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For everyone aiming to study abroad or apply for academic positions, English private tutor is required in most of these cases. If you are going to take IELTS or TOEFL exams, you need to prepare yourself to get high scores. If you get help from a qualified and experienced English private tutor, this will save you time and help you achieve your goals faster.

Let’s talk about the impact of getting a qualified and experienced English private tutor.

Why do you need English for academics?

Communicate effectively: if you want to study abroad or attend international workshops and webinars. You will use the English language, as it is the most international language in the world. Therefore, mastering English for communication is crucial.

Gain confidence: If you can communicate in English fluently, you will gain self-confidence and can achieve success in your academic environment with English private tutor.

Achieve your academic goals: Whether you want to be admitted by the university, aim to do postgraduate studies, or want to apply for an academic job, you are required to prove your skills by showing well-known certificates, like TOEFL or IELTS.

Connection with cultures: When you listen and speak fluently, you can connect with different people from different cultures.

Boost your brain: Learning languages develops your skills, boosts your brain, and makes it healthier.

What are the advantages of taking English private lessons?

Personalized learning : When you are taking English private lessons with English private tutor , you are the only student, and the attention of your tutor is individualized. Therefore, your English private tutor will teach you according to your needs. Private lessons are ideal for tackling difficult topics.

Custom-made materials : Your English tutor will design a special material according to your goals and your level.

Intensive learning : If we want to take lessons for a certain purpose or for English language exam preparation, You can concentrate on the important topics to achieve your goal in a short time.

Flexibility : You can learn from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. So, it is helpful for those who work full time or are studying at schools or universities.

Noticeable progress : You can notice your progress in learning English gradually. And you can develop advanced skills in the English language at a quick pace.

Cost-effective: The price of English online tutoring is cheaper than face-to-face classes at institutions. Because the lesson is online, you don’t pay for transportation. The private online lessons are affordable and a good investment.

Targeted feedback: You get feedback from your English private tutor, telling you what your strengths and weaknesses are in your performance. This advantage is not present in group lessons.

A chance to learn from a native speaker: As you hire English tutors using tutoring websites, you can hire native speakers in an easy way. Learning from native speakers can improve your pronunciation, and you can learn the culture of the language easily.

How to choose your English private tutor?

One of the biggest disadvantages of online tutoring is choosing the right tutor. As the number of private English private tutor is large. So the choice depends on prioritizing these factors:

Accent : If you want to master American English, for example, you need to hire an American tutor or a non-American tutor who speaks American English.

Native or non-native : It is not a rule that a native speaker is always the best English private tutor. It depends on many factors, but if you have two tutors with the same skills and experiences, you can go for a native in many cases and a non-native in other cases. For example, an English native speaker tutor is suitable if you have a high level of English.

Speak your native language : Some students prefer a qualified tutor from their country to communicate in the lesson in their language. This tutor can show what the common mistakes are when people talk in this language.

Education : Tutors have different backgrounds. The perfect tutor for you differs from another person. If you want to take English grammar lessons, then you need a tutor with a background in English.

Experience : People prefer experienced tutors over non-experienced ones because teaching is a cumulative skill that needs time to be mastered.

Qualifications : Qualified tutors are those who have mostly qualification certificates, like CELTA and TESOL.

Teaching style : Every tutor has a different style of teaching; therefore, you can decide whether this style is suitable for you after 2-3 sessions.

Availability: Some tutors are not available every time; some tutors are available at weekends, and some are available in the morning. So the choice depends on you.

Price : Tutors differ in their prices. Some tutors charged more than others according to skills, qualifications, experience, and country.

Traits: Tutors are different in their traits; these traits are effective in choosing the right tutor:

Motivation : Is the tutor motivated to teach English? Is the tutor motivated to help you improve your English at a fast pace?

Creativity : Is the tutor creative in his teaching?

Patience : Is the tutor patient if the students ask a lot of questions?

Personality: What is the type of personality of a tutor that matches yours?

Punctuality : Is the tutor punctual? Is he starting the lesson on time and ending it on time?

How to evaluate the performance of your English private tutor?

After choosing the right tutor, stick with him to achieve your goals. But to be sure that this choice is the right one, try for two or three sessions and decide whether to continue.

Ask yourself these questions: if your English private tutor does most of the following points, be sure of your choice.

  • No waste of time, and focusing on the lesson
  • Design tailored material for you.
  • Correcting your mistakes
  • Helping you set your goals
  • Introducing new words

Then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you enjoying the lessons with this tutor?
  • Do you want to continue?
  • Did you notice any progress?

What to do when you are taking private English lessons?

Identify your needs : Tell our private tutor what the goal of these lessons is. The goal must be clear and specific, such as English language exam preparation. Here, you need a qualified tutor to teach you how to pass the exam by showing you the tips and tricks of the exam.

Make a study plan : Your English private tutor will help you make a plan according to your needs. Stick with the plan to achieve your goals.

Avoid distractions : You’re almost taking your lessons at home, so choose a quiet place for taking your online lessons. Also, make your phone silent and turn off notifications to keep you focused during the lesson.

Ask for feedback : After each lesson, ask your private tutor for his feedback on your performance and progress in learning the English language.

In Conclusion:

We showed you how taking English private lessons with a qualified and experienced English private tutor helps you achieve your academic goals without wasting time and energy.

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