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Online private lessons in law

There is no doubt that law is one of the most interesting and enjoyable disciplines. However, on the other hand it is one of the most challenging disciplines that can ever be studied, because of the various disciplines the fall under it, in addition to being one of the most disciplines that heavily depends on the knack of memorization. has therefore provided private lessons in law to help struggling students overcome these missteps and help them achieve their study ambitions.

Advantages of Online private lessons in law with

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    Educational materials

    All the educational materials necessary to enrich the student with information, expand their knowledge horizon.

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    Continuous training

    Advanced and practical teaching methods, periodic tests, study plan and revision before the exam guaranteeing you the highest grades

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    Customized for you

    Students can schedule private classes; commensurate with their university lectures timetable and free time, whether in the morning or evening.

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    Experienced teacher

    One-on-one course for students and lecturers onlyand working together to develop the best educational plan suitable for the needs and schedule of the student.

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    Online individual courses

    Interactive courses via ZOOM; so that students can study anywhere they prefer and keep any distractions from the student’s mind.

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Online private lessons in law provides the best private lessons with lecturers with long academic and practical experiences for: targets university students aspiring to reach advanced levels on their academic journey. Elmadrasah also aims to help the greatest amount of struggling law students and students who want to elevate their academic level, by providing private lessons in law with the most efficient lecturers who work to develop a perfect study plan that includes all the student’s needs and how to develop them, and help put the student on the right track.

Law courses content

During private lessons in Law, work is done on all topics according to the need and choice of the student, the most prominent of which are:


  • Principles of Commercial Law – Transport law.
  • Penal Code – Code of Civil Procedure.
  • Industrial and commercial property.
  • Sources of the obligation – Rights in rem.
  • Commercial contracts – Insurance contracts – Trade legislation – International trade law.
  • Intellectual property rights – Copyright and related rights -Social laws.
  • Commercial papers and banking transactions.
  • Named contracts – Companies and bankruptcies.
  • Introduction to the science of law – Obligation provisions.
  • Private international law – Private international law.

Why Online private college lessons with


It provides your children with learning strategies according to the curriculum and focuses on their weaknesses and provides them with notes to help them study outside the training course in addition to training on materials by solving questions on the various lessons from previous exams with permanent and periodic follow-ups of the student’s performance during the training course.

The purpose of Online private college lessons with

  • Credibility


    Elmadrasah assigns you a unique educational plan suited to the goals you seek from the course, the courses you wish to improve and the information you seek to gain. It also assigns you individual lectures with a proficient and specialized lecturer.

  • Efficiency


    We guarantee you receive all the information you will need during your study as well as providing you with scientific materials such as books, sites and informative references to ensure continued utilization even after the completion of the course.

  • Flexibility


    Enjoy the possibility of choosing the timetable that suit you, whether morning or evening, and you will be able to communicate with the lecturer at any time to obtain any information or answers you need about the study.

  • Customization


    Providing the most efficient, brilliant and long experience teachers to make sure you have a fruitful educational experience that increases the level of critical, analytical thinking and enriching you with practical experiences to prepare you for the labor market.


Advantages of Advantages of Online private college lessons online educational platform has many features that make it the best and optimal choice, including the following:

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    The course starts the day after booking.

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    Materials and explanations for all subjects

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional teacher and trainer on modern teaching methods

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