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Online Science Course British Curriculum

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Online Science Course British Curriculum


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Online Science Course British Curriculum

The British Curriculum works to strengthen the skills of revitalizing knowledge, developing basic practical ideas, understanding biological aspects, and strengthening positive attitudes towards science among students. In addition, the science curriculum encourages students to study and appreciate how science and technology affect their lives and environment.

The online science course, according to the British curriculum, focuses on living organisms – materials – energy and forces – awareness and environmental care. These main units are divided into sub-lessons containing a set of concepts and ideas that develop students’ skills in science

Advantages of an online science course British Curriculum

Online training course through individual zoom, not a group
Flexibility in scheduling appointments according to parents, morning and evening schedules
Highly qualified, specialized and accredited teachers from the British Institute
Providing all the scientific materials that students need to study outside the training course
Providing new educational techniques that motivate the student to remember and achieve, which ensures that students are familiar with and understand the subject of science
Training and follow-up to measure the level of the student
Providing all visual and audio materials to train students
Best prices and discounts on all educational courses
Training on British Curriculum Exam Models in Science
Online Science Course Content British Curriculum
The online science course, the British Curriculum, covers many topics according to the semester and curriculum for students, examples of these topics are the following

Recognize the names of the structures of the internal and external organs of the body and the importance of food for energy and growth
Plant and animal life and examination of plants and animals in local environments
Energy and Forces – Light as a form of energy – Learn about natural and artificial sources of light
Sound as a form of energy – how it’s made and how sound travels through materials
Recognize a variety of sounds in the environment
Heat as a source of energy – Recognizing the sun as the most important source of heat for the Earth
Magnetism and electricity – Classification of magnetic and non-magnetic materials – Recognizing the dangers of electricity
Materials and properties of materials – the difference between solid, liquid and gaseous substances
Materials and Change – The effect of heating and cooling on solids, liquids and gases – Discovering methods for the separation of materials
Environmental Care and Environmental Awareness – Recognize the interrelationship between living and non-living elements
How do people’s actions affect the environment?
Science and the environment: identifying the positive and negative effects of human activities on the environment
Caring for the environment: identifying ways to improve the environment and feeling responsible for the earth

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