Study technique: Combining traditional and modern methods for optimal results

It is known that studying is one of the difficult mental processes that takes time, so it requires deep concentration while doing it, and here we find that many students face a problem in concentrating while studying, which is a very common problem.

As we mentioned earlier, we live in an age full of distractions, and it is difficult for anyone to be able to focus without cutting their thoughts. Persistence in one place.

Since studying is a long routine and many consider it boring, especially if the study technique does not suit them or appeal to them, it is considered a waste of time for them.

 in addition to the fact that the availability of the Internet for most people has made them an excited mass, and this excitement cannot be compensated for except by something fun. We cannot guarantee that studying will make up for this point.

But to give everything its due, conditions have changed now from what they were before, the teaching methods differed from their predecessors, and the study methods also changed in turn, as the way of explaining the information became different, which made the study technique change, and some of it became more enjoyable.

Why it is important to focus during study

Concentration is one of the most important vital functions that Allah has given to most living beings, and it is one of the most powerful mental functions, whether in study, in practical life, or even in personal life. It is used in:

  • Addressing some issues and dilemmas that are difficult to solve.
  • Detailed analysis of situations and finding appropriate solutions.
  • Help to understand, memorize and assimilate faster.
  • Increase attention, which makes you able to absorb the material more easily.
  • Getting rid of distractions, as your head begins to focus on the material, and get rid of any other thoughts.
  • It organises or schedules your thoughts, arranges them properly, and searches for and applies effective study techniques.
  • It helps you to have a better mental presence, and make your mind more ready to receive information.

Focusing generally has many benefits that in turn are able to achieve success for you in all areas of life, not only academic success, it is a mental skill that helps you solve problems and understand what you need to do and how to deal with it.

Therefore, we advise you to start thinking about how to improve your concentration skills, especially while studying, and with the use of an effective study technique while achieving a suitable environment for studying and focusing as well.

The benefits of using educational apps

There is no doubt that studying is one of the most important tasks that require time, effort and concentration to collect a large amount of information and requires more effort to fix it in the mind.

Especially when using traditional methods of studying such as repeated reading and memorising by repetition, etc. These methods may be effective for some people.

However, most of these methods do not go deep enough into long-term memory, only short-term memory, so other methods have begun to help support the learning process in a deeper and more focused manner on the goals to be achieved.

Now, there is more than one study technique that can effectively contribute to enhancing and facilitating the concentration process while studying, let’s mention some of them:

Before starting anything, it is preferable to build a study plan or an organized schedule with what you have to study, whether there is a subject that you prefer over another, how long each subject or each lesson of the subject takes, and what your level is in it.

  • Notes

It is known that quick and organized notes is one of the best effective study technique, as they give you the opportunity to remember what happened, especially if you write them in your own way. It will be easier for you to remember.

  • Abstracts

It is simply to summarize the lesson or material into the most important main points that it contains and which are important to be aware of. It is tantamount to compiling the essential information into small but important parts that are easier to memorize and retrieve and also easier to fix in the mind.

  • Mind maps

Mind maps are considered one of the best methods and effective modern study techniques, which are directly related to the arrangement of information so that it does not accumulate in the mind and it is difficult to absorb and remember all of them. 

Therefore, mind maps are used, which is organizing the lesson according to the most important basic points and starting them in a sequence.


  • Periodic review

In which a schedule and calendar are used to determine what materials and lessons should be reviewed in a periodic manner, and this technique helps greatly to fix information in long-term memory.

  • group learning

This relies heavily on participation and group discussion among your classmates, for example, and helps you promote interaction and exchange of ideas and ideas, and it is possible to organize joint study groups for practice and cooperation.

  • Effective recall

In which what was previously studied is reviewed by trying to retrieve what you remember from the material and then comparing it with the correct answer. It is also possible to try to make simple comparisons between the lessons so that there is no confusion, or repeat the presentation of the events that were studied to remember them better.


  • Use of educational applications

There are many applications that many people use to help them study, whether they are applications for solving interactive tests, or other applications for time management and organizing studying such as Anki, Quizlet, and Forest.

The important of Time management in Study technique

Organizing time while studying is one of the most important effective study techniques to increase productivity and achieve better results. This can be done by:

  • Organize a schedule

Set a fixed date or schedule with your study times, and what you have to study, and select the time periods and the amount that is appropriate for you.

  • Divide study times into shorter periods

Just because you study for a long time does not make your academic level better and it is not wise to spend long hours studying as it can cause you stress and is likely to be useless.

It is possible to spend a short time studying and take short breaks in the middle so that your mind can continue, and one of the most common of these techniques is the Pomodoro technique, which is divided into 25 minutes of studying and 5 to 10 minutes of rest, which maintains focus and attention and reduces mental stress.

  • Setting priorities or goals

When you start studying, you should determine what you need to do first, what the priorities or what you need to start with and the important points, in addition to allocating more time to solve or study the parts that are most difficult for you.

  • Use organizing techniques

These are the techniques or methods that help organize and manage time, as well as organizing tasks, such as notepads and calendars, determining what needs to be completed quickly, and recording important things and topics that need review and dividing them into smaller parts.

  • Stay away from distractions

Before starting to study, you must find a quiet place completely free of distractions, stay away from electronic devices such as phones and television, and certainly try to turn off the Internet when studying and any means of social communication.

  • Set regular rest periods

After long study sessions, do not forget to also remind yourself to take regular breaks, during which you can do many things, such as eating a snack, doing some exercises, or even doing some relaxation and breathing exercises until you regain your vitality again.

Evaluate yourself and your progress

Try as much as possible to constantly monitor your progress in what you are doing and evaluate yourself. This can be done by tracking the schedule you set for yourself to be committed to it, and what are the ways that may help improve performance.

  • Use the methods that suit you

Studying is a difficult process and at the same time enjoyable if you can use the methods that you prefer in studying, as we all have preferences, such as a specific style of studying or explanation, and this depends on you, so you can use a study technique that is enjoyable for you in order to make it easier for you.

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Hence, we have talked about effective study techniques, the difference between them and their importance, and the importance of organizing time while studying.

Also remember that each of us has a study technique that suits him and may suit you more than one method, the important thing is that you know how to apply it in the right way.

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