horror triangle in studying

Do you feel exhausted from studying, even though you have not studied well yet?
Have you just begun, but you are tired and need to give up without finishing anything? 

We have the best solution to get rid of all those feelings. We will give you the best practices that will help you study well and get rid of the horror triangle in studying.

What is the horror triangle in studying?

The horror triangle is a commonly used term these days, which describes a state of fear and exhaustion that leads you, at the end, to be disappointed, and of course, unproductive.

So what is the horror triangle?

  • Boredom, which describes the state of being careless, and losing the desire to study.
  • Tiredness or exhaustion from studying.
  • Mind-wandering, which is the state of unclear thinking, in this state, you will not be able to focus on anything you study.

All those feelings can lead you to the state of unproductivity that we mentioned above.

How to overcome those feelings?

To overcome those feelings; you need to understand them well at first, you have to know your points of weakness in every subject that makes you afraid of it. If you answer those questions, you will be able to overcome the bad feelings of fear and exhaustion.

Skills to overcome the horror triangle in studying:

Skills to overcome the feeling of mind-wandering:

A mind-wandering state occurs when you cannot define what you have to do in a certain subject or when you are afraid of failure and have the horror triangle in studying but you do not know what to do.

  • You have to define your fears as well as your goals in order to overcome your fears and achieve your goals.
  • You may define a goal like studying a certain number of pages, or answering a certain number of training questions.
  • You also have to get a person who can give you help when you need it, like a teacher or tutor, who can help you stay excited about studying.

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Skills to overcome the feeling of boredom:

Boredom occurs when you find yourself unable to focus on what you are studying and the horror triangle in studying begin. You may feel uninterested in what you are studying, and you may feel that you cannot even complete one page. The solution to this problem is:

  • Divide the topic you are studying into small portions; that may help you to control the boredom state and improve the quality of studying.
  • Try to simplify the topic you study. For example, you can study history in the form of a story. You can also study biology and science by using illustrated diagrams and charts. 
  • Try to get a study partner. You can have a study partner like a friend, a teacher, or a private tutor. This can help you to focus well on what you are studying and increase your own understanding of the topic you are studying.

By using these tips and skills, you can make studying more interesting and more fun, and kill your feeling of boredom.

Skills to overcome exhaustion during studying:

Deplorable You can feel tired or exhausted from studying certain subjects; you may also be tired from even thinking about studying and the horror triangle in studying become bigger . This can be overcome the horror triangle in studying by following these tips:

  • Take several periods of rest. This will make you feel relaxed while studying and let you focus on the topic you are studying. You can take a period of rest for 5 minutes each 25 minutes of studying.
  • Set a certain time for exercise. Exercise can improve your ability to study and increase your energy levels. Exercise could be as simple as walking around the building you live in.
  • Eat healthy. Well eating can improve your health as well as your mental health, and of course, it will increase your ability to study and git rid of the horror triangle in studying and focus on your lessons for a longer time.
  • Sleep well. As for healthy eating, sleeping well can improve your mental and physical health. Sleeping for at least 8 hours can help decrease excitement and tiredness and improve the quality and quantity of your studying. 

Remember also to take time for your rest; this can be achieved through well-thought-out planning and time management. Have a time for studying and a time to rest. By following the previously mentioned tips, you can fight the horror triangle, and get success and excellence in all your academic years. 

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