IELTS test band 8, How to get it?

IELTS test in the United Arab Emirates

IELTS test is one of the most accredited English language proficiency testing, which is approved by most countries and organizations around the world. You need to get IELTS test for several reasons like immigration, studying abroad, or working at certain organizations. IELTS test measures the 4 language learning skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are also 2 types of IELTS test, the academic and the general. In this article, we are going to discuss how to get the best results in the IELTS test. 

Make sure to get the placement test

You should begin your IELTS test preparation journey with the placement test. The placement test is found at different places that offer IELTS test exercises in the United Arab Emirates, some places also offer placement tests for all IELTS skills. After the placement test, you can begin practicing from your level.

Practicing speaking skills more and more

As a non-native speaker, you need to give more attention to speaking test, we can give you some tips that may help you:

  • Make a special hour for exercising and speaking every day.
  • Try to speak English with native speakers.
  • Take speaking courses, especially if you do not have a native English speaker to practice English with him. There are a lot of places that can give you IELTS test exercises in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Practice speaking without stopping. The IELTS speaking test depends on your fluency in speaking English without stopping to remember a word and without any grammar mistakes. 
  • Just speak English correctly, never mind about your accent, just speak in the correct language with the right grammar.
  • Train well on the cue card question, search about different topics and try to talk about them for 2 minutes. This will help you even with other parts of the test.

The key answer for this test is practice, the more you practice, the better results you will get and so on.

Pay special attention to vocabulary 

Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of IELTS preparation. You should make a notebook to collect the words that you learn while studying. Making sentences with the words you learn and writing them down in your notebook is a good solution to help you remember the new words you learn.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

You need to study grammar well to get a good mark in the IELTS test, especially the writing and speaking sections. Start practicing grammar early to avoid grammar mistakes, and also try to use the right grammar in your writing and speaking exercises.

Learn how to paraphrase words

Paraphrasing is a skill you need to learn while studying for the IELTS test. You need to learn words with their synonyms and know how to use them well. As we mentioned before, keep them in sentences to remember them.

Exercise again on writing

Unfortunately, writing is a skill that can decrease your overall IELTS test results. It is a tricky skill that needs good practice to improve it and to decrease mistakes and faults in your writing method. Taking private courses for writing may be a solution to get a correction for your mistakes.

Get the meaning from the context

Having a good vocabulary does not mean that you know every word. Absolutely you will find some words that you can not understand their meaning. Never panic, you should only learn how to get their meanings from the context without using a dictionary.

Use an English-English dictionary 

Using this type of dictionary instead of English-Arabic dictionaries at an advanced stage will improve your writing and speaking skills, and will help you to remember the words you learn. It also gives you some ideas about using those words.

Pick the right test type

The IELTS test in the United Arab Emirates and other countries has different types, either academic or general. Each test type has its specifications and its indications.

You need to know your target from taking the IELTS test so you can train well on the test type you are going to take.

Train well on the test form

You can be well trained on the different parts of the IELTS test separately but you panic in the real test because you did not get training on the test form.

You should exercise well on the test form so that you can deal well with the test without any fear.

Learn English every day

The IELTS test measures your English Language fluency, so everyday training is the best idea to achieve English fluency and to get the best score in the IELTS results.

It is a good idea also, to have a study partner to encourage you for daily exercising.

Time management is a key factor 

Every part of the IELTS test has a certain time to answer, so you should practice time management and answer the given questions within their defined time.

Try to keep a stopwatch behind you while studying to help you practice time management.

Remember always to be self-confident

There is an evaluation on your self-confidence in the IELTS speaking test. You should be relaxed while speaking even if you stopped to search for a word or for another reason.

You can attain this self-confidence through training at training centers for IELTS test exercises in the United Arab Emirates.

Get ready well on the day of the test

Good preparation for the IELTS test on the test day and the day before is so important. Sleep well the day before, practice English in your speaking, and revise only your vocabulary notebook. This will help you to be ready and relaxed on the test day.

Finally, remember that it is not impossible to achieve a good score on the IELTS results in the United Arab Emirates, you need only good preparation, everyday practice, and self-confidence, and through this you can achieve good results in the IELTS test.

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