The art of interview

The interview is one of the most important steps in many life situations like getting a job, immigration to several countries, or even application to postgraduate studies, so everyone needs to learn the art of interview. In this article we will know the main points of the art of the interview, how to make a successful personal interview, and the link between the personal interview and the body language.

What is a personal interview? And what is the purpose of it?

The personal interview is your meeting with people from the organisations that you are applying for. The purpose of the personal interview is to detect your ability to perform some jobs, take an answer to some questions, or discuss some points with the applicant. In the job’s personal interview they may want to assess your reactions against different situations.

The art of interview, the characters of successful personal interview

There are a number of signs that give you an indication that you have got a successful personal interview. The most relevant sign is your acceptance in the job you are applying for, or to the country you are applying for immigration to it. Some companies may send an Email in case of refusal, containing some notes about the applicant level, and his faults. You may think about the signs of success of your personal interview through facial expressions of the person who is making the interview.

The art of interview to reach to the successful personal interview

Reaching the successful personal interview is a very worrying thing, but it is not impossible. You can reach to the art of interview, and the successful interview through following these steps;

  • Prepare everything before the time of the personal interview. You may need to get your curriculum vitae if you are attending a job interview, or take your college certificate if you are applying to postgraduate studies.
  • Search about the most common questions that you may be asked in this personal interview, and try to find their answers.
  • Wear formal clothes, and shoes, and be careful about your personal hygiene, it is a critical point in the art of interview.
  • Arrive early to the personal interview location. You can arrive on time if you are asked to do that, but it is better to arrive earlier. It is an important point from the points of the art of interview.

Body language, and the art of interview

Your body language can deeply affect your personal interview, we will give some tips about the art of interview, and the body language;

  • Talk politely, and avoid talking with a loud voice. Look into the eye of the person who you are talking to. It is from the art of interview too.
  • Show your good preparation for the personal interview, like bringing the important papers, and arriving early.
  • Listen well to the speaker. You have to show this as well.
  • Smile politely when you need to.
  • Take the right sitting position, with straight back and neck.
  • Do not interrupt the person who is talking during his talk.
  • Do not move your hands too much, and do not move a lot with your body also.

The art of interview to get a successful personal interview for job application

As we mentioned before, the personal interview can have a lot of purposes, and the way to a successful interview can differ according to it. Your tips of the art of interview to a successful job personal interview can be as follows;

  • Prepare a number of copies from your CV and other essential papers, and take them with you on the day of the interview.
  • Be careful to arrive early for the personal interview. It is a critical point, and you may be rejected if you arrived late.
  • Try to know some information about the company you are applying to, like the type and size of their investment.
  •  Try to know the most common questions that might be asked at this personal interview, and try to find their answers. This will help you become well prepared, and decrease your anxiety and stress.
  • Bring a hard copy of all your documents, like your college certificate, and course certificate.
  • Give real information about yourself, like your availability to work, and your marital status.  Giving false information may lead to your rejection.

The art of interview to get a successful personal interview for application to the university

Some students may be asked to perform a personal interview to be accepted at different university programmes either undergraduate or postgraduate studies. We will give you some tips to help you get a successful personal interview for university application as follows;

  • Prepare all your documents, especially school and college certificates, and the English language proficiency certificate, and bring them on the day of personal interview.
  • Arrive for the interview on time, and do not be late as it may lead to your rejection.
  • Be aware of all the points related to your research topic, or your subject of study. It is a critical point for your acceptance especially for scholarships.
  • Try to find the most frequently asked questions and find answers for them. This will help you perform better, and decrease your anxiety.

 The art of interview to get a successful personal interview for immigration

The key for a successful personal interview for immigration is to get all the required documents prepared, and to prepare answers for the questions they are going to ask. You can know the questions from the official site of the ministry of foreign affairs of the country you are immigrating to. academy offers you career and job consultation services, which can help you to choose the best job that matches your qualifications, and how to get a successful personal interview, and show your best. Our consultations are offered by a group of best career consultants, and our sessions are held online, which gives complete freedom to choose the time of the session.

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