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IELTS Preparation Course with IELTS Test Booking

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IELTS Preparation Course with IELTS Test Booking


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Course description:

As far as we believe in our pioneering educational role, to be one of the most visionary online teaching platforms in the MENA region, and with the cooperation of the British Council, we are utterly honored to present our distinguished IELTS preparation with the exam registration course package.

IELTS test: is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers, It is jointly managed by:

  • The British Council.
  • IDP: IELTS Australia.
  • Cambridge Assessment English.

About the online course:

IELTS is one of the most accredited language assessment tests around the world, for many graduates or undergraduates who are looking to study abroad.

In this preparation course, you will learn:

  1. What is IELTS?
  2. What are the differences between it and other tests ?
  3. Which countries and universities highly accept it?

In a nutshell we will provide you with the basic and professional skills to get your target scores, Not only that, but we also start to work on your four basic language skills step by step, and help you measure your progress all along the course.

What is IELTS format?

There are four sections to the test:

  • Listening.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Speaking.

When you book your IELTS test with the British Council, the test will take place in an official British Council IELTS test centre, whether you choose IELTS on paper or computer.

If you take IELTS on paper, your Speaking test may be offered on the same day as the other sections of the test, or up to a week before or after.

You will receive notification in advance by text message and email to confirm your Speaking test details.


Duration: 30 minutes +10 minutes to transfer your responses to the answer sheet.

Format:  4 audio recordings in varying accents. You will write your answers using:

  • Multiple choice.
  • Matching points.
  • Diagram labelling.
  • Sentence completion.


Duration: 60 minutes.


  • Letter writing task (minimum 150 words).
  • Short essay writing task (minimum 250 words).


Duration: 60 minutes.

Format: Three reading passages with tasks:

  • Section 1 – two short or three short factual texts.
  • Section 2 – two short work-related, factual texts.
  • Section 3 – one longer text on a topic of general interest.


Duration: 10 – 15 minutes


  • Face-to-face interview.
  • Short questions and speaking at length about a familiar topic.

Please note: Depending on the test centre location, you may be required to book the speaking section of your test on a different day.

What are the advantages of our courses?

  • Supportive learning environment where you can get a 24/7 follow-up.
  • The privilege of reserving your exam appointment through us, as we designed this package especially for this purpose, to give our students the chance of starting their IELTS journey for A to Z with us! We accredited these criteria from the British council itself, so your registration for IELTS through us will be 100% verified.
  • A well planned learning journey, with a constant assessment of your progress
  • A simulation of the real exam system before taking the formal test
  • Revision classes on the previous exam samples of the past years with model answers, as the British Council provided us with many of them.
  • Flexibility on setting up your classes schedule according to your daily routine.
  • The advantage of after exam remarks through us, and the help of our tutors to guide you, What are your weak points? And how to improve it?


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