Online learning Overview

Online learning becomes one of the vital means that supports the educational process and transforms it from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of creativity, interaction, and skill development.

It combines all digital forms of teaching and learning, using the latest methods in the fields of education, publishing, and entertainment by adopting computers, storage media and networks. 

The rapid changes in the field of technology have led to the emergence of new patterns of learning and teaching, which further consolidated the concept of individual or self-education; where the learner works on his learning according to his energy, ability, speed of learning and according to his previous experience and skills. 

Online learning is one of these advanced patterns of so-called distance learning in general and computer-based education in particular, where online learning depends mainly on computing and networks for the transfer of knowledge and skills. 

Online learning definition 

Online learning is an interactive education system, providing integrated digital solutions without the drawbacks of a radical educational system.

The main advantage of it lies in solving the problem of knowledge and the demand for education, enlightenment, and the chances of admission to education.

In addition to training and education without leaving your job, and contributing to breaking the psychological barriers between the learner and the tutor, satisfying the learner’s gratifications and characteristics while raising the return on investment by reducing the cost of education.

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What is an online learning environment? 

Simply, the virtual learning environment is an organized system to utilize modern technologies and techniques to provide new outlets and create a new learning environment through internet networks. 

So that the participant in this environment feels that he is within an integrated educational environment that includes study materials, specialists, discussions, and interactions that do not require being on one land or one place.

Characteristics of the virtual environment for learning:

1- No more place limitations 

It is not required to be in a specific place, as the virtual learning environment provides you with the ability to obtain training or educational materials in various fields from anywhere.

And it is not required to be in a specific geographic area or place, so it saves quality and time, unlike the traditional model of education. 

All you will need is your connection to the Internet to be able to access the site that contains the educational material under study.

2- Flexibility in attendance 

Flexibility in time to attend courses, as The virtual learning environment allows you to choose learning times.

Most of the time, you do not require being present at a specific time to obtain the required course or educational material.

But you can, for example, divide the time according to your circumstances, except for courses that are broadcast live and are tied to a specific time, but even these sessions can be recorded afterwards. 

Although this feature gives a lot of flexibility in learning and reduces the stress factor, in some cases, it may be a defect in the virtual environment system.

3- Money savvy

Online learning platforms provide free online lessons services, or for much less than the amounts that are paid on the traditional regular education platforms.

So, it is an important and necessary option for all students, graduates, and specialists who are looking to develop their professional skills without paying excessive amounts that are not commensurate with their financial situation in different countries.

 4- Active Interaction

Learning in a virtual environment or online learning does not mean that it is not possible to interact in any way and that it is only just receiving educational materials.

But there are dedicated discussion sessions in these courses where you can ask about things that were not completely clear to you in.

During the explanation, it also provides spaces for discussion with the participants to exchange experiences as well as different cultures.

5- Expand your network of relationships

The only factor that unites all participants in educational courses in the virtual environment is the Internet, which means that there are participants from different countries of the world, which allows participants to exchange cultures and expand their network of relationships.

 6- Recording materials

 Participants in most online learning platforms can record the annotated materials, as well as ease of reference to them afterwards and after the completion of the explanation process, which does not require wasting time in writing what was fully explained and focusing more on the explanation times.

7- Specialties

There is no solo speciality now, no matter how scarce, it does not have educational materials or specialised training courses. 

The virtual environment may fulfil for the student what traditional learning methods do not accomplish for them.

The student may not find educational places in his country that help him to develop his skills in a speciality, but the platform of online learning, of course, will provide him with training courses in his field of specialisation, and even enable him to exchange discussions and experiences with specialists in the same field, whether as scholars like him or specialists.

Disadvantages of the virtual environment

Distance learning or learning through the virtual environment has many advantages that make the learning process not a boring forced process, but rather a lot of flexibility in time and place, but some things constitute an obstacle in this environment:

  •  Technological knowledge 

so here it is required to be acquainted with technological developments and knowledge of methods – at least primitive – in dealing with technological devices, which is not available in some private teachers or those in charge of the educational process, especially in developing countries, which puts obstacles in the way of the educational process and makes She has communication problems. 

  •  Commitment

The flexibility provided by the virtual learning environment at the time may be a reason for some participants’ lack of commitment and delay in obtaining the educational material.

  • Slow Internet Networks 

The slow Internet in some countries is one of the most important obstacles to learning in the virtual environment, as it slows down the collection process and distracts due to the attempts made by the recipient during the explanation to connect to the Internet.

By the end of the article, we will try to illustrate all about online learning and its benefits, also the drawbacks of it, hoping you will be enthusiastic enough and join our learner’s community.

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