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Online IELTS practice test |

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Online IELTS practice test |


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Online IELTS practice test |

The IELTS demo test helps you get to know the structure of the actual IELTS test, whether it is the Academic IELTS test or the general IELTS test. You can evaluate your level before joining the actual online IELTS practice test since The IELTS demo test enables you to train on how to organize yourtime and develop your skills to get high IELTS scores.

Online IELTS practice test helps you to:

1. IELTS training in its different sections: listening – reading – writing – speaking
2. Training on question and answer models for each section of the online IELTS practice test, which helps you to practice the techniques you’ll use in the actual test.
3. Training on the types of tasks required in each section of the IELTS tests : listening – reading – writing – speaking.
4. Training to adhere to the time of the actual IELTS test – test yourself according to a specific time.
5. IELTS practice test helps you review your answer and compare it with the typical answer in the actual online IELTS practice test.

First: IELTS Practice Test – Academic IELTS practice test

Academic IELTS Test – Listening – Test duration is 30 minutes including:

4 recorded monologues and conversations – exam duration is 30 minutes.

IELTS Academic Test – Reading – Test duration: is 60 minutes including:

  • Three long pieces of reading with questions.
  •  The texts vary between descriptive – realistic – rhetorical – analytical.
  • Texts include non-verbal materials such as graphs or illustrations.
  • The test includes real texts from books and newspapers.

IELTS Academic Test – Writing – Test duration is 60 minutes including:

  • A writing assignment of at least 150 words – during which the examinee abstracts, describes or explains a table, graph, chart or illustration Writing a short essay of no less than 250 words.

IELTS Academic Test – Speaking – Test duration is from 11 to 14 minutes including:

  •  A face-to-face interview that includes short questions which the examinee has to answer then he would speak at length about a familiar topic and structured discussion


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