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Online physics course british syllabus

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Online physics course british syllabus


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Online physics course british syllabus

British study in classroom British classroom study, in addition to gaining British academic knowledge, English linguistics, electricity and atmospheric pressure – heat and electricity … etc.

Advantages of Physics Online Course British Curriculum

  • Online training course through individual zoom, not a group Set appointments
  • Highly experienced teachers who are certified and accredited by the British Institute
  • Providing all the scientific materials that students need to study outside the training course
  • Providing new educational techniques that motivate the student to remember and achieve, which ensures familiarity and understanding of physics and its branches
  • Training and follow-up to measure the level of the student
  • Providing all materials, materials and audio for training students
  • Best price brands on all courses
  • Training on the British Curriculum Exam Models in Physics

Contents of the Physics Online Course British Curriculum covers the publication in the Physics course in the British curriculum for the grade and the student’s curriculum and from Physics topics

General Physics: Describe motion – force and motion – forces and matter – energy and energy transformations – energy and force…. etc

Thermal Physics: The Kinetic Model of Thermal Activities – Thermal Plants and Heat Vectors…. etc

Wave physics: sound – light – properties of waves…..etc.

Electricity and magnetism: magnetism – static electricity – electric quantities – electromagnetic forces … etc.

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