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The IELTS test is considered one of the most important international English language proficiency testing around the world that is accredited by different countries, and different organisations around the world. IELTS test is required for application in a lot of universities around the world, they also require a certain score in each section of the test to be accepted. You need to know the IELTS test requirements, and the required score you need to get to apply to the organisation you want.

The IELTS test requirements should follow

There are some instructions that you need to follow during application for the IELTS test, and at the test day:

  • You have to bring the original copy of your identity cards either your national identity or your passport, if you are taking the exam outside your home country.
  • You have to notify your test centre if any change occurs with your identity papers. This point is so important as your test may be cancelled without any refund if they found any changes in your identity papers without notifying them.
  • You have to leave all your personal belongings, and electronic devices, like smart watches, and mobile phones outside the test hall. There is a place in the test hall customised to put them.
  • You should agree on taking your photo to match them with your photo in the identity papers, and take your fingerprints.
  • Raise your hands if you have a question, and the examiners will help you.
  • You have to attend all the test parts to avoid blocking your results.
  • Check your exam papers carefully after each section to make sure that you have not received wrong papers.
  • Do not cheat or help any one on cheating. If this occurred your test will be cancelled.
  • Tell the examiner about any technical problems or any problem in the test hall to be solved as soon as possible.

Security measures taken when submitting the exam

Due to security issues, your photo has to be taken on the exam day, and matched with your identity card’s photo. This photo will be found in your hard copy of your test results, and will be sent to the organisations you choose to send your IELTS results to them.

Your fingerprints will be taken and placed in your application file with a copy of your identity papers. You can be asked to show your identity papers any time during the exam.

Results release process

The IELTS test results will be released after 13 days in a paper-based test, and 3-5 days in a computer-based one. You can get a hard copy of your results or a test report form after 13 days in the paper-based test, and after 3-5 days in the computer-based one.

You can choose up to five contacts during your application so that the test centre can send the test results to them directly after its release.

You can ask for a test remark within six weeks from the release of the Ielts results, you should pay for this service, and if you get additional marks from the remark your money will be retained.

Exam cancellation process

You can apply for exam cancellation before at least five weeks from the test date, and there will be a 25% cut from your exam fees, and after this time you can not cancel the exam. In case you had not attended the IELTS test without permission from the test center, your exam fees will not be retained.

There are some certain situations that the IELTS organisation will enable you to cancel the test before its date by less than 5 weeks. In cases like accidents, severe sudden illness, or death of one of your relatives from the first degree, in those cases you can cancel the test, and your exam fees will be retained with a 25% cut. 

How we handle your personal information

The IELTS organisation and their partners use your identity paper’s information to link it with the information found in the application. If you have chosen to send a copy of your results to some organisations, your information will be sent to them too. 

Our academy has a partnership with the British Council which enables us to through our IELTS courses to use your information, and reserve the test for you.

The IELTS organisation also uses your information to protect itself from illegal dealing with it. Your answers on the different test questions could be also used for statistical, and educational purposes.

The test requires a good knowledge with the IELTS test requirements, and rules, this will enable you to decrease your stress, and act well on the test day.

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