IELTS Exam details

The IELTS exam is an exam that measures the four English skills: readingwriting and speaking. The IELTS test is accredited by different educational organizations, so it is required for students who want to study abroad or who need to get a scholarship. It is also required to get a job at different international companies. The IELTS certificate is so important, as we mentioned before, that we need to check its validity, other different details about it, and the information about the organization that grants it.

How to check the validity of IELTS

Due to the importance of the IELTS results that we mentioned before, there are many cases of forgery of the IELTS certificate. Many people want to get this certificate without passing the exam.

We can give you a way to check the validity of the IELTS certificate. You can do that by visiting the official website page of the British Council or the IDP organisation and entering the identification number of the student whose validity you want to check, and they will confirm its validity through their data.

The IELTS organisation and its partners provide the service of validating the IELTS certificates for the various types of organisations to which you may apply.

Issuing an IELTS certificate

You can take your IELTS results after 13 days if you have taken the paper-based test, or after 3-5 days if you have taken the computer-based one.

You can get a paper copy of your IELTS results after 13 days in the case of a paper-based test and 3-5 days in the case of a computer-based IELTS test. You can register the postal addresses of up to five contacts to whom you need to deliver the IELTS certificate.

After you have taken the results for a maximum of 6 weeks, you can apply for test remarking. You should pay for this service, but your money could be retained if you have extra marks after remarking.

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How long does an IELTS certificate take?

The validity of the IELTS certificates ends after 2 years from the test date. Most of the organisations do not accept the IELTS certificates that have been taken for more than 2 years. You may need to give an approval for your English proficiency if you have an IELTS certificate that is more than 2 years old, or you may need to retake the IELTS exam.

The penalty for forgery of the certificate

As we mentioned before, the validity of the IELTS certificate can be checked easily by the organisations, so there is a penalty for the forgery of this certificate.

The student who forged the certificate may be banned from applying to the educational organisation he wants. This ban could last indefinitely or only for three years. Of course, your immigration application will be refused if you forged the IELTS certificate.

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How to contact IELTS

You can contact the IELTS organisation by contacting their representing organisations, which are the British Council and the IDP organisation, and through communicating with them, you can get information about the test’s dates, application requirements, how to get your results, and other information you need to know. You can contact the IELTS organisation itself through its official website. 

As we mentioned before, the IELTS certificate is so important for studying, as well as for immigration and getting scholarships. So the validity and assurance of this certificate are critical issues that need to be addressed to successfully complete your academic and career paths.

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