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Emirates Standardized Test Policies

Emirates standardized test is called EmSAT, it is a computer-based test to measure whether the student has the capabilities to enter university based on United Arab Emirates national standards.

You must know all Emsat policies before taking the test and they are divided into 10 sections, so let us present them in some detail:

1. Registration policy: there are 2 ways to register:

  • Either the applicant of the 12th grade contacts the coordinator of his/her school.
  • Or the student can simply press the registration button on the official website of emsat.
  • Notice: students must be aware that the registration for emsat does not supersede the registration with NAPO (NAPO is an application for admission to higher education institutions (universities) in the United Arab Emirates and scholarships to study abroad for students of the 12th grade).
  • Graduates of the previous years have to do self-registration on the official website of emsat.

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 2. Rescheduling Policy:

Students would have only 2 weeks before the test date if they had to reschedule the date of their test 

As the registration is going to be closed after this period, in this case, they will not have the chance to reschedule or cancel their test and they will be deemed absent.

Students shall pay great attention when choosing the proper time and place which fit their schedule from the available vacant seats and dates that are presented to them

Because each student is responsible for the choice, he/she made, as there are several centers all over the country.

3. Being late policy:

you will not be allowed to take the emsat test in the case of arriving 15 minutes late from the enrolled time on your ticket and you will be regarded as absent.

4. Required documents policy:

what documents should I bring with me according to Emsat Policies? 

If you are a 12th-grade student you have to bring a copy of your test ticket and your national ID (original United Arab Emirates ID) make sure not to bring copies or screenshots of your ID as they will not be accepted 

Therefore, you will be disallowed to enter the test and you will be regarded as absent.

5. Absence policy:

(this is one of the most important Emsat policies) if you were not able to attend the EmSAT exam, the system will not enable you to retake the test unless you provide proof of your absence along with a justification i.e. 

Death of a relative, sick time granted by a recognized health authority.

The committee will review your request, and the expenses paid will stay in your account so you can register for the upcoming test if your request is accepted.

However, if it was dismissed, the student would be regarded as absent, the money would not be reimbursed, and the absence policy would be put into action.

EmSAT Policies- infographic of Emirates standardized test

6. Retake policy:

you have to wait 30 days after the test if you want to retake it.

7. Cheating policy:

Do not sacrifice a whole year of your life by cheating! Because if you were caught cheating or even trying to cheat your emsat scores will be blocked and you will be forbidden to attend or take or even register for any of EmSAT tests for a whole year.

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8. Score reporting and validity policy:

the date you receive the results depends on your grade

12th graders receive their test at least 15 working days after the day of the emsat test. Graduates of the previous year’s receive their emsat test score at least 10 business days after taking it.

How will I receive my score?

Each student who has taken the test receives an email informing them that the scores are available in his account on the platform of the test.

Students have to put in mind that they must only access their accounts on the test platform, and results will not be uploaded or shared on any other platform.

  1. Test payment guide

  • The 4 mandatory subjects (Arabic, English, Math, and Physics) are free of charge for the first time for the United Arab Emirates national students in the 12th grade.
  • What about the other subjects and retakes?

100 AED per any other subject and for a retake.

  • 300 AED for the 4 mandatory subjects (Arabic, English, Math, Physics) for Non-UAE national students.

Moreover, 100 AED per any other subject and per retake.

  • 250 AED per any subject for non-12th grade students

100 AED per retake and mind that students of this grade are only allowed to retake (one time).

   2. Test centers and authorization policy

: All colleges and universities must get in touch with the department’s director, Ms. Hessa Al-Wahhabi Al-Nuaimi if they want to be permitted to administer the Emirates Standardized Test

Through his email, [email protected] with a formal letter and confirm that the guidelines’ requirements meet with the features of their institute.

Here is the link to the requirements https://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/doc/2021.02.17_EmSAT_Authorized%20Test%20Centre%20Regulations%20and%20Specifications.pdf 

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