Learning difficulties and skills development sessions

Some children suffer from learning difficulties, and this may affect their educational level and their success in school. Therefore, it is necessary to develop their skills individually and through specific educational programs. It is very important that the educational environment be comfortable and supportive for them, and that they have specialized and experienced teachers.  with these difficulties.
Therefore, Elmadrasah.com platform provided sessions for learning difficulties and skills development, through which children can be motivated and encouraged through playing and educational games that enhance their mental and intellectual abilities, thus children acquire more skills and self-confidence, which helps them in facing the challenges they face in the future.

Learning difficulties and skills development sessions available online


Advantages of skills development sessions and learning difficulties with Elmadrasah.com

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    100% online training course

    Live and one-on-one sessions via the Zoom application to increase interaction and facilitate communication between the trainer and the learner.

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    The possibility of choosing the appropriate dates, whether in the morning or evening, at any time of the day, and there is flexibility in choosing your trainer.

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    A specialized course

    For children with attention and concentration problems, these specialized sessions help them improve the children's abilities and future.

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    Secret sessions

    Sessions take place in complete confidentiality and individually between the child and the specialist, including all solutions to modify behavior and overcome learning difficulties.

Learning difficulties and skills development sessions provided by Elmadrasah.com

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