How to check EmSAT results easily

The EmSAT test is one of the most important tests for university admission for secondary school students and for some postgraduate students who are applying for postgraduate studies in the United Arab Emirates universities. 

You may think about how to check EmSAT results? And how do you know what your grades mean? In this article we will guide you to the answer of the question, how to check EmSAT results? And give you an answer to these questions: what is a good score for EmSAT, and how long do EmSAT results take? And give you a brief about the EmSAT score calculator, how to get your EmSAT certificate and the EmSAT maximum score.

What is the EmSAT test?

 The EmSAT test is a standardised computer- based test used for the evaluation of the educational level of secondary school students. It is essential for admission to universities in the United Arab Emirates for secondary school students and some postgraduate students who are applying for postgraduate studies in the United Arab Emirates.

How to check EmSAT results? And how long do EmSAT results take?

The first question that you may think about after finishing the EmSAT test is how to check EmSAT results? Here we are going to give you an answer. The EmSAT test results take about 15 days to appear for the newly admitted students, and take about 10 days for the students who were admitted in previous years.

The EmSAT exam results appear on the official website of the EmSAT organisation, and the EmSAT organisation will send you an Email to your registered mail to announce you with the appearance of the results. You can also check the EmSAT exam results using your national ID from the official website as we mentioned before. The EmSAT achieve test results are valid for 18 months.

Everything about the EmSAT score, and the EmSAT score calculator

After getting the results, you will think about your EmSAT score, and the EmSAT score calculator. First of all, there is no passing or failing score for the EmSAT test, but you have to know the minimum required score by the university you are applying to.  

According to each college admission requirements, there is a minimum score required in each subject according to the speciality you are applying to. Also there is a minimum required score for secondary school grades.

What is a good score for EmSAT test?

As we mentioned before, the best EmSAT score is different between different colleges and specialties, but generally the good EmSAT score for each subject can be as follows:

  • The good score in the Arabic subject can be 900 or more.
  • The good score for the mathematics exam is between 900 and 1100 which is an accepted score for most universities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • In physics, a score between 900 and 1100 can be accepted by most universities in the United Arab Emirates, and so it is required to be a good score in physics.
  • In biology, a score  of 1100 can be a good score, and accepted by most universities in the United Arab Emirates, and can help you to join different medicine schools.
  • In chemistry, a score of 1100 is considered a good score in chemistry, and can help you in admission to universities which require the chemistry score for admission.
  • In computer science subjects, a score between 500 and 1500 could be accepted. 

You have to check the minimum required score for the college and speciality you are applying to, by visiting their official website.

What is the EmSAT maximum score for each subject?

As the individual score for each subject is required for admission to some specialities, you need to know the maximum score for each subject. Here we will give you the maximum EmSAT score for each subject;

  • The Arabic language subject has a maximum EmSAT score of 2000.
  • The English language subject has a maximum score of 2000 which is equivalent to C2 on the CEFR scale for evaluation of languages.
  • The chemistry, biology, physics and computer science subjects have a maximum score of 2000.

How can you get your EmSAT test certificate?

You may ask about how to deliver your results to colleges and universities during your admission process, here we will give you the answer. You can print your results from the student portal of the EmSAT test. You can also ask for a copy from your certificate through the service catalogue of the official site of the ministry of education, then you will leave your Email and your certificate will be sent to it.

There will also be a copy of your results that will be delivered to different authorities inside the United Arab Emirates.

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Is the EmSAT test the only required test for university admission?

Of course not, as we mentioned before, the grades of the secondary school is essential in the admission process as well. Some faculties may require special tests for admission. Some universities also may require TOEFL or IELTS exam certificates. courses academy offers you a group of courses that will help you in your EmSAT journey, and help you get the best EmSAT score in all subjects. We have a group of professional tutors who can help you in the EmSAT test, and guide you to get the best grades. academy also has a collection of academic consultations, that is offered by a group of professional academic consultants, who can help you make your decision about college, and about the recent parts of your academic life. Our courses are held online which gives you the opportunity to take the course at your suitable time. 


The EmSAT test score is a very important part of your college admission. You have to be aware about the minimum required score and the EmSAT maximum score for the specialty you are applying to. You should be aware also about how to check the EmSAT results, how long do EmSAT results take, and how you can get your EmSAT test certificate.

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