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IELTS exam review 6 practical training sessions

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IELTS exam review 6 practical training sessions


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IELTS test

General IELTS or Academic IELTS is one of the English language tests that require continuous preparation and training.

  • The purpose of the IELTS test Revision – 6 practical sessions is to:
  •  Make the most of your practice to achieve your IELTS score in the IELTS practice test.
  •  How to read graphs – charts, describe data, and identify information
  •  Individual reviews of a tailored business plan that enables you to focus on specific sections
    and choose the right time for you to answer it.
  •  How to deal with the different sections of the IELTS exam To be familiar with the IELTS test
  •  Gain time management skills and experience in managing questions in the exam.
    Who’s the targeted audience for the IELTS test Revision – 6 practical sessions?
  • People who have already attended the IELTS preparation course for practical
    training and they want to train and review the sections of the IELTS exam in a practical way.
  •  People who want to improve their IELTS score and have weaknesses that they want to strengthen.

IELTS test revision content

IELTS listening practice – learn the techniques of the listening section in the IELTS test:

  •  Training in conversations with different accents, focusing on the ability to extract the most important words, vocabulary and main ideas.
  • Extract important information and understand opinions and views.
  •  Understand the purpose of the conversation and follow the ideas.

– IELTS reading practice – Learn the techniques of the reading section of the IELTS test:
* Training to identify an appropriate title for the paragraph through the first sentence, which is
the key sentence.
* Training to identify keywords, which are the keys to answering questions.
* Learning Scanning/Skimming strategies, gain reading comprehension skills, and deal with
unfamiliar vocabulary.
* Acquire time management skills while reading and extracting major and minor ideas.
* IELTS writing – Learn about writing techniques in the IELTS test:
* Training on writing paragraphs in an appropriate way at the Academic IELTS or General
* Training on time management – splitting time between writing tasks.
– IELTS listening practice – learn about speaking techniques in the IELTS test:
* Training on the variety of synonyms used and their use in context.
* Grammar training using simple sentences and inserting grammar rules
* Pronunciation, accent and correct pronunciation training.
Academic IELTS exam
It prepares you for higher education in foreign colleges and universities.
It is concerned with evaluating the English language proficiency required for studying in
universities at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, and it is also suitable for people who
wish to work in an international institutions in English-speaking countries.
The Academic IELTS test prepares you for admission to British universities.
How do you subscribe for the Course?
For the TOEFL and IELTS exam, all you have to do is click on the course reservation and
choose the appropriate payment method, or contact a customer service representative for
reservations or inquiries.


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