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Preparation course for the IELTS test online designed the preparation course for the IELTS test online to help you obtain the required score from the first time, whether in ietls academic level or the IELTS general exam, which enables you to avoid wasting time, effort and money.

Advantages of the IELTS test online preparation course:

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    Educational materials

    We’ll provide you with all the online IELTS preparation course books and notes you need to study outside
    the class

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    Continuous training

    New methods are used to know how to deal with the different sections of the IELTS exam To be familiar
    with the IELTS practice test structure.

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    Customized for you

    Practicing teaching methods to help you gain time management skills and experience in managing questions
    in the exam.

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    Experienced teacher

    Native speakers provide you with guidance, assessment and hands-on training with flexibility in choosing
    morning /evening times.

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    Online individual courses

    Remotely through interactive sessions via Zoom individually and not in a group that provides you with a
    training plan specifically for you.

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Who’s the targeted audience for the IELTS test online course?


Those wishing to work in an English-speaking work environment and those wishing to immigrate to an English-speaking country such as: Australia, Canada, Britain, the United States, New Zealand


Students wishing to complete their studies in American universities must prepare for the test through IELTS courses


Students wishing to complete their undergraduate studies at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s levels, especially at the universities in Britain and Europe

IELTS test online preparation course requirements:

  • Pass an English language proficiency test.
  • It is preferable that the participant’s level of English language be from above average to advanced level.
  • If your English level is less than that, it is preferable to enroll in English language courses through languages course collection to improve your English language skills.

Objectives of the preparation course for the IELTS test online

Preparation and familiarization with the strategies that enable you to pass the IELTS exam, whether your goal is to obtain the academic or general IELTS.

  • Acquire the four basic skills needed to pass the IELTS exam:1. Speaking.
    2. Listening.
    3. Reading.
    4 Writing.
  • Practical applications to review the basic skills to pass the IELTS test.
  • Guidance and continuous evaluation of the trainee, with hands-on training on the test model to gain experience with the structure of the questions.


IELTS test online preparation course content

  • The IELTS online teacher provides practical training on all four sections of the IELTS exam:1. Speaking.
    2. Writing.
    3. Reading.
    4 Listening.
    Depending on your goal, whether IELTS Academic exam or IELTS General exam
  • Acquire the skills to deal with the reading section of the academic or general IELTS exam through:1. Practice a variety of reading skills, including main and sub-ideas – situations and purpose.
    2. Training on various models and types of texts such as descriptive texts – protective rhetorical – analytical texts – texts from books – magazines – newspapers ….. etc. from the actual IELTS exams.
    3. Learn Scanning/Skimming strategies, gain reading comprehension skills, and deal with unfamiliar vocabulary.
    4. Acquire time management skills while reading and extracting main and subsidiary ideas.
  • Gain writing skills for the academic or general IELTS exam through:1. How to write and proofread the article from organizing, opening paragraphs, and appropriate language structure, with training on actual samples of IELTS tests at the academic or general IELTS level.
    2. Know the grammar and vocabulary the examinee needs to accomplish writing tasks.
  • Gaining skills to deal with conversations in the academic or general IELTS exam through:1. Training is being done on the tasks required in the speaking section of general questions, speaking on a specific topic and asking many questions related to discussions of issues and ideas – training is carried out according to the time allotted for the IELTS exam to gain time management experience.
  • Gaining skills to deal with listening in the academic or general IELTS exam through:1 Presentation of four actual conversations from previous IELTS exams with training in acquiring the skills of understanding the main ideas and information contained in the conversations, understanding the opinions and attitudes of speakers, the ability to understand the purpose of the conversation and the further development of ideas using a range of original voices and dialects.
    2. And Finally, Practical experience by applying an IELTS test at the end of the IELTS course to determine the level of the student and his ability in the various aspects of the test.

Why is the IELTS test online course with


The answer is very simply; Because the IELTS course from is offered in cooperation with the original provider and the main provider of the IELTS exam, the British Institute, so your registration for an IELTS course with us guarantees you strong results and a certified experience.


The purpose of the IELTS test online course

  • Listening skills training


    Develop the skills of summarizing, describing and explaining various texts, in addition to writing skills, identifying information and arranging ideas.

  • Mastering reading and writing skills


    How to read graphs – charts, describe data, and identify information Individual reviews of a tailored business plan that enables you to focus on specific sections and choose the right time for you to answer it.

  • Mastering speaking skills


    Practical training on strategies for correct pronunciation of English vocabulary and knowledge of English grammar to speak correctly.

  • Competitive prices

    icon gives continuous discounts and offers on IELTS exam courses.


Advantages of the IELTS / TOEFL test online preparation course with

Online IELTS / TOEFL courses from provide many facilities and benefits that will help you reach
your goals, such as:

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    The course starts the day after booking.

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    Learning materials and explanations for all languages.

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional teacher and trainer on modern teaching methods

What are the University entrance exams courses offered by

  • 1

    IELTS preparation course

    Provides you with excellent practical training on the sections of the IELTS test with a direct online
    teacher who helps you to develop a plan suitable for your needs.

  • 2

    TOEFL test preparation course

    Help you improve the four English language skills Speaking – Writing – Reading – Listening to get high
    scores in the TOEFL test.

  • 3

    SAT preparation courses

    It provides training on SAT subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics that qualifies you to
    pass the SAT test professionally and easily.

  • 4

    IELTS practice test course

    It helps you in training in the sections of the actual IELTS test, whether it is the academic or general
    IELTS, and measuring your information and level.

How do you subscribe for the Course?

For the TOEFL and IELTS exam, all you have to do is click on the course reservation and
choose the appropriate payment method, or contact a customer service representative for
reservations or inquiries.

for more informations: [email protected]

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