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Online English courses – Learn English step-by-step

English is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world. It’s the official language for more
than 50 countries and the number of English speakers is around 400 million around the globe. The English
language is one of the main common factors among people in daily life and professional life around the

Advantages of English Online Course with the ElMadrasah.com:

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    Educational materials

    We’ll provide you with all the material you need to study outside the class and developing a learning
    plan that suits your needs

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    Continuous training

    New methods are used in classes besides the modern syllabus with a placement test to identify your
    language level

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    Customized for you

    You’ll get all the offline attendance features in our courses for a great price that’s very low compared
    to offline English courses.

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    Experienced teacher

    Qualified teachers who have graduated from faculty of arts, faculty of languages and translation, the
    British Council and the American University.

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    Online individual courses

    1-to-1 course through zoom which gives you the flexibility of choosing the time that’s best for you and
    the teacher that you feel comfortable with.

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

The target group of the online English courses:


English online course for kids. (6-11 years)


English online course for teens. (12-17)


English online courses for adults.


Business English courses online.


TOEFL / IELTS preparation courses.

Teaching methods in the online English language courses:

  • Using visual and audible teaching tools to help students memorize vocabulary, synonyms, and grammar.
  • Specialized exercise to acquire the English language skills in writing, listening, and exercise.
  • Continuous exercises to acquire the skill of speaking in English in both daily and professional lives.
  • Constant evaluation and monitoring of your progress.

What you will learn from this course:

You’ll be tutored according to your English level (beginner- intermediate-advanced) and you’ll get the following:


  • English online classes grammar.
  • English online classes vocabulary.
  • Practicing interaction and engagement skills.
  • Enhancing your reading, writing, and listening skills.
  • We also offer a variety of discounts and bundles like Flex packages.
  • Continuous assessment and guidance of your progress in the English language.
  • Improve reading, writing and listening skills at the three levels.

We also offer a variety of discounts and bundles like Flex packages.

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Why Elmadrasah.com is the best choice when learning English?


Elmadrasah.com offers online English language courses for different levels, from beginner to professional, for all ages, from children to adults, using different learning strategies that work on acquiring English language skills in writing – listening – reading – speaking.

  • Enhance English language skills


    Develop the four main English language skills listening – speaking – reading – writing at different
    levels and ages from children to adults.

  • Proficiency in writing English without errors


    Acquire English vocabulary and grammar to be able to write correctly, allowing you to form English
    sentences without errors.

  • Learn English online for kids and adults


    Providing different levels according to the placement test for children and adults that enhance
    interaction and communication skills with others by enhancing conversation skills at the level of life
    and work.

  • Competitive prices


    Elmadrasah.com gives continuous discounts and offers on learning English online.


Advantages of the language learning course from Elmadrasah.com

Elmadrasah.com has many advantages that make it the best and optimal choice, including the following:

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    The course starts the day after booking.

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    Learning materials and explanations for all languages.

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional teacher and trainer on modern teaching methods

Language courses offered by Elmadrasah.com

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    Arabic language course for non-native speakers

    We provide a set of interactive and participatory sessions between the teacher and the student to pass the
    EmSAT English test.

  • 2

    Online English language course

    It aims to learn English at all levels, starting from teaching English for children to learning English
    for adults with the goals of effective communication at the level of life and work – level-setting tests.
    We were able to develop an action plan for each student.

  • 3

    Online French language course

    It aims to acquire the French language in terms of pronunciation – vocabulary – daily communication –
    basic tasks – French grammar and how to use it Providing different levels of education from children to
    adults Using audio-visual teaching aids Placement tests

  • 4

    Online Chinese language course

    Distinguished courses from the beginner to the professional level for all ages, from children to adults,
    focusing on the basics of learning the Chinese language and recognizing the characters of the language –
    words – spelling rules – Chinese grammar – individual online courses and not a group.

  • 5

    Online German language course

    It aims to learn German easily from the beginning to professionalism with the aim of studying – university
    scholarships – areas of work – speaking – providing specialized courses for all levels from children to
    adults – individual online courses – flexibility in choosing morning or evening dates.

  • 6

    Online Japanese language course

    It aims to learn the Japanese language by learning how to write and draw letters, supported by distinct
    learning and training methods, to easily acquire Japanese language skills. Providing different levels of
    Japanese language learning, starting from children to adults – individual online courses, not a group.

  • 7

    Online Turkish language course

    It aims to acquire and learn the Turkish language from the reality of words – Turkish grammar – daily life
    situations – placement tests to develop an appropriate plan for learning the Turkish language at all
    levels – We provide courses for different ages and needs from children to adults.

  • 8

    Online Spanish language course

    It aims to learn the Spanish language at different levels, from beginner to professional, for different
    ages, children to adults, and focuses on learning the basics of the Spanish language from letters, basics
    of pronunciation, grammar, numbers, and how to ask questions and express yourself and things.

  • 9

    Online korean language course

    It aims to learn the Korean language to help in many areas of work such as translation or study by using
    the best educational tools that work to clarify the basics of learning the Korean alphabet – words – daily
    interaction – providing courses for all levels from children to adults.

  • 10

    Online English conversation course

    It aims to develop conversational skills in the English language through training in a variety of
    conversations, which strengthens listening and reading skills – Placement tests – An individual online
    course, not a group – Choosing morning or evening dates.

  • 11

    Online Italian language course

    It aims at acquiring the French language in terms of pronunciation – vocabulary – daily communication –
    basic tasks – French grammar and how to use it. Providing different levels of education, starting from
    children to adults, using audio-visual teaching aids, placement tests.

How can I learn English ?! A question that will never bother you again

The English language course with Elmadrasah.com addresses all age levels, from children to adults –
Specialized teachers with a high level of experience that provides you with an appropriate work plan according
to age and the needs to be reached – Individual online courses and not a group – Flexibility to schedule
suitable morning or evening appointments evening.

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