overcome anxiety & perform your best in IELTS Academic Exam


The IELTS test is considered one of the most accredited tests for measuring English language proficiency for non-native speakers. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is one of the most widely required tests for demonstrating English language proficiency. It is typically requested for university applications and, in some cases, job promotions.

The Academic exam of the IELTS can cause anxiety for many students. This can increase their fear of getting a good score. This article will help you conquer your fear of the IELTS Academic exam. We will guide you through IELTS exam training, online IELTS training, and the common errors in IELTS tests.

What is the IELTS academic exam?

The IELTS Academic Exam is a specific branch of the IELTS exams. It is designed for academic purposes such as enrolling in universities locally or abroad, applying for scholarships, and pursuing postgraduate studies. The IELTS academic exam measures the four English language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This is similar to the general exam.

What are the benefits of the academic exam of the IELTS?

Getting scholarships at most international universities, as most of the universities require a certain academic IELTS score for application for scholarships.

Getting scholarships in some local universities may also require an academic IELTS certificate.

Application for undergraduate studies in a number of local universities requires an academic IELTS certificate with a certain score.

Some international companies may require an IELTS certificate for hiring employees or for promotions.

Application for most postgraduate studies at local and international universities.

Most students need to take advantage of the IELTS academic exam. However, fear and anxiety may prevent them from achieving their desired results.

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How to overcome anxiety in the IELTS academic exam

As we mentioned before, your anxiety and fear may hamper you from getting a good IELTS academic exam score. Here are some tips to help you overcome your anxiety and fear regarding your academic exam.

You can also use these tips to get the best possible IELTS score.

Get sufficient IELTS exam training. You can get online IELTS training as it can save your time and effort.

Prepare all your identity papers, and bring them on the test day.

Sleep well on the day before the test day, this can decrease your anxiety and help you to do your best.

Practice speaking for a short time on the day before the test day.

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Common errors in IELTS test that may cause anxiety

Common errors in IELTS tests can be divided into two categories: those during preparation and those during the test. These errors can cause anxiety and fear. The common errors in IELTS test preparation step can be as follows;

Beginning the preparation directly before doing the placement test. This is a common error in the IELTS academic exam and the general one too. The placement test can give you a hint about your level, and from where you have to begin.

Giving low attention to the vocabulary. The vocabulary is essential for mastering the English language. It can help you get a good score in the IELTS academic exam, particularly in the writing and speaking sections.

Not practising writing and speaking for a long time. Writing and speaking are tricky skills especially in the academic exam, so you have to practice them well. Everyday IELTS exam training on the writing and speaking tasks can be beneficial.

Insufficient training on the test answering strategies. The IELTS academic exam has specific strategies to get a high score. To achieve the best result, it is important to answer a lot of test samples. This will help you to reduce anxiety about the exam.

Not practicing on the skill of predicting the meanings of the words from the context. Good training on this skill can help you get a good score in the reading and listening tests.

Not correcting the writing samples. The writing section is tricky.

To overcome your anxiety about academic writing, you need to correct the writing tasks to identify your mistakes. Doing this will help you improve. As we mentioned before, this is important.

Incorrect estimation of the time required for the IELTS preparation. IELTS exam training courses and online IELTS training can help you estimate how long you need to prepare. This can help reduce your anxiety.

Insufficient training on the time management strategies. Correct training on the time management strategies can help you relieve your anxiety, and do your best in the academic exam.

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The common errors in IELTS test during the IELTS academic exam

Staying up late on the day before the test day.

Not arriving early to the test centre on the test day. This will increase your anxiety, and will not enable you to know the instructions of the test centre.

Wrong distribution of time in the IELTS academic exam, and also in the general one. The time distribution is a critical point in the IELTS test, especially in the writing, and reading sections. Wrong time distribution will increase anxiety from the academic exam.

Not bringing the identity papers on the test day.

I am uncertain about the timing of the speaking test. It may be scheduled at a different time than the other components.

Not ensuring the efficiency of the headphones before the beginning of the listening section of the test.

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The benefits of IELTS exam training

Getting IELTS exam training is very beneficial. It can be done online or on-site. Examples of its benefits include:

It gives you a good evaluation for your skills.

It gives you specialised training based on your level.

It guides you to the time required for preparation for the academic exam.

It gives you the best studying plan, based on your level, and your level of advancement.

At the IELTS exam training you can get a correction for your writing training tasks.

Through the IELTS exam training, you can get a studying partner to practise speaking with him.

How to take an online IELTS training?

IELTS exam training is the best method to get a high IELTS score. But a lot of students may need to take an online IELTS training, to help them save time, and effort.Online IELTS training can be provided by the official site of the British Council, and its related sites.

Elmadrasah.com academy provides excellent IELTS coaching.

The tutors are highly experienced and offer the best online IELTS training. Elmadrasah.com academy offers an application service for the IELTS test. This service is provided through their partnership with the British Council. After completing courses at our academy, this service can help you register for the test.

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