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Urdu Online Course

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Urdu Online Course


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Urdu language course – Overview

Focus on getting to know the Urdu language according to the educational level of the learner.

The Urdu language course aims at people who want to learn Urdu or people with an intermediate level in Urdu and want to improve their language level.

Advantages of the Urdu language course with

  • Individual online training courses, not a group, through Zoom.
  • Flexibility of appointments (morning appointments-evening appointments).
  • A placement test to measure your level of knowledge of the Urdu language.
  • A dedicated lecturer enables you to start according to your requirements, enabling you to achieve results in a timely manner for you.
  • Providing the required educational materials and using modern educational methods.
  • Urdu language practice exercises.

Urdu Course Contents

In learning the Urdu language, the focus is on the following elements according to the level of the learner:

  • Urdu single letters, their pronunciation and writing letters.
  • Urdu compound letters, their pronunciation, and letter writing.
  • Learn Urdu vocabulary – common and most used.
  • Names of family and individuals in Urdu and some related sentences.
  • Names of days and months in Urdu language.
  • Numerals in Urdu language.
  • Colors in Urdu language.
  • Time – colors – weather – places – shopping.
  • Learn important conversations like dating – asking for help – traveling – profession – age.
  • Explanation of some rules of the Urdu language such as verbs – adjectives – interrogative articles – pronouns – negation (considering the level of the learner in explaining the rules of the Urdu language).


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