Online private college lessons in Chemistry

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Online private college lessons in Chemistry

Chemistry is involved in all aspects of our daily lives, whether in the machines used in our homes or workplaces, through means of transportation, and even some foods and foodstuffs. University private lessons in chemistry to help our students who study different disciplines in chemistry to excel in them and achieve their goals and ambitions.

Advantages of Online private college lessons in Chemistry with

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    Educational materials

    Providing all educational materials and means to facilitate the learning process during the private lessons in Arabic language online

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    Continuous training

    Providing reliable sources and educational means according to the latest teaching methods, in addition to a comprehensive plan for preparing for exams

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    Customized for you

    As you identify the points / courses in which you find some challenges and in turn, we provide the best lecturers according to your needs

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    Experienced teacher

    Qualified private lecturer on the academic and practical side to ensure the quality of the content that the student receives

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    Online individual courses

    Interactive individual sessions via ZOOM with flexibility in scheduling your classes (morning / night classes)

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Online private college lessons in Chemistry provides the best educational experience during university private lessons in chemistry online for students of different faculties such as:


Science, pharmacy, medicine and engineering who face some difficulties with chemistry courses in their colleges, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels such as masters and doctorate.

Chemistry courses Content

During university private lessons in chemistry, work is done on all topics according to the need and choice of the student, the most prominent of which are:

  • Agricultural chemistry – Geochemistry – Plant chemistry.
  • Analytical Chemistry – Quantum Chemistry.
  • Astrochemistry – Industrial chemistry.
  • Inorganic chemistry – organic chemistry – organometallic chemistry.
  • Materials chemistry – Nuclear chemistry.
  • Petrochemicals – Biochemistry – Environmental chemistry.
  • Forensic Chemistry – Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • Physical chemistry – Polymer Chemistry.
  • Stereochemistry – Thermochemistry – Theoretical chemistry.

Why Online private college lessons with


It provides your children with strategies for learning mathematics according to the curriculum and focuses on their weaknesses and provides them with notes to help them study outside the training course in addition to training on the materials by solving questions on the various lessons from previous exams with permanent and periodic follow-ups of the student’s performance during the training course.


The purpose of Online private college lessons with

  • Credibility


    Specific goals are set according to the courses you want to study or the sciences and skills you want to learn to facilitate assessment of the learning process and whether you are following the goals set at the beginning of the university tutoring.

  • Efficiency


    We provide you with a group of the strongest distinguished lecturers in their fields and those with experience in the labor market and its requirements to ensure that you are provided with the qualifications and skills you need.

  • Flexibility


    You can book college tutoring at a time that suits your schedule and according to the rate at which you are comfortable working and whether it is convenient for you (morning/evening).

  • Customization


    We customize university tutoring according to your needs, whether in the points you seek to learn or in the aspects you aspire to develop with discounts and offers


Advantages of Advantages of Online private college lessons online educational platform has many features that make it the best and optimal choice, including the following:

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    The course starts the day after booking.

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    Materials and explanations for all subjects

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional teacher and trainer on modern teaching methods

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