IBT TOEFL VS ITP TOEFL, different abbreviations, and for a test taker that might be a little distracted, or even more confusing. We feel you and know how much you want to know every single detail about TOEFL and decide which one you should go for it. So will clarify to you what is the major difference between the TOEFL IBT test and Toefl ITP, and what it takes to pass one of them.

So let’s start with the definition of each one of them;


It is an abbreviation of the Internet Based Test, and it is also called the international TOEFL test. The test is through the computer and not on paper. The test lasts for four hours and consists of five sections: (speaking & writing, listening, reading, and structure)

The TOEFL IBT test is a modern test that was released in 2005 and is affiliated with ETS, the American Testing Services Center. It assesses four fundamental English language skills as we mentioned above. It serves as proof of English language proficiency for those seeking to study, immigrate, or work in other countries abroad. It is important and required for various applicants for study, master’s, doctorate, scholarships, work, and immigration abroad for various types of visas, with a total score of 120, and most of the currently required scores of 120/90.

The Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL IBT) assesses your ability to read, write, hear, and speak English in university. And it is considered the most widely accepted English-language examination.

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TOEFL ITP test is on paper, and it consists of three sections: (listening, reading, and structure). The TOEFL ITP does not contain two parts, which are (speaking & writing) compared to TOEFL IBT, and it is approved in some universities and institutes around the world.

TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (ITP) Assessment Series

 is a paper-based test affiliated to ETS, the American Testing Services Centre, and is important and required for various applicants for study, master’s, doctorate, scholarships, work, and immigration abroad for various types of visas.

TOEFL ITP components: 

1- Listening Comprehension

2- Structure and writing Expression

3- Reading comprehension

Comparison aspect TOEFL IBT TOEFL ITP
Skills to measure Reading


Structure and Written Expression





Score to pass No minimum Level 1= 320

Level 2= starts from 200

Where to take By est at home/office At the authorized test centers
Certificate validation 2 years  2 years
Test duration 3 hours Related to the level range from 1hr 10 min to 2 hr

A better understanding of TOEFL score.

Which exam is best for you (TOEFL IBT or Toefl ITP)?

  • It all depends on your choice based on what you need the test for! And what you hope to use the test score for should be your major concern. The purpose of the TOEFL IBT is to assist in your admission to a college or institution, basically in the USA or European universities. It is eligible there to determine your proficiency in English, and to what extent you could fit in the academic community there.
  •  The TOEFL ITP is for students, who are currently enrolled in college or university or as an alternate language test for admission to a particular university, who want or need to be able to demonstrate improvement in their English-language ability.
  •  Additionally, you ought to consult your university before taking it. Some universities in the USA will give placements based on your ITP scores if you took them as a high school student. Consequently, you won’t need to take any more language exams for college or university admission if you do it.

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What should you do to start Toefl IBT practice?

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  • Native speakers tutors who shall help you to master the language, in barely any time!
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And now after you know which examination, you should prepare for it. You must:

  • Be cautious about picking a suitable date and register.
  • Avoid picking dates that are too soon or too far away. 
  • Estimate the proper duration you need to review in it, your English language abilities, and those crucial exam skills.
  • The key to your success is also becoming accustomed to the test structure. Learn what your target test score is as well; this will aid in maintaining focus.

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