Time management Strategies for a more productive life

You definitely have heard at least once about time management, time management techniques and strategies, whether in practical life or personal life.

Time management now is considered to be one of the most wanted skills that are necessary, that most companies and hiring managers are requiring new employees to have it and for their employees to acquire it and apply it in their work environment.

Even for the personal and educational life plenty of people are praising this skill and considering it a priority to learn about it, but why is it so popular and does it deserve this propaganda? That’s what we’re going to know about.

Is time management related to goal setting?

Time management is simply the process of dividing time or organizing the tasks to be done to suit the time available, and since time is a scarce and limited commodity, it is important to learn how to invest it in the right way.

We all have many tasks to carry out, but each individual’s ability or ability to carry them out varies according to the difficulty of the task itself and the time required to carry it out, and if you have the time to carry it out in the first place, and can you implement it with high quality or do you not have enough time.

From here, the art of time management begins to develop its touches, as in order to manage time effectively, or so that we can say that a person knows how to manage his time, he must know how to use his time in the best way, and this depends on some factors:

  • Determine and divide tasks:

We know that everyone has many tasks and that most of us will carry them out, but how long will it take and will this affect the person’s productivity on the practical or life level?

One of the basics of learning the art of effective time management is knowing how to divide tasks appropriately, whether it is dividing them among individuals or choosing the appropriate individual to perform a particular task.

And in case if you are the only person who will be doing these tasks, you should divide the tasks in terms of priority or necessity, there must be necessary tasks that are important to work on at the present time.

There are a number of books and strategies that mention how tasks and priorities can be divided and the right time for each task can be allocated.

  • Time planning

This is the second step that must be estimated. After you have identified the tasks that you have and sort them according to their importance and necessity, the next step is planning the time that will be required to do each task.

This is a somewhat evaluative task and depends on your ability to complete tasks in less time with higher efficiency, which is certainly a difficult equation, but once you start dividing your tasks into smaller tasks, you will find that they are less complicated and easier, which will save you much more time.

  • Distractions

Distractions are among the first reasons for wasting time, the inability to focus well, and thus the inability to do what is required with the required efficiency.

So the result is that if you want to carry out your tasks more effectively and with greater quality, and at the same time you can reduce the time difference, you must learn the art of effective time management, and let us mention the most important methods and techniques that may help you.

Some helpful time-saving Techniques

Time management is one of the most common topics in the world, which made many people talk about it and care about it, it has a large number of diverse sources and means that can be learned and applied on the ground to make the most of it:

  • Divide tasks into smaller pieces:

It is known that large tasks often take time at their inception, especially at their beginning, and they need time to understand and analyze them and then seek solutions to them, but one of the best ways to save time is to divide large tasks into smaller tasks.

Deal with each part separately, conduct its own research and analysis, and then start processing or implementing appropriate solutions, and this in turn supports the process more effectively step by step.

  • Find a way to enjoy the process

You may find some tasks long and boring, that you’ve already postponed several times because you don’t feel like finishing them, but that it is not a solution, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with it.

So, as a solution, some people suggest that you try to find an enjoyable way to carry out this task or to simply start enjoying the process itself, like listening to music while doing it or creating a creative environment to finish routine tasks.

  • Take a break

We can easily find ourselves trapped in a whirl of unfinished tasks that we have to carry out, and the more you do the more you have, and you start feeling drained out of power and passion.

In this case, you can’t let yourself be overwhelmed by them, you must take a break to be able to continue, that’s why you should make sure that you take some break times throughout the day to be able to keep going in the same energy and effectiveness, or even to reward yourself after every small achievement.

  • Avoiding distractions

If you can’t focus 100% on the task that you have on your hand, then you’re wasting your time and energy, and you will find yourself spending a longer time finishing small tasks.

Distractions are everywhere, especially in the age that we live in now, whether from the electronic inventions that we have or sometimes The community environment may not be conducive as well, so be sure to avoid distractions when focusing work on a specific task.

  • Using some technical tools

There are many technical tools currently created to improve time management, including applications that help manage time such as Trello, time tracking tools to determine the time spent on performing a task such as Rescuetime, and some tools and means that help focus and reduce distraction such as Pomodoro.

  • Other sources

The art of time management has become a popular science in our current era and has many theories and strategies for its application. Many pioneers have talked about it in books, and there are those who have begun to teach it due to its importance in all aspects of life.

In addition to various courses and lectures on this skill and how to apply its methods and make the most of them to achieve success in various aspects of life.

Including studying, whose schedules are difficult to organize and compatible with the rest of the activities, so at Al-Madrasa.com we offer many features to help you make use of and manage your time in the most appropriate way through:

  • Online courses that you won’t need to go out of your home.
  • Flexibility in choosing the times that suit your schedule.
  • Private training courses where you individually deal with your instructor on Zoom meetings, to ensure the comprehension of each student.
  • 24-hour follow-up by a group of the most skilled teachers.

Time management supports distraction management

Time management has proved how effective it is in reducing distraction and how it is important in increasing productivity through:

  • Time estimation 

Time management is simply the ability to build a strategic plan to implement predetermined goals, and in order to be able to manage time effectively, you must estimate the realistic time to complete each task while not overlooking quality.

  • Reduce stress

This saves you effort and a long time spent thinking and worrying on each side, because you deal with each part separately, which makes the task under control and more organized and controlled.

  • Efficiency improvement 

Since you will start to organize the tasks separately, breaking them down, analyzing each part of them, and dealing with them separately, the fallibility will be weaker, as you will be aware of each part of it, and how to deal with it.

  • Increase productivity 

You can now complete complex and large tasks in less time and with better quality, and at the same time save yourself anxiety and stress, without getting any kind of excessive pressure as a result of thinking, working, or even studying.

The skill of time management is one of the basic skills in our current life, with increasing requirements and competition in all aspects of life, which require more effort from us, so be sure to apply time management methods to help yourself improve without stressing you psychologically.

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