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Education occupies one of the highest priorities in the United Arab Emirates interests. It gave attention to educating men and women parallelly. The UAE education ranked 45th all over the world. Better education means a better health care system, economy, policy and even morals. Let us have a quick look at the UAE education.

The UAE education system

The UAE education system is divided according to the curriculum into three main categories:

  • Public schools: 
  • Those are fully-funded for Emirati students and expats can join it with fees.
  • They use the trimester system.
  • It follows the Arabic Emirati curriculum.
  • Private schools: 
  • More than 70% of students are enrolled in it.
  • They use the traditional two-semesters system.
  • It follows 15 international curriculums which include the American, British, Indian and many other curriculums. 
  • Higher education institution. 

It can be divided according to the stage into four stages:

  • Pre-school stage (Kindergarten in UAE): 
  • It starts from 3 to 5 years old.
  • Basic stage:
  • It starts from 6 to 10 years old.
  • In this stage students become proficient in English or Arabic (according to the language of study), maths, science and social studies.
  • Intermediate stage:
  • It starts from 11 to 13 years old.
  • Secondary stage: 
  • It starts from 14 to 16 years old.
  • It is the stage prior to the university stage.
  1. The educational week starts from Sunday to Thursday, which means that this is different from many countries.
  2. The UAE education system uses modern devices and approaches.
  3. The UAE government admits homeschooling, which became a first choice for parents in many countries.
  4. There are a lot of schools in UAE and here are some examples:
  • Regent International School.
  • Pristine Private school.
  • Kings’ school Nad Al Sheba.
  • Durham School Dubai.
  • Emirates International School, Jumeirah.
  • Dove Green Private School.
  • Modern Private School.
  • North London Collegiate School, Dubai. 

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STEM education in UAE

UAE education has been developed on all fronts & STEM education has taken a great part of interest in the United Arab Emirates and here are the reasons why many people prefer STEM: 

  • STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to learning in the 4 main branches (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). 
  • STEM uses a blended model of education which mixes between online learning and traditional classrooms.
  • STEM promotes creativity, self-dependence, co-operation, critical and analytical thinking. 
  • STEM education qualifies students to get ready for their future and help their community.

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Disabled education in UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates government  gave attention to disabled people with disabilities in three parallel ways. One of them was education, the second was employment and the third was medical care.The UAE  attention to students with special needs came from its belief in the right of each person to be educated.
  • Disabilities maybe:
  • Autism.
  • Physical disabilities.
  • Deafness.
  • Blindness.
  • Intellectual disabilities.
  • The UAE education responsibles took many decisions and provided many facilities to preserve their rights and guarantee equality, such as:
  • Schools in the UAE can not refuse admissions of students with special needs.
  • Private schools have to provide proofs for having plans and educational methods suitable for them.
  • Teachers and therapists dealing with those students must be permitted by the ministry of education and provided with internal and external training. Qualified leaders who hold specialist qualifications and have at least three years of experience must be present.
  • No fail for students with special needs.
  • All equipment used for those students must be certified by the ministry of education.
  • Providing friendly school websites for them.
  • Providing easy access to resources and educational curriculums. 

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Top universities in UAE 

Turning from a desert land into a very developed region in a few years begs many questions to all. The United Arab Emirates made the miracle. The government drew on all the accumulated expertises of the other developed countries and then gave attention to scientific research and academic learning to carry out the UAE education. This inspiring journey started after building the United Arab Emirates University as the first university in 1976. Let us have a quick round to know more about universities in the United Arab Emirates. 

Khalifa University:

  • It is located in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ranks 181 worldwide.
  • It offers many scholarships like:
  • The Future Teachers Scholarship.
  • ADNOC Scholarship Program.
  • Khalifa University Scholarship.
  • Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Scholarship.
  • National Electronic Security Authority – Tamayuz Scholarship Program.
  •  UAE Nuclear Energy Scholarship Program.

It has many departments which are:

  • Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Department of Biology.
  • Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Department of Chemistry.
  • Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Department of Civil Engineering.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Department of Computer Engineering.
  • Department of Computer Science.
  • Department of Earth Sciences.
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering. 
  • Department of Systems Engineering.
  • Department of Mathematics.
  • Department of Physics.
  • Department of Petroleum Engineering.

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United Arab Emirates University:

  • It is located in Al-Ain.
  • Ranks 296 worldwide.
  • It has many departments like:
  • College of Business and Economics.
  • College of Law.
  • College of Engineering.
  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • College of Education.
  • College of Information Technology.
  • College of Science.

American University of Sharjah:

  • It is located in Sharjah.
  • Ranks 369 worldwide.
  • There are many colleges which are:
  • College of Architecture, Art and Design.
  • College of Engineering.
  • College of Arts and Sciences.
  • School of Business Administration

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Canadian University Dubai:

  • It is located in Dubai.
  • It offers many scholarships which are:
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Financial Hardship Scholarship
  • Special Needs Scholarship
  • Special Talent Scholarship 

It has many departments like:

  • Faculty of Management.
  • Department of Communication and Media.
  • Department of Social Sciences.
  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Environmental Health Sciences.
  • Department of Interior Design. 
  • Department of Computer Engineering and Computational Sciences.

Al-Ain university: 

  • It is located in Al-Ain. 
  • There are many faculties which are:
  • College of Law.
  • College of Business.
  • College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • College of Communication and Media.
  • College of Engineering.
  • College of Pharmacy.

University of Sharjah: 

  • It is located in Sharjah. 
  • It offers partial scholarships.
  • It has many faculties like:
  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.

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Abu Dhabi University:

  • It is located In Abu Dhabi.
  • It offers many scholarships which are:
  • Chairman’s Scholarship.
  • H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship.
  • Athletic Scholarship.
  • University Scholarship.
  • Academic Scholarship.
  • Merit-based Graduate Scholarship.
  • Alumni Scholarship.
  • Family Tuition Waiver.
  • It has many programs like:
  • Law
  • Arts of Mass Communication.
  • Science of Special Education.
  • Business Administration.
  • Architecture.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.

Ajman University: 

  • It is located in Ajman. 
  • It offers many scholarships which are:
  • Scholarships for Ajman’s Citizens Affairs Office.
  • Discounts for Ajman Local and Federal Departments.
  • Discounts for AU Employees.
  • Discounts for AU Alumni and their families.
  • Discount for first-degree relatives.
  • Discounts for high school students who obtain a CGPA of 90% or 95% or 99%. 
  • Thamer Aid.
  • It provides many programs like:
  • Law
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Engineering.

American University in Dubai:

  • It is located in Dubai. 

Zayed University:

  • It is located in Abu Dhabi.
  • It offers many colleges like:
  • College Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • College of Technological Innovation.
  • College of Arts and Creative Enterprises.
  • College of Business.
  • College of Communication and Media Sciences.
  • College of Education.
  • College of Natural and Health Sciences.

University of Dubai: 

  • It is located in Dubai.  

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The journey from being a country depending on only gas in its economy to a country competing for a very high ranking in the worldwide education was not easy but, it deserves. The government gave great attention to human power and to improve the quality of  UAE education and it succeeded. 

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