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Turkish Online Course


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Online Turkish course for Arabic speakers

The online Turkish course for Arabic speakers allows you to easily learn the Turkish language through using real life situations. You’ll only study the most used vocabulary in addition to grammar, and this will be done by a practical method based on understanding the basics of the Turkish language.

Who’s the targeted category for this online Turkish course? offers online Turkish courses for all levels and ages.
1- Turkish courses for kids. (6-11 years)
2- Turkish courses for teens. (12-17)
3- Turkish courses for adults either for education, immigration, work,
residency, or for general interest in the Turkish language.

Online Turkish course’s features with :

1. Online courses through 1 to 1 Zoom sessions.
2. Flexibility in choosing your schedule (either morning or night classes).
3. A staff of qualified teachers who are always ready to help you put a studying plan and acquire the needed skills.
4. A placement test to determine your level in Turkish and evaluate it. Beginner level in Turkish: It’s concerned with learning the basics of Turkish like how to write and pronounce the alphabet.Intermediate level in Turkish: It’s concerned with improving your Turkish
skills to be able to use it in your daily life or professional life. You’ll start forming sentences without making any mistakes. Advanced level in Turkish: The student learns effective interaction in a professional way in Turkish.
– Complete enhancement for your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
– In-depth explanation for Turkish’ grammar and morphology.
– Understanding how to writing in Turkish.
– Understanding the Turkish sentences through listening.
– Learning the terms and expressions you need for work or education.
– Using modern methods that will help you learn Turkish easily.Teaching methods in the online Turkish course:
– Using visual and audible teaching tools to help students memorise vocabulary, synonyms, and grammar.
– Specialised exercise to acquire the Turkish language skills in writing, listening, and reading.
– Continuous exercises to acquire the skill of speaking in Turkish in both daily and professional lives.
– Constant evaluation and monitoring of your progress in the Turkish language.

The online Turkish course’s content:

– You’ll be tutored according to your Turkish level: beginner- intermediateor advanced; and you’ll get the following:
– The basics of Turkish alphabet and sounds.
– Phonetics.
– Pronouns.
– Turkish Grammar – basic rules of the Turkish language.
– Vocabulary in the Turkish language.
– Basic reading rules in the Turkish language.
– Daily conversations in Turkish.
– How to ask questions and how to talk in the market or the transportation.
– The most important words in Turkish.
– We also offer a variety of discounts and bundles like Flex packages.

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