All you need to know about the emsat certificate.

Title : All you need to know about the Emsat certificate with

Description: Emsat certificate is the most acknowledged method in UAE to make sure that the student gets the needed information, and achieves the requested progress. In this article we’ll talk about all you need to know about the Emsat certificate.

What is the Emsat certificate

Emsat certificate (Emirates Standardised test) is a national electronic test that is concerned with education in the United Arab Emirates. This test is essential to pass the current educational level and move to the next phase.

Emsat certificate is the most acknowledged method in UAE to make sure that the student gets the needed information, and achieves the requested progress.

This test is not concerned with a specific field, category, or educational level, it is concerned with different subjects, and various educational stages.

However recently there has been a new rule concerning the equation for the foreign students, who have completed their studies outside Emirates whether it was public or private, and for students who studied in Emirates but private not public.

This rule states that it is not necessary to have the Emsat certificate in case of completing all your educational levels with certificates.

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So why the Emsat certificate is important:

  •  First, because it is required for the university application
  • Emsat certificate is like IELTS or TOEFL however in all subjects and in different education stages.
  • If you’re planning to travel to the UAE for any reason you will need to take it, in order to understand the education system.
  •  It is very useful generally, because the Emsat certificate has a large scale of information that is beneficial to achieve any career, and supporting the knowledge for every path.
  • The Emsat certificate evaluates and measures the information according to international standards, so it is a remarkable tool to approve how qualified you are, even if you’re not in the Emirates.

 The main targets for this test are:

  • Measuring the information, the students were able to get during their different educational stages
  • Measuring how prepared the students are to the next level, and whether they managed to get the basics needed to pass to the next phase.
  • Measuring the students’ abilities and whether the educational systems were good fit, as how effective they are to the students.
  • Giving the students the needed information, that is a must for every student to know before starting the next phase.
  • Helping the government to understand each student’s own style, to develop and improve the educational systems according to the results.
  • Helping and mentoring the students to understand their tendencies, and decide the path they want to take.

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The Emsat exam consists of three stages:

1.    Baseline stage:

This stage starts with grade one, or in other meaning, it measures the children from the kindergarten stage, and if they are ready to enter this stage.

The main purpose from this stage is to understand each child’s tendency, and how the educational systems can be improved to fit each one of them.

Beside measuring the skills and the needed knowledge in the targeted subjects.

In this stage the student’s basic skills, like reading and writing, basics in Arabic and English, besides how to calculate skills are being tested.

2.    Advantage stage:

In this stage students from Grade 4, 6, 8 and 10 are being tested to track the progress each student gets.

Also measuring their knowledge needed and how the educational systems support the students, and their response towards it.

Beside preparing the students for the next phases, and according to the results, the decision makers can make plans to enhance the benefit from the Emsat certificate, according to the students’ capacities.

In this stage the student has to take a test in Arabic, English, Math, and science.

3.    Achieve stage:

 This exam is recognized as the college application stage, which tests grade12, or the PHD and MA degree foreigner students

After finishing the public education, evaluate the knowledge the students’ managed to get through their period of studying.

It is concerned with measuring the students’ knowledge and qualifications based on international standards, and if they are ready to start the college stage, and to evaluate how effective the educational systems are.

Students apply for this exam before applying for college, and it tests most of the subjects.

How to succeed Emsat certificate

This exam is recognized by being hard to pass, and complicated to apply to, and that resulted in some obstacles:

1.    Electronic exam

Technology is something useful for sure and makes our lives easy but not all people are able to cope with it.

This exam is hard to apply for, and since it is a 100% electronic exam, not all people are capable of adapting to this.

Beside that the minority who are not able to read or write, beside that the listening section that doesn’t exist, to support their reading and writing skills.

2.    The strict schedules

This exam has a strict schedule regarding the timing of the registration of the exam, so if you choose the date to take the Emsat certificate, you can’t change or cancel it, you must attend it.

3.    The lack of the training courses

Unlike the TOEFL and IELTS exams, this test doesn’t have many training courses that the students can attend in order to understand the train for this exam, or even to understand the pattern of the exam itself, and the needed instructions.

4.    The retake

Unfortunately, this exam doesn’t allow the retake policy, except for English subjects.

Which makes it even harder to prepare for it.

5.    The stress

After all what we mentioned I guess it will make sense for you to be stressed, and which makes us understand the reason why Emsat certificate has this reputation of being hard to pass.

And the lack of the guidance is one of the strongest obstacles, however if you manage to get the right preparation from a specialised institute that has the experience in Emsat certificate, that can help you with the application, and to prepare for the test.

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