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Traveling to and learning about the UAE is a vibrant, diverse, and interesting experience. It is hardly surprising that the UAE has been home to a staggering variety of foreign languages given its rich history and culture. With a vast variety of  Foreign languages ​​in the UAE, from traditional Arabic dialects to the languages of the Indian subcontinent, the UAE is expected to become even more varied in 2023. The UAE has all you need whether you want to experience a new culture or learn New languages ​​in the UAE. Do you want to learn more about Reasons for foreign languages spread  ​​in the UAE

and the new ones that are there in 2023 because of its distinctive linguistic mix?

If so, read on and be ready to start learning as we have gathered the most recent data regarding foreign languages predicted to be popular in the UAE by 2023!

Reasons for foreign languages spread ​​in the UAE

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic, but as Arabic absorbed English, Urdu modified its grammar and vocabulary, and Indian arose as New languages ​​in the UAE, the number of foreign languages spoken in the UAE is likely to increase. The relevance of learning new languages in the uae is highlighted by the fact that it is The importance of learning new languages ​​in the UAE.

In addition to English, the following five official languages are also used in courts:

  • Chinese.
  • English.
  • French.
  • Indian.
  • Russian.

 In addition to these, Bengali, Tagalog, Persian, and Urdu are spoken by a large portion of the population in the uae. 

Foreign languages ​​in the UAE have grown in popularity recently for a variety of causes, such as:

  • Public and private entities can choose from a variety of programs and training possibilities provided by the United Arab Emirates University’s Department of Foreign Languages.
  • UAEU provides three-year French programs that lead to a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages.
  • The Center for Continuing Education also provides a variety of services and several training courses in the study of foreign languages.

There are numerous language-learning programs in the UAE, and we will examine each of the following factors that contributed to the development of Reasons for foreign languages spread ​​in the UAE separately:

Chinese Language

Due to its geopolitical significance and the rising number of Chinese speakers, Chinese has become increasingly popular and one of the Foreign languages in the UAE.

  • The Chinese language curriculum has been implemented in public schools by the Ministry of Education in response to this trend, with new schools being added to the list for the upcoming academic year.
  • Chinese businesses have a substantial presence in the UAE, giving those who learn the language a competitive edge in the labor market.  
  • Additionally, learning the language can help one develop better worldwide ties and a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that Chinese is becoming a more common language in the UAE.

French language

Among the newly introduced languages in the UAE, the French language has grown in popularity in recent years. 

This is brought on by a variety of factors, such as:

  • The continent’s growing youth population and the expansion of the French presence are two major factors.
  • With more than 25,000 French citizens listed in the French registry, the nation also hosts the largest French expatriate population in the Persian Gulf states.
  • In addition, there were additional opportunities for French speakers to settle in the UAE as a result of the Dutch losing control of the region in 1750 AD as a result of their triple war with England and France.
  • The importance of learning new languages ​​in the UAE may also be shown in the fact that for many people, studying French can lead to new employment and travel options.

All of these factors helped the French language become more prevalent among Foreign languages ​​in the UAE.

Russian language

Among the foreign languages spoken in the UAE, the Russian language has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

This popularity is largely attributable to:

  • The operations of the Russian Speaking Association in the United Arab Emirates, which collaborated with a university to hold events aimed at promoting Russian culture.
  • Its spread was also aided by the Arabic language’s effect on the Russian tongue. 
  • The United Arab Emirates is one of many nations that have continued to use the Russian language as a tool of soft power since 1940, while Kazakhstan has seen the greatest fall in its use. 
  • The Russian language is becoming more and more widespread in the UAE, and the expansion of other Foreign languages ​​in the uae in this region of the world is attributed to their political and cultural ties.

Indian language

There are several strong Reasons for foreign languages spread  ​​in the UAE Indian is progressively becoming more widely used in the UAE:

  • The most widely spoken Foreign languages ​​in the UAE, which shares many characteristics with Arabic, is Indian.
  • In reality, many Indian speakers in the UAE are also proficient in Arabic.
  • Additionally, a lot of Indian nationals run businesses in the UAE, thus it’s crucial that they can interact with their staff members in Indian.

As a result, Indian is gradually finding its way to the UAE as one of Foreign languages ​​in the UAE that is growing and is anticipated to do so in the years to come.

Urdu language

Foreign languages ​​in the UAE like Urdu have become increasingly popular in the UAE for a number of reasons, including the ones listed below:

  • First off, there are a lot of expats living in the UAE, many of them are from Pakistan. Urdu is consequently growing in acceptance among these populations.
  • Second, Urdu and Arabic share a lot of similarities. Since Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, many people believe that learning it is necessary in order to interact with other residents.
  • Finally, due to its extensive history and cultural significance, Urdu has grown to be the most well-known of the Foreign languages ​​in the uae.

Urdu is anticipated to surpass English as the second order of spoken Foreign languages ​​in the uae by 2023.

