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Japanese Online Course


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Online Japanese language course

The Japanese language is one of the interesting and inspiring languages ​​that stimulates creativity and excellence, as it has no equal, as it is characterized by a special writing method that is close to drawing, which some think is difficult, but in the Japanese language course online with, there is nothing difficult

  • follows many learning and training methods that make you acquire and practice the Japanese language easily and conveniently
  • Advantages of an online Japanese language course with
  • Online training course through individual Zoom, not a group
  • Flexibility in scheduling appointments You can choose morning or evening appointments
  • A specialized lecturer enables you to develop an action plan to acquire Japanese language skills according to your requirements and needs
  • A placement test to measure your level of knowledge of the Japanese language and determine the appropriate level for you
  • Beginner’s level in the Japanese language: specializes in learning the basics of Japanese from letters and how to write them to their pronunciation
  • Intermediate level in the Japanese language: is concerned with developing Japanese language skills in daily or practical life – learning to formulate sentences free from linguistic and spelling errors
  • Japanese language professional level: at which students learn to communicate more effectively
  • Professionalism through the Japanese language

Who is the target of the online Japanese language course? provides Japanese language courses online

  • Japanese language courses for children from 6 to 11 years old
  • Japanese language courses for youth (12-17 years)
  • Japanese language courses for adults – whether – study – work
  • Training methods in the Japanese language course online
  • Use visual and audio teaching aids to help students memorize words or synonyms as well as grammar
  • Specialized exercises to acquire Japanese language skills in writing, listening and reading
  • Continuous exercises to acquire Japanese speaking skills at the level of daily and practical life
  • Continuous assessment and guidance of your Japanese language progress
  • The content of the Japanese language course online with
  • Training is conducted according to the academic level in the Japanese language, beginners – intermediate – professional on the following main items


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