Guide to the IELTS examination

Do you intend to study abroad or move to a nation that speaks English? Are you interested in taking the IELTS exam and receiving a test certificate but unsure of where to begin? Not to worry! This thorough guide will cover all the information you require regarding the IELTS test format, how to get ready for it, and How to check IELTS. Let’s get going!

What is the IELTS examination?

The IELTS test is one of the most internationally recognized tests for measuring the English language level. 

It measures all four language skills, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The test taker performs exercises from listening, reading, writing and speaking, and each skill is evaluated separately. 

The test is widely used in many countries around the world, and its results are accepted in many educational institutions, governmental and private.

To get a positive result , test takers must prepare well and practice all the required language skills.

Types of IELTS test

It is important for the student to know the type of IELTS exam that he wants to pass.

Each type of test differs in its composition and requirements, and this test is divided into four types:

  • General test

The General tests for general language skills and is essential for students who want to go abroad.

  • Academic test

The academic test, which tests the student’s ability to use the English language in academic study.

  • IELTS Life Skills Test

It is a private exam designed to assess the skills required to live and study in English-speaking countries, this test consists of two sections Listening and Speaking only, which makes it easier than regular IELTS exams.

  • IELTS Test (UKVI)

For UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), this test is the most appropriate way for people who need to prove their language skills in order to immigrate to the UK.

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Benefits of the IELTS examination

There are many benefits of Examination of IELTS test result, in which these types are used, from the IELTS examination method, and among these benefits are the following:

  • It enables you to improve your English language skills in general.
  • It also helps you get into the world’s most famous universities and educational institutions and get better job opportunities abroad.
  • Achieving a good score in the IELTS test is one of the requirements for immigration to English-speaking countries, which makes it a valuable opportunity for anyone looking for stability and success in their lives.
  • Learn about new cultures and ease of communication in foreign countries.
  • Get promotions and prestigious job opportunities faster than those who do not have an IELTS certificate.

Therefore, taking care of preparing for this test and obtaining a good score in the IELTS life skills examination and other types is a sure investment in your linguistic and professional future, so you must know how to register and the test sections.

Steps to register for the IELTS examination

Registration for the IELTS test is one of the basic steps that those wishing to apply must follow:

  • Determine the test date.
  • Choosing the appropriate test location for you, which can be done easily and easily via the Internet.
  • Pay the test fee and present your current ID or passport on the day of the test.
  • After completing the steps necessary for registration, the applicant will be able to start preparing for the IELTS examination method and knowing its sections.

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Sections of IELTS examination

The IELTS test is divided into four main sections, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking, where applicants must complete all required sections without a break between them.

  • Listening section

The Listening section consists of four parts. In each part, you will listen to a conversation or monologue. After that, you will answer some questions about what you heard.

  • Reading section

The reading section consists of three parts. In each part, you will read one or two passages and answer questions about the passages.

  • Writing section

The writing section has two parts

Part 1, you will be asked to describe some information from a graph or table.

Part 2, you will write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.

  • Speaking section

The speaking section consists of three parts:

Part 1, you will answer questions about yourself as an introduction and interview (4-5 minutes).

Part 2, talk about yourself for 3 minutes.

Part 3, a two-way conversation.

The level of English language proficiency is measured through these sections, and highlighting the different skills required in each section is very important for an applicant to get a good score.

Experts confirm that appropriate training before the Examination of IELTS test result, method can help achieve better results, which can be obtained by seeking the appropriate sources and working seriously and diligently in preparing for the test and passing it, then making sure How to check IELTS results.

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How do you prepare for the IELTS test?

Although there are many ways to prepare for the IELTS examination, there are basic steps that must be followed, including the following:

  • It is advised to start preparing for the IELTS exam before the university or work application period begins, in order to allow sufficient time for training and preparation.
  • You can start preparing by following IELTS training courses.
  • As well as doing self-exercises by solving experimental tests and working on improving pronunciation, reading, writing and listening individually or with a professional trainer.
  • It is also useful to pay attention to vocabulary and improve the level of English in general, and to get used to the speed in reading and understanding.
  • Finally, you must prepare well for the exam by knowing in detail the structure of the exam and the contents required in each section.

These basic tips will help you achieve the best results in your Examination of IELTS test result. and preparation for the IELTS examination, the leading educational platform, provides IELTS preparation courses.

These courses usually cover the four sections of the test and many advantages, including:

  • Provide tips and tricks on how to improve your English skills.
  • Providing practice tests so that you can familiarize yourself with the test sections.
  • Providing support and guidance throughout your journey towards passing the IELTS Life Skills test.
  • A preparation course for the IELTS exam that covers all preparations, whether for the general or academic IELTS exam.
  • These courses are available to both students and people who work in English-speaking environments, and these courses are for all ages.
  • The course develops a preparation plan for the IELTS test method covering all four skills essential for exam success.
  • Practical application of training to develop the four skills.
  • Continuous evaluation by teachers to constantly determine the level and identify weaknesses in any skill and work on them.
  • Online courses conducted through the Zoom program individually, which allows you to interact directly with the teacher and get clearer information than group lessons.
  • It is possible to help find out the result of the IELTS test and confirm the result.
  • The platform provides Arab and foreign lecturers and teachers who provide you with different ways to obtain information.
  • Training on different models and ideas to develop reading and writing skills through books, magazines, letters, etc., and applying them in practice.
  • Training to learn speed reading strategies, general understanding of the text, and eliciting the idea of ​​the text.
  • Training on IELTS test models according to each section of the test as a simulation model for the real test.

At the end of the IELTS course, a practice test is taken to determine the student’s placement.

After preparing for the test and passing it, it is possible to verify the test result, know the grades and validity of the certificate.

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How to check IELTS results?

After you take the IELTS exam, everyone needs to know How to check IELTS results and know their scores in the different skills that were tested.

Examination of IELTS test result can be confirmed by logging in online on the electronic registration system, after 13 days have passed after the exam.

You must enter some personal information that is necessary to verify the result, such as the person’s name and the date the exam was taken.

After checking this information, the grades and exam results can be viewed online.

It is also possible to obtain a copy of the IELTS certificate, which is valid for two years, and its authenticity can be confirmed by reviewing the International Academy for Education Abroad website.

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