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Preparation Course Map Test

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Preparation Course Map Test


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MAP test courses

MAP test preparation courses where provides you with the necessary support to help you achieve outstanding performance. The MAP test is a computer-based adaptive test, meaning that each student gets a unique set of test questions based on their answers to the questions that preceded them, as when the student answers correct answers The questions become more difficult, but if the student answers the wrong answer, the questions become easier. It is an acronym for the Academic Progress Scale. It is a test that helps teachers, parents, and officials develop the educational system for all students and make clear decisions to enhance the academic growth of the student.

Features of the MAP test courses from

  • Online individual courses to suit all your study needs.
  • Flexibility in choosing study dates.
  • 24 hour periodic follow up.
  • The lessons are presented via live broadcasts in the Zoom program, for ease of use.
  • Possibility to follow up with the guardian.
  • Reviews before the exam.
  • Provide specific notes for studying outside the class.


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