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EMSAT Biology

The Emsat exam or the standardized Emirates exam is a number of electronic exams that target to evaluate the student’s performance.

However how common it is, most of the students have anxiety because of it, but we must know that this exam is mainly to help the students achieve their high hopes

These exams are applied to students from different educational levels, in a wide variety of subjects.

The Emsat exam is applying not only the national standards but also the international standards, which makes it a certificate, well recognized even abroad.

Also, the Emsat system exam can help the students most with choosing their major, as it provides them with all the information they need to know about each field, and then to choose which one of them works the most.

However, the target is not only to measure the student’s performance but also to measure and evaluate the educational system itself.

And according to the results, they can fill the gaps in the education system, provide the students with the information they need, though using methods that suit each one of them, and establishing plans that are beneficial and suitable for each one of them.

That’s why the Emsat exam, as we mentioned before, is not just concerned with a specific educational level, field, or subject.

It is concerned with different educational levels in almost all of the subjects, and the Emsat exam has three stages:

  • First is the Baseline, which is responsible for the children in the kindergarten and are heading to grade 1, they are tested in their main skills like reading, writing, and calculating.

In this stage the children have no experience in the major fields, that is why they tend to not know exactly what is the path they want to spend their life working in.

That’s why got to know about the basics of most of the fields, so it can help the children to be introduced to different subjects, and as a result help the child to choose the career they want.

  • Secondly is the Advantage stage, through which the students in grades 4, 6, 8 and 10 are tested, and the main target of it, and they are tested in the Arabic language, the English, Mathematics, and science.

In this stage, the students have gone through most of the subjects, so it is more like tracking their progress, and have chosen the career that they want.

The first is Achieve 12, which is concerned with testing the students in grade 12, it equals the high school exams in different countries, secondly is called only Achieve and this one is the one for applying for the university’s programs, or equals the admission for college exams.

In this stage the students are tested in Arabic, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.

And yes, the subjects depend more on the field that you have chosen, some of these subjects are from the first grade till the college admission, however, it differs in the level of how hard it is.

And there are some other subjects that exist only starting from grade 12, and these subjects are more related to the specialization that have been chosen.

In this article we will be introduced to the Emsat biology exam, and its main important points.

EMSAT Biology

Emsat biology is an electronic test that aims to measure the students’ information and skills in biology.

It is crucial to any student who tends to fulfill a career in any scientific field and join a college that specialises in biology, like the medicine school or the faculty of science, or even engineering.

That’s why this exam’s results are crucial to most of the students, and they are mindful about the requirements of each college.

The EMSAT Biology pattern of questions

The exam’s level pattern is not stable, it changes according to the student’s answers, which means that if the student answered a question correctly the next question will be harder, however, if the student answered the question wrongly, the next question will be easier.

In the other side, all the exams’ questions are choosing the correct answer type, the exam contains 50 questions and must be answered within 90 minutes maximum, these 50 questions are divided randomly into four sections which are:

  • The molecules to living organisms.
  • Heredity and genetic technology.
  • Evolution and diversity of life.
  • Ecology: energy, interdependence, and dynamics.

How to succeed in EMSAT Biology?

Biology has different branches, and without the right guidance and practice it won’t be easy to deal with it.

So, in order to pass this exam, we need to be aware of some tips:

First is to practice under experts:

You need to have someone or to take a course with people who are experienced in the Emsat exam style, to guide you through your journey with it.

The second is to break the fear of the exam:

We are all aware of the stress and the fear that is caused by the exam, and the best way to get rid of it is to simply go through it, and that will happen only by practising old exams, which can help you get accustomed and be familiar with the pattern.

Third is the biology subject

In order to pass any exam related to any subject, you need to know all about this subject, its basics, and its main branches, and to fully prepare for it.

Fourth is to have a plan

Nothing in the world can be achieved properly without the right preparations, and time management, they are the main key elements to organise your studies, help you discover your weaknesses, and put the right order to pass the exam.

The Fifth is to prepare in advance

So, passing an exam doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to enter the college you desire.

Each college has its requirements and it differs from year to year, and from a major to another.

So, if you have a specific college in mind, be sure to know about its requirements or at least the range of degrees it usually requires, and it’s your mission to understand how to fulfil them.

How to succeed in the EMSAT Biology?

As we mentioned earlier, we can’t guarantee that entering the college of your desire will happen if you passed the exam and that the percentage is relative, according to the chosen field or major.

However, there are some fixed terms and evaluations that can help measure the students’ capacities, which are:

  • The advanced grade means that the student got from 1500 to 2000, and had completely mastered all the basics and the information needed.
  • The mastered grade; like the previous one, this grade is put to the students who managed to get from 1100 to 1475, and means that the student is ready to achieve a career in a college specified in biology.
  • The middle grade; this is considered the lowest or the minimum grade to enter a college is specified in biology, and it is from 900 to 1075.
  • The beginner grade; which refers to a plenty of gaps and that the student has a little knowledge of the subject, and the total average is from 700 to 875.
  • The enhancement needed grade; this term refers to a high gap, and lack in some of the basics, as a result the students need enhancement courses, and the total average is from 500 to 675.
  • The weak grade refers to the absolute beginner who doesn’t even have the basics of the subject, and needs enhancement courses the most, their grade starts from 500 to below.

In the final, we spoke about most of the information needed to get through the Emsat exam in general, and the biology Emsat in specific. 

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