Master Your English Emsat Exam with the Best Emsat English Teacher

All students aspiring to join any university in the UAE should take the Emsat English exam. To get high scores in Emsat English at your first attempt, it is better to work with an Emsat English teacher.

What is the Emsat English exam?

The Emsat English exam is part of the Emsat exam. It evaluates test-takers’ levels of English proficiency and tests their readiness to communicate in an English-speaking medium at the university.

The Emsat English exam is a timed computer-based exam with a duration of 135 minutes. It assesses the main English skills. It is composed of six sections, and each section has its own timing. Therefore, it is better to train yourself to manage your time effectively.

You can see how much time you have during the exam. After you finish a section, it moves automatically to the next section.

The sections of the exam are: grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, cloze reading, extended reading, and writing. The questions are of different types, such as multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blanks.

In the grammar and vocabulary sections, you have to complete the sentences with the correct words. In the sentence construction section, a list of words is given to you, and you have to construct sentences using these words.

In the cloze reading section, it is given to you two texts with some blanks; you have to drag a word from the given list to fill these blanks.

In the extended reading section, there are three different texts, each of which is 450 words. The texts can be descriptive, narrative, expository, or a combination of them. The goal of this section is to evaluate different reading skills, such as identifying the main idea, inferencing, and sequencing.

In the writing section, you have to write one task in 200–250 words. The writing section is assessed by two professional examiners.

Emsat English scores range from 300 to 2000. Here are the Emsat English score ranges and their correspondence in CEFR.

2000 in Emsat = C2 in CEFR
(1625–1975) in Emsat = C1 in CEFR
(1250–1600) in Emsat = B2 in CEFR
(875–1225) in Emsat = B1 in CEFR
(500–850) in Emsat = A2 in CEFR
(300–475) in Emsat = A1 in CEFR

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How to prepare yourself for the Emsat English exam?

Preparation for the Emsat English exam is not done overnight. It needs to have a plan and stick to it. In addition, it needs practising and solving a lot of previous tests.

First of all, you need to know the importance of the Emsat exams. Secondly, you have to know the format of the exam and familarize yourself with its questions. You need to know the type of questions, the main covered topics, and the time limits for each section.

As the Emsat English exam evaluates different aspects of the English language, You should consider this matter when you set up a plan.

Try to prepare yourself at least 1-2 months before taking the Emsat English exam. Put your plan together according to your time of preparation.

Evaluate your English level to know where the weak areas are. You can get help from an Emsat English teacher.

Set your time for studying; it is better to study when your mind is fresh, like in the morning.

Determine the textbooks that you study from. Don’t focus on the topics covered in grade 12, but try to scan the main topics from the previous years of school.

Use other resources available to you on the internet. Read and listen to different materials on the internet.

Make it a habit to practise English on a daily basis. You can determine what type of material you will listen to on a certain day or what type of material you will read.

Enjoy learning English by incorporating it into your favourite activities and hobbies. If you love songs and can hear a song and sing it with your voice, this will be considered training for pronunciation and speaking. If you love watching movies and series, watch them in English, so you will boost your levels in listening, comprehension, conversation, and pronunciation.

Expert Emsat English teachers always recommend their students read as much as possible of different texts, such as magazines, newspapers, novels, stories, and books. Reading is crucial to building your vocabulary.

Emsat English teachers stress focusing on grammar and applying grammar rules in your language. It is important to avoid memorizing grammar rules.

Practise tests in Emsat English are the key to getting high scores. You should take these exams under time limits to become familiar with what happened on the day of the exam. Then you can learn how to manage your time during the exam.

Making a study group with your friends is beneficial for sharing ideas and practising the language.

Be positive and say no to negative comments and self-doubt.

Get help from Emsat English teacher is a good idea. And you should choose the right teacher for you.

If you worked with an Emsat English teacher, you should be active in the lessons and ask any question that comes to mind. Besides, you shouldn’t be shy about making mistakes.

You can hire an Emast English teacher from has a group of excellent teachers who can help you achieve your goals and crack the exam. Each Emsat English teacher on is a qualified and experienced teacher.

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How can an Emsat English teacher help you crack the exam?

Firstly, your Emsat English teacher will assess your level of English to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. According to the assessment, the teacher will set up a plan that fits your needs.

The Emsat English teacher helps you boost your confidence, correct your mistakes, and improve your levels.

The Emsat English teacher gives you pieces of advice useful in the exam and teaches you tips and tricks to ace the exam.


In this blog, if you are aspiring to take the Emsat English exam, follow the above tips to get high scores in Emsat English, and working with an Emsat English teacher will help you much better.

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