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English language course online british syllabus

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English language course online british syllabus


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Online English Course British Curriculum

The British educational system provides easy way to understand the English language the primary grades, as they provide a complete framework for practicing English language skills, including:
1- Activities for each lesson in the textbook to enhance the English language skills in the classroom.
2- Various exercises and activities can be used by the students on their own, which enhances the opportunity for students to learn alone. They can Also be used by both the student and the teacher.
3- The English language lessons were created just like the British curriculum taught on international schools that follow the British curriculum or the English national curriculum. Each unit or lesson provides a set of English language practices that focus and strengthen the
students’ English skills.

The features of the Online English course British Curriculum- with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.
2- flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.
3 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in English courses and are from the British institute.
4- Providing all the materials the students need to study outside the training session.
5- Using the latest learning methods and exercises in the English language to gain information easily.
6- Providing all visual and audio materials to train students
7- Best prices and discounts on all educational courses.
8- Practice exams for the English subject- British Curriculum.

The Content of the Online English Course – British Curriculum

The online English course for the British Curriculum with aims to strengthen the following skills:
• Strengthening students’ level of reading and pronunciation by focusing on reading exercises, which enhances students’ level and helps them in Reading easily and fluently and it also supports comprehension skills Gaining a broad vocabulary and understanding grammar.
• Strengthening writing skills through a variety of writing exercises
• Sharpening English language skills in speaking – listening
• Developing skills to learn English grammar through interactive activities
• Practicing exercises that help to strengthen the English language according to the student’s academic grade.
• During the English language course for the British Curriculum, we focus on the

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