Summary of TOEFL Rules

The TOEFL test is considered one of the most accredited and certified tests for measuring English language proficiency for non-native speakers. The TOEFL test is accepted in different local and international organisations around the world. In this article we are going to talk about the TOEFL test and its rules.

What is the TOEFL? 

TOEFL test is an international test designated to measure English language proficiency, it is held by the Educational Tests Service organisation in the United States of America, and its partners. It is required to apply to different organisations, especially educational organisations in the United States of America and other different countries like France, and Germany.

What are the TOEFL rules?

The TOEFL rules are the rules required for application for this test in addition to the English proficiency rules. The TOEFL test rules include:

  • You have to know the test date and the test centre. All the TOEFL test sections are held on the same day.
  • You have to know the instructions of the test centre, and follow them carefully to avoid any disturbance on the test day.
  • There are some differences between the IELTS and the TOEFL test rules, as the TOEFL test has some links between its sections so you should take care of those linked sections.
  • You have to know the rules of cancellation and postponing the test according to the test centre.

How to prepare for the TOEFL test according to its rules?

  • Begin with the placement test. The placement test will help you to begin from your real English level.
  • Learn English grammar very well. This will enable you to use the right English in the speaking and writing sections.
  • Train well on the listening section. As we mentioned before, the TOEFL test uses the American accent so you have to make sure that you can understand the American English accent.
  • Get a study partner to train on speaking English with him.
  • Give more attention to the vocabulary. Read a lot of English articles and make a certain notebook to collect the vocabulary and revise them before the test.
  • Train well on the TOEFL test forms, this will make you become familiar with the rules in the TOEFL test forms, and decrease your anxiety and attention on the test day.

The TOEFL test requires good training, in addition to good training on the TOEFL rules and training on the TOEFL test forms to be able to answer the questions in the defined time.

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Types of the TOEFL test

There are Ltwo types of the TOEFL test. The TOEFL-IBT, which is the computerised form of the TOEFL test, which is also the most common and the most accepted form around the world. The other form of the TOEFL test, which is the TOEFL-paper delivered test, this test form is not accepted at all organisations, and it is less common than the other test form. All of the TOEFL test forms have the same TOEFL rules for application.

TOEFL test sections

TOEFL test forms are  divided into four sections as follows:

  • Listening section, which includes 2-3 conversations, and 4-6 academic lectures, and has a time limit of 60-90 minutes to be solved.
  • Conversation section. This section includes four questions on the other parts of the test, and two seperate questions. This section is not found in the TOEFL paper delivered test.
  • Reading section, which includes 3-5 articles, and has a time limit of 60-90 minutes.
  • Writing section, which includes two tasks, the first one is commenting on some of the listening audio, and the second task is to write an article about a certain topic chosen by the test centre.

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The difference between TOEFL and IELTS rules

As we mentioned before, the difference between between TOEFL and IELTS rules as an English language examinations is not found in the English language grammar, but it is found in some other points as follows:

  • The IELTS test has a general and academic types, while the TOEFL test has one type for general and academic purposes.
  • All the different IELTS test types have a speaking section, while the paper delivered type of the TOEFL test does not have a speaking section.
  • The TOEFL tests are given a score of 120, and each section are given a score of 30, while the IELTS test is given a score of 9.
  • The TOEFL listening part of the test accent is the American accent, while the IELTS listening test has different accents.
  • The TOEFL test is useful mostly for academic purposes, while the IELTS can be used for academic purposes and immigration purposes because it has 2 types as we mentioned before.
  • Each of them are held by different organisations so each test of them has different rules for application.

TOEFL score and grade

The TOEFL test is given a score of 120, each section is given 30 degrees as we mentioned before. There is no failure in the TOEFL test, it is just a measurement of the English language proficiency.

You need to practice the English language very well and follow the TOEFL test rules in order to get the best results in the TOEFL test.

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