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Chatbot course

A Chatbot is built on artificial intelligence, responds to user communications in natural language, and is made to make it simple and quick for customers to acquire the information they need، using their favorite chat platform, individuals can communicate with a device using chatbots, which are automated programmes.
Do you want to understand how to use it, take advantage of the various services it offers to facilitate more modern, sophisticated, and easy communication between customers and service providers, as well as how to create automatic responses on social media pages? Become a member of platform’s Chatbot course.

Advantages of Chatbot course

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    Educational materials

    Providing all the educational needs of the student with cutting-edge and useful tools and real-world experience using these technologies

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    Experienced teacher

    This course in chatbots and its basics, is conducted by experts in artificial intelligence techniques and applications.

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    Appointment flexibility

    Determine the course dates, whether morning or evening, as suits you, and at any time of the day.

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    Course for everyone

    This course is for beginners in learning chatbots, no previous background in AI science is required.

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    Online individual courses

    A direct course for easy communication and direct interaction, on the (Zoom) program.

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
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Mechanism of Chatbot course

Chatbot course from for beginners to learn the basics of chatbots, its uses, and how this technology can be used to communicate in an easy way, which makes this course suitable for all ages.

Chatbot course content

In this course, you will know everything about what a chatbot is and how you excel at building ingenious bots according to your imagination and requirements.


The course includes:

  • Introduction to chatbots.
  • What is Chatbot?
  • How to create a chatbot to respond to messages in a professional way.
  • How to make an auto reply to social media pages via chatbot.
  • How to make a link to your site with an automatic response via a chatbot.
  • How do chatbots work?
  • Learn how to build easy-to-use chatbots with Watson Assistant.
  • Deploy your Chatbot.
  • Publishing to a WordPress site

Why a chatbot course from


Chat bots, and what is a chatbot can be learned in this course provided by, without the need for any experience in any of the techniques of artificial intelligence.

  • Modern and advanced content


    Chatbots have become a large part of modern artificial intelligence technologies, platform is keen to update the content of the courses it offers to keep pace with developments in our modern lives.

  • Efficiency


    The courses are provided by experts in chatbot technologies, especially chatbots, and ways to use them in all fields.

  • Flexibility


    Enjoy the ability to choose the appointments that suit you, whether morning or evening appointments.

  • Credibility

    icon courses are very reliable and have enough information to learn how to use chat bots.


Advantages of the Chatbot course from

Online educational platform has many advantages that make it the best and optimal choice, including the following:

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    Courses start one day after booking.

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    Coverage of everything related to chatbot.

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    A course in live interactive chat conversations.

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    The trainers are experts in Chatbot and its uses.

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