them, and that’s how ChatGPT understands the human language.

ChatGPT is considered a large linguist template, which depends on analysing most of the scripts that are given to it, to expand its linguistic capacity.

So, due to the training in human experiments and the analysis of their languages, which are ChatGPT’s algorithms programmed upon, it gave the ability for it to understand human languages.

Finally, the fear of AI technology has increased, and most people are against it, even if it helps increase productivity and efficiency, thinking that it may lead them to leave their jobs, or replace humans with machines.

However, this is not true and trying to avoid using it or educating it will not help, the AI technology exists only to help us achieve a better future, and to make our lives better.

AI will not eliminate humans from existence but won’t give the chance for someone to not be able to use it.

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