How is the final grade calculated in the english emsat exam?

The English emsat exam is a significant test aimed at measuring students’ English language skills in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are preparing for this test, in this article I will inform you about how the final grade in the English Emsat exam is calculated. You should also be familiar with various tips and strategies that can help you prepare effectively and increase your chances of success in the English language Emsat exam.

But before that, let us take a quick look at what the English language Emsat exam is and what its main sections are.?

The English Emsat Exam 

When it comes to university admission in universities and higher education institutions in the UAE that use English as a medium of instruction, one of the most important aptitude tests is the English language Emsat exam. The English Emsat exam aims to measure students’ abilities in various language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This test is administered by the British Council and is considered one of the most globally recognized exams for assessing English language proficiency.

consists of three primary levels

Level 1 (Beginner):

  • This level targets students with limited ability to express themselves in English,
  • focusing on basic vocabulary, simple phrases, and fundamental grammar rules.


Level 2 (Intermediate):

  • This level targets students who speak English more proficiently, able to handle diverse topics,
  • and includes the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.


Level 3 (Advanced):

  • This level targets students with advanced English proficiency,
  • focusing on handling complex and varied topics, and emphasizes the development of critical thinking, analysis, and expression in a more sophisticated manner.


Determining the appropriate level is typically done through a placement test before the actual examination. 

What are the main sections of the English language Emsat exam..?

The English Emsat exam consists of four main sections:

listening, reading, writing, and speaking, each containing various types of questions and tasks to assess students’ English language skills.


Listening Section:

  • In this section, students listen to short audio clips on various topics, such as culture, science, sports, tourism, health, and more.
  • Then they answer multiple-choice questions or short essay questions about the audio clips.
  • The aim of this section is to assess students’ ability to understand the general meaning, main details, additional information, tone, attitude, and purpose of the speakers.


Reading Section:

  • In this section, students read written texts on various topics, such as history, geography, art, literature, environment, and more.
  • Then they answer multiple-choice questions or short essay questions about the texts.
  • The aim of this section is to assess students’ ability to understand the main idea, main points, supporting details, vocabulary, structure, logic, criticism, analysis, and evaluation of the texts.


Writing Section:

  • In this section, students write texts on various topics, such as opinion, description, narration, persuasion, and more.
  • They are given a topic, position, problem, or source to write about.
  • The writing section consists of one essay task.and students are expected to write 200-250 words.
  • The aim of this section is to assess students’ ability to organize ideas, use language and vocabulary, apply grammar and punctuation rules, organize paragraphs, construct dialogue, demonstrate style, and creativity in writing.


Speaking Section:

  • In this section, students have a conversation with an examiner online about various topics, such as self-introduction, family, hobbies, studying, work, dreams, and more.
  • They are given a topic, question, or situation to speak about. The aim of this section is to assess students’ ability to communicate, interact, express, listen, respond, pronounce, articulate, flow, and focus in the conversation.


The English Emsat Exam also Measures students’ skills in 




  • The vocabulary section consists of short multiple-choice questions that assess students’ knowledge of high-frequency words they need to effectively communicate in an English-speaking environment.


The Reading Section consist of four passages

Cloze Reading Passages:

  • In the Cloze reading passages section, students are presented with gaps in short (90 to 120 words) or longer (170-200 words) readings where appropriate words for the student’s level have been removed.
  • The removed words are provided above the text, and students drag the words to fill in the gaps.


Extended Reading Passages:

  • This section includes reading texts, including descriptive, narrative, and explanatory texts, ranging from 450 to 550 words.
  • The reading skills tested include identifying the main idea, finding specific factual details, identifying pronoun referents, understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words, understanding inference (what is implied), and sequencing events.
  • The questions on the reading paragraphs are multiple-choice.


Individual Reading Passages or Single-Question Reading:

  • This section includes short descriptive, narrative, and explanatory stories ranging from 90 to 150 words, with a single multiple-choice question.
  • The reading skills tested include identifying the main idea, finding specific factual details, identifying pronoun referents, finding the meaning of unfamiliar words, understanding inference (what is implied), and sequencing events.


Dialogue Construction:

  • With this type of item, students drag and rearrange 4-7 sentences to form a single paragraph or dialogue.
  • There are no extra sentences provided.
  • Some sentences (like the first sentence) may be given to assist the student. In the dialogue, speaker names will be provided.


I have explained the English Emsat exam and its sections.

Now, I will clarify how the final grade is calculated in the exam and how you are evaluated.

How is the final grade calculated in the English language Emsat Exam?

To calculate the final grade in the English language Emsat exam, the grade for each section is calculated as a specific percentage, and these grades are then combined to obtain the final grade.

The percentage distribution for each section varies based on the level being tested. Each section contains a specific number of questions and awards a specific number of points. The following table illustrates the point distribution for each section:


Score Question.No Section 
50 50 Reading 
50 50 Listening 
40 2 Writing 
60 4 Speaking 


In the writing and speaking sections, your assessment depends on the evaluator’s judgment of the quality of answers.

The questions in the writing and speaking sections are evaluated based on five main criteria:

  1. Comprehension of the topic.
  2. Analysis and support.
  3. Organization.
  4. Arriving at meaning.
  5. Correct language usage.


Your final grade is also compared to internationally recognized English language levels such as CEFR.


Level CEFR Emsat Grade
Professional  C2 2000 
Professional  C1 1975-1625
Intermediate  B2 1600-1250
Intermediate  B1 1225-875
Basic A2 850-500
Basic A1 475-125


It is important to note that these percentages are estimates and may vary slightly in each test based on adjustments and improvements made by the British Council.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the English Emsat exam comprehensively assesses your English language skills and does not solely focus on the final grade.

Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Final Grade in the English Emsat Exam

To improve your final grade in this exam, you need to develop your grammar and language skills in the four sections: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.


There are several tips and strategies you can follow to enhance your grammar and language skills for success in the English language Emsat exam. Here are some of them:


  • Practice English daily and consistently through reading, listening, writing, and speaking in English with yourself or others.
  • Use diverse and reliable sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, websites, programs, movies, songs, podcasts, videos, games, educational and social platforms.
  • Learn and review grammar rules, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, and punctuation systematically and organizedly.
  • Utilize dictionaries, thesauruses, textbooks, supplements, websites, applications, tests, exercises, activities, puzzles, and language games.
  • Try applying what you have learned in different and appropriate contexts.
  • Familiarize yourself with the pattern, content, requirements, and standards of the English emsat exam.
  • Use the official and reliable materials and resources provided by the Ministry of Education, the UAE National Center for Assessment and Evaluation, UAE universities, or educational platforms.
  • Solve previous and similar exam models, tests, and simulations, evaluate your performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and work on improvement.
  • Enhance your skills in time management, focus, attention, analysis, inference, evaluation, criticism, expression, interaction, collaboration, self-learning, and continuous development.
  • Use strategies, techniques, tools, and aids that help you effectively achieve these skills.


Other tips and strategies to increase your chance of success in the English language Emsat exam

Of course! Here are some tips and strategies to help you pass the English Emsat exam with ease:


Familiarize yourself with the test structure

  • Understand the format of the exam and the different sections, and become familiar with the types of questions expected in each section.
  • This will help you plan your time effectively and focus on the necessary skills.


Practice with previous questions:

  • Solve previous exam questions and practice exercises.
  • This will help you understand the question patterns and improve your ability to handle them.


Manage your time well:

  • Before the exam, allocate appropriate time for each section and try to stick to it.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question, and try to move quickly between questions.


Take breaks and refresh:

  • Before the exam, make sure to get enough sleep and have a healthy meal.
  • You can also take short breaks during the exam to rejuvenate your energy and focus.


Have confidence in yourself:

  • Remember that self-confidence is the key factor in success.
  • Keep in mind that you have prepared well and that you are capable of overcoming the challenges.


Follow these tips and strategies, have confidence in your abilities, and you will be able to pass the English Emsat exam with ease.

Regarding useful educational materials to help students pass the English Emsat exam?

yes, there are many helpful resources available. Here are some educational materials you can use:


Official test books:

  • There is an official book that includes previous emsat exam samples and practice questions.
  • You can use these books to practice question types and understand the test format.


British Council website:

  • The official website of the British Council provides free educational materials to prepare for the English emsat exam.
  • You can access sample questions, interactive educational materials, and free practice tests through the website.


Online courses:

  • There are many online courses available, such as those offered by, which specifically target preparation for the emsat exam.
  • These courses include video lectures, exercises, and practice tests to help you develop your skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking.


Smartphone applications:

  • There are useful applications like Emsat English and Emsat Success that provide educational materials and interactive practice tests to prepare for the Emsat exam.
  • You can download these applications on your smartphone and practice anytime, anywhere.


Training courses and workshops:

  • Institutes and training centers may offer specialized training courses and workshops for the English Emsat exam.
  • You can join these courses to receive guidance, intensive training, and practical experience.


Use these educational resources appropriately and rely on sources that suit your needs. Practice regularly, strive to understand the rules, and develop your English language skills. With proper training and preparation, your chances of success in the English Emsat exam will increase.


I mentioned earlier that the platform offers online courses for the English language Emsat exam. I will now explain the features of these training courses with

Features of the training courses for the English language Emsat exam with
  • Placement test to accurately determine the student’s level in English.
  • platform qualifies you to pass the English emsat exam efficiently and successfully.
  • Our courses are online, individualized for each student to focus on the student alone.
  • Practical training on the key points of the English language Emsat exam, where our courses focus on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading.
  • Providing study materials containing scientific content.
  • Flexibility in choosing appointments.
  • For parents, you can monitor your children’s progress regularly.
  • platform relies on a group of professional teachers and instructors in English language education.
  • It guarantees the quality of education and the delivery of educational content in a professional and systematic manner.
  • Students can rely on the lessons provided by these teachers to improve their language skills.
  • platform offers specialized courses in all parts of the English Emsat exam that suit the needs and level of students.
  • Whether you are a beginner or advanced in learning the language, you will find a suitable course that helps you achieve your English language goals.
  • It is a great opportunity to improve grammar rules, speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.
  • platform offers practical and interactive exercises that help students apply what they have learned in real life.
  • Students can practice language conversations and solve practical exercises that help them effectively apply vocabulary and grammar rules.
  • To assess student progress, platform provides regular reviews and assessments.
  • These assessments help students measure their level of English language skills and identify areas that need improvement.
  • They are a valuable tool for measuring progress and continuous improvement.
  • platform provides continuous support to students throughout their educational journey.
  • Students can receive assistance when needed and ask questions and inquiries through the platform.
  • It is a supportive learning environment that makes the learning process easier and more effective.
  • platform provides great flexibility and ease of access to educational materials.
  • Students and teachers can access the content online at any time and from anywhere, making it easier for everyone to achieve their English language learning goals.


By enrolling in these training courses with, you can benefit from their expertise and resources to enhance your preparation for the English Emsat exam and achieve the best final grade in this exam

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