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The IELTS test is an international test that measures English language proficiency for non-native speakers. The IELTS test is one of the most internationally accredited tests for measuring English language proficiency. The IELTS certificate is required for immigration to several countries, and also to get a scholarship in different universities. In this article we will give you a full IELTS guide to get the best IELTS results, and guides you to the best online IELTS traing, and IELTS study plan formation.

What is the IELTS test? And what is its importance?

The IELTS test is an international uniform test used for measuring English language proficiency for non-native speakers. The IELTS test is held by the British Council, and the IDP organisation. The importance of the IELTS test are as follows:

  • It is important for getting a scholarship in most national and international universities, and in all specialties.
  • The IELTS test is the most accredited test for immigration to a lot of countries.
  • The IELTS test certificate with certain scores is required for application to a number of local and international universities for bachelor’s, master’s, and Phd programmes.
  • The IELTS test gives you the chance to get better jobs at international companies, and also gives you the chance to get a higher position at your job.

IELTS guide for getting the best IELTS results

The IELTS test needs good preparation in order to get the best English language proficiency and accuracy, which will lead you to the best IELTS results. In this article, we will give you your IELTS guide, which will help you get the best IELTS results, and make the best IELTS study plan. IELTS preparation is divided into many steps which are the IELTS test preparation and language strengthening, IELTS exam application, and test night and day preparation.

Your IELTS guide for the best and suitable IELTS study plan

Making a good IELTS study plan is a critical step in the IELTS preparation journey. Making your ideal IELTS studying plan is based on accurate identification of your English language level. IELTS guide will give the most important points you should consider while making your IELTS study plan;

  • You should take care of the evaluation of all English language skills, speaking, listening, writing, and reading. You may be very good at one skill but good or less in the other skills.
  • Identify your IELTS test type. As we know the IELTS test can be academic or general, and you should identify your test type at the beginning of the IELTS studying plan.
  •  Consider the time you need to finish studying. This will help you to enter the exam for one time only, and not to repeat it for many times.
  • Identify your studying sources, this will help you shorten the time needed for preparation.
  • Find an evaluation tool for your writing and speaking tasks. On-site and online IELTS training courses will help you at this point.

IELTS guide for the IELTS test first preparation and language strengthening

This step is the first step at your IELTS preparation journey, and this step comprises the following;

  • Make the placement test. The placement test will enable you to know your accurate language level, and how to begin your IELTS preparation. The placement test is available on site in different IELTS training centers, and available online also in the online IELTS training sites.
  • Make your IELTS study plan. Your IELTS study plan can be made based on your placement test. 
  • Search for IELTS training centres near you, or you may search for online IELTS training centres that give IELTS training remotely.
  • Make a certain adjustment to the time you need to be prepared for the IELTS test. Taking an IELTS training course at on-site or online IELTS training centres will help you get the best time evaluation, and time management based on your language advancement level.
  • Get training on a lot of test samples. Training on test samples will help you get familiar with the test answering strategies.

Your IELTS guide for the best strategies for the best IELTS test results

  • Identifying a certain time for studying everyday. Everyday studying helps the improvement of different skills.
  • Find a study partner to practice speaking with him.
  • Pay special attention to English grammar to avoid grammar mistakes in writing and speaking tests.
  • Make a certain notebook for the vocabulary. Revise your vocabulary notebook weekly.
  • Give more attention to the writing task, practice it well.
  • Train well on the test models to be familiar with the test answering strategies.

IELTS guide for the IELTS test application

You should apply for the IELTS test only when you are fully prepared for it. IELTS test application can occur through the British Council, or the IDP organisation. You should give an electronic copy of your identification paper during application, and pay the test fees. You should take the hard copy of your identification papers on the test day. 

The preparation on the test day

You may be worried about your test day especially after your long preparation journey. Your IELTS guide will give some tips for the test day, and the day before to help you get the best performance on the test day. Those tips are as follows;

  • Sleep early on the test night, to help you maintain your mental activity.
  • Revising your vocabulary notebook and English grammar the day before.
  • Train on English speaking the day before to help keep the English grammar and vocabulary in your mind.
  • Bring the hard copy of your identification papers on the test day.
  • Leave all your belongings outside the test hall, you can leave only a pencil, eraser, and a bottle of water without any identification.
  • Make sure that the examiners have taken your photo, and your fingerprintings.
  • Make sure you have attended all the test parts.
  • You have to follow the instructions of the test organisers, and never take any test paper outside the test hall.

Benefits of getting IELTS training courses

Getting IELTS training courses either on site or online IELTS training has a lot of benefits, and IELTS guide at this article will help you identify them as follows;

  • Getting an individual and accurate evaluation for all your skills.
  • Making your suitable IELTS study plan according to your recent level and your level of improvement.
  • The effective training on the test answering strategies.
  • Get the best support for your points of weakness.
  • Through the IELTS courses,  you can easily find a studying partener.
  • Getting an individual evaluation for the writing skills. As writing tasks are usually tricky and need more effort than other tasks. Academy offers you a great chance with its IELTS preparation courses. preparation courses are given by a collection of the best tutors. courses are held online, which gives you the chance to determine the time as you want. has a partnership with the British Council through which you can ask the academy to apply to you at the IELTS test after finishing the IELTS preparation courses at our academy.

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