In this article, you find the IELTS test preparation and all details about acceptance that will help you before your final exam.

The English language is considered the most important language around the world, it is also the language of science in most countries around the world. For the previously mentioned reasons, the IELTS results is required for the application in different universities either inside or outside the country, or immigration to different countries. We will talk about how to prepare for the IELTS test, and where you can use your IELTS certificate.

How to properly prepare for the exam?

The IELTS test measures your English language proficiency in different skills, which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

 Your IELTS test preparation begins too early as the IELTS test results measures the cumulative English skills as your vocabulary and your grammar skills. You should also prepare yourself for the special skills related to the test itself. In general the preparation steps can be:

  • Begins with a placement test. Placement test will help you to begin correctly.
  • Make a certain amount of time every day to practice English. This will improve your English language skills so much.
  • Get a study partner to practice speaking everyday. Everyday practising English speaking everyday could help you to avoid grammar mistakes, and remember the vocabulary you learn.
  • Record each new word you learn. Make a notebook to collect the words you learn, and revise them before the test.
  • Train well on the writing section. Writing section in the IELTS test is somewhat tricky, and needs continuous training to achieve good results.
  • Make sure that you can use the English language in writing and speaking without any grammar mistakes.
  • Define accurately the test type you need, either general or academic, according to your requirements.
  • Make sure to know the required data to apply to the IELTS test, and to know the instructions of the examination centre.

IELTS scores in detail

As we mentioned before, the IELTS test measures the English language skills, they give your English skills a score according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which gives each skill a score of 9, then your score in each skill is summed and divided by four to give the overall score, the indication of the overall score will be as follows:

  • Overall score of 9, indicates that you are an expert user.
  • Overall score of 8, indicates that you are a very good user.
  • Overall score of 7, indicates that you are a good English user.
  • Overall score of 6, indicates that you are a competent English user.
  • Overall score of 5, indicates that you are a modest English user.
  • Overall score of 4, indicates that you are a limited English user.
  • Overall score of 3, indicates that you are an extremely limited English user. 
  • Overall score of 2, indicates that you are an intermittent English user.
  • Overall score of 1, indicates that you are a non-user.

What countries accept IELTS score?

Almost all of the English speaking countries require the IELTS certificate for immigration and studying, those countries like Canada, Australia, and the United states.

Also most of the universities around the world require IELTS test certificate or any accredited English language proficiency certificate to be enrolled in it. You need to know the required score either for application in the universities or immigration.

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