Persian language

The growth of the Persian language in the UAE is due to a number of Reasons for foreign languages spread ​​in the UAE, including:

  • First off, along with Arabic, Persian is one of the official languages of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Second, due to its widespread use in Iranian culture and its reputation as a world language, Persian is becoming more popular as a second language.
  • Thirdly, Dubai, which is home to a sizable Persian-speaking population, was crucial to the expansion of this tongue.
  • Finally, due to Dubai’s prominence as a financial hub, Persian is widely used in business transactions throughout the United Arab Emirates.

As more individuals in the UAE discover The importance of learning new languages ​​in the UAE and Persian becomes one of the most widely spoken Western languages in the UAE, this trend is expected to continue in the years to come.

Bengali language

Given that Bengali is not only the most spoken language in Bangladesh but also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it is becoming more and more popular as a new and Foreign languages ​​in the United Arab Emirates. 

There are several factors that contribute to this popularity:

  • The fact that a lot of people speak it and that it’s not too difficult to learn.
  • A sizable population of Bangladeshi expats who have carried their mother tongue with them also call the UAE home.
  • As a result, Bengali has become one of the most Foreign languages ​​in the UAE during the past several years, enjoying rising popularity there.

Tagalog language

The fastest-growing foreign language in the United Arab Emirates is Tagalog, and there are several factors contributing to this growth, including:

  • Filipinos living in the UAE primarily communicate using Tagalog.
  • Additionally, Tagalog is growing in popularity among Filipinos due to the vast number of them working in the nation.
  • As a result of this popularity, Tagalog has gradually gained acceptance in the uae. 

Nevertheless, despite this acceptance, Tagalog continues to face some difficulties.

For instance, it does not enjoy the same reputation as Arabic and is not well known among Arabs. 

As a result, Tagalog will probably continue to gain popularity among Filipinos living in the United Arab Emirates, but it may have trouble being recognised and accepted by Arabs.


As a result of the nation’s multiracial culture, many citizens acquire English as a foreign tongue. 

In addition, starting at the sixth grade, many pupils are required to take English as a subject in school.

There are a variety of factors that contributed to the expansion of foreign tongues like English in the UAE, including:

  • The majority of people who live in the UAE are of Arabic descent, however many of them also learn English at school.
  • Second, the UAE’s educational policies have continuously backed the teaching of foreign languages.
  • Third, English plays a unique role in the multifaceted culture of the UAE, which is a multinational nation with a multilingual populace.
  • Fourth, many foreigners who live in the UAE have brought their culture and expertise with them. 

What are New languages ​​in the UAE?

Japanese, Spanish, and German will also be widely spoken outside of the UAE by 2023. 

As a result of this choice, new programmes in applied foreign languages, data science, geography, and planning will also be offered.

A greater understanding of various cultures can be gained by learning New languages ​​in the uae, but it can also be advantageous in commercial negotiations.

Everyone should be conversant in at least one Foreign languages ​​in the uae because of how increasingly globalized the world is.

Spanish will overtake Chinese as the second most spoken foreign language in the world, predicts the National Center for Statistics and Information in the United Arab Emirates.

This prediction is predicated on the global trend of rising Spanish proficiency, with French coming in third with a projected market share of almost 14%.

Japanese language

Due in large part to the growth of Japanese culture in the area, Japanese has gained popularity as one of the new languages in the UAE in recent years.

A community devoted to culture and language has emerged in the UAE as manga and anime have grown in popularity. 

The Japanese language itself has a unique appeal, but it can be difficult for beginners to learn.


Due to its lengthy history and widespread impact in the region, Spanish is widely spoken in the United Arab Emirates. 

Due to its widespread use in previous Spanish possessions, the Iberian Peninsula, which today includes Spain and Portugal, is where the language first originated.

It is one of the foreign languages spoken in the uae because:

  • Because of the Arab conquest of Andalusia, the language became widely spoken throughout the Middle East.
  • Due to the UAE’s close proximity to Spanish-speaking nations like Morocco and Algeria, the Spanish language is also present there.
  • Additionally, the UAE maintains close ties with Latin American nations, which prompted residents to pick up Spanish and utilize it as a second Foreign languages ​​in the uae.

All of these elements helped the Spanish language become one of the new languages in the uae and spread, enabling many locals to use it for communication and cross-cultural interchange.

German language

The popularity of the German language in the United Arab Emirates has increased for a variety of Reasons for foreign languages spread ​​in the UAE, including:

  • The rise of informatics and communications, the expansion of German universities and businesses in the nation, and the popularity of the German language.
  • More people are discovering the importance of learning German as German colleges continue to grow in the UAE.
  • In addition, German has developed into a crucial language for many occupations as English continues to be widely utilized.
  • The requirement to speak German and the value of learning new languages in the UAE both rise with the importance of technology and communication.

All of these elements helped the German language become one of the new languages in the United Arab Emirates and expand throughout the country.

The importance of learning new languages ​​in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a melting pot of cultures and languages, thus it’s crucial for students to study new and Foreign languages ​​in the uae in order to better comprehend the area and its inhabitants after becoming familiