Zayed University’s high school admission requirements and majors

Zayed University is one of the leading government universities in the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The university was established in 1998 and is named after the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  Zayed University is the third largest university in the UAE in terms of number of students, with over 14,000 male and female students. The university includes several colleges including the College of Engineering, College of Business Administration, College of Communication and Media, College of Law, College of Pharmacy, College of Science, and College of Education. It also offers several academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels in various disciplines. Zayed University enjoys a good reputation and prestigious status among UAE universities, graduating many competent students who hold leadership positions in governmental and private sectors. In this article we will talk about Zayed University high school admission requirements and majors:

Degrees Offered by Zayed University:

Zayed University offers a variety of academic degrees as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree:

Zayed University grants Bachelor’s degrees in several specializations including:

– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation Design

– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts

– Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design

– Bachelor of Science in Business Transformation in Accounting / Finance / Operations Management / Entrepreneurship and Innovation / Strategy and Growth Management

– Bachelor of Science in Social Innovation in Psychology / Political and Economic Systems / New World / Social Design / Behavioral Economics

– Bachelor of Science in Computing Systems in Digital Security / Machine Intelligence / Applied Data Science

– Bachelor of Science in Sustainability in Sustainability Project / Sustainability Policy / Sustainability and Safety

  1. Graduate Studies:

Zayed University offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees in most of the above disciplines, as well as:

– Master of Business Administration

– Master of Law

– Master of Education in Teaching

– Doctor of Philosophy in Law

And various other scientific degrees in diverse fields.

Most Important Majors at Zayed University:

Zayed University is one of the best universities in the UAE, offering high quality academic degrees in many disciplines. The most important majors include:

  1. Engineering: 

Including civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, aeronautical, computer engineering and IT.

  1. Business Administration:  

Including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, management information systems.

  1. Law:

Considered one of the best law programs in the region with graduates highly desirable in the job market.

  1. Pharmacy:  

Focusing on clinical and laboratory pharmacy aspects.

  1. Computer Science and Mathematics:

The university provides excellent scientific programs in computer science, mathematics, statistics and physics. It also offers outstanding graduate studies in these disciplines.

Zayed University High School Percentage Requirement:

The required high school percentage can vary depending on the specific academic program and admission year. Some more competitive programs may require higher averages, while other programs may accept lower percentages.

1-Bachelor’s Degree:

For the General Track: 

  • The main track for most students.
  • Focuses on general academic curricula.
  •  Admission requirements: 80%

Advanced Track:

The advanced track in UAE high schools is one of the distinguished programs designed for academically outstanding students, and has the following advantages:

  • Provides enriched educational content with higher difficulty in addition to the general curriculum.
  • Focuses mainly on science, mathematics and technology.
  • Includes research, application projects and innovative activities for students.
  • Opportunity to participate in local, regional and international competitions.
  • Educational environment that motivates students for creativity and innovation.
  • Intensive training in problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Prepares students to join top world universities.
  • The advanced track provides an amazing opportunity for students to develop their scientific skills and capabilities, enhancing their prospects for a promising future.

Elite Track:

The elite track is one of the school excellence and innovation programs in the UAE, characterized by the following:

  • A specialized program for elite academically gifted and outstanding tenth grade students in public schools.
  • Focuses mainly on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Provides enriched curricula and highly sophisticated educational challenges tailored to outstanding students’ capabilities.
  • Provides an interactive educational environment based on research, innovation and problem solving.
  • Involves conducting advanced scientific research projects and participating in national and international competitions.
  • Opportunities to travel abroad and represent the country in global events such as the World Robot Olympiad and Physics Competitions.
  • Enables students to develop their talents in line with their future ambitions and achieve innovation for the good of the nation.

The acceptance rate is about 75% for both the elite and advanced tracks.

2-Graduate Studies (Masters and PhD):

– All disciplines: Minimum 3.0 GPA out of 4.0 or equivalent for bachelor’s degree

In addition to GPA, there are other requirements like qualifying score in the General Aptitude Test for bachelor’s programs. Note that occasionally students may be accepted with slightly lower averages if they have other merits such as work experience. Overall, Zayed University is committed to upholding high academic achievement to ensure quality and excellence of its graduates.

Zayed University High School Admission Requirements:

Admission Requirements:

1-High School Percentage:

For Ministry Curriculum:

  • Engineering and IT disciplines: 90% or higher
  • Business Administration disciplines: 80% or higher
  • Other disciplines: 70% or higher

American Curriculum:

  • Passing 5 subjects with a minimum average of 80% (Arabic language and Islamic studies are not included in these subjects)

British Curriculum:

  • Passing 5 O-level subjects plus 2 A Level or AS Level subjects with a minimum grade of B (Arabic language and Islamic studies are not included in these subjects).

International Baccalaureate:

  • Obtaining 24 points or more in the International Baccalaureate

2-General Aptitude Test for Citizens:

The General Aptitude Test for citizens is a mandatory test for all UAE nationals wishing to join universities and governmental colleges in the UAE, including Zayed University. The key information about the test is summarized as follows:

  • Held twice a year in March and September
  • Duration of 3 hours, with 60 questions in math, logic, biology, physics and chemistry
  • The Ministry of Education determines the minimum score for admission in different disciplines
  • The minimum score for admission to Zayed University is 500
  • Students must apply to the university after obtaining the required test score
  • High school graduates with special needs are exempted from the test

3-Appropriate Level of English Language:

Zayed University is keen on requiring a good level of English language for admitting students, to ensure proficiency in pursuing English taught curricula. The minimum accepted level of English language proficiency varies slightly between bachelor’s and graduate programs as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Programs:

The minimum accepted score is 500 in IELTS test or equivalent.

  • Master’s Programs:

The minimum accepted score is 5.5 in IELTS test or equivalent.

  • PhD Programs:

The minimum accepted score is 6 in IELTS test or equivalent.

The university also accepts other certificates like TOEFL and EmSAT that demonstrate the student’s English language proficiency at the level required for the program.

4-High School Completion Certificate:

The high school completion certificate or equivalent is a basic requirement for admission to Zayed University for:

– Bachelor’s programs: Students must obtain a high school certificate from one of the country’s educational zones in addition to meeting the minimum high school percentage, qualifying on the general aptitude test, and demonstrating the required level of English language.

– Graduate programs: Applicants must hold a relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in addition to meeting other admission requirements.

Exceptionally, students with work experience may be admitted instead of a high school certificate after considering each case individually. Thus, fulfilling this essential condition is necessary for joining the prestigious university.

Role of platform in determining Zayed University admission requirements:

The platform is one of the largest educational platforms in the region, providing extensive reliable information about universities and their admission requirements. For Zayed University, the platform allows students to access the latest updates and official data related to admission requirements and minimum high school percentages, as this information is regularly updated in coordination with the university’s Admissions Department. The platform also enables students to calculate their cumulative average and determine their admission chances in different disciplines based on their results and grades in previous study stages. As such, the platform greatly contributes to guiding prospective students on university admission, including Zayed University.

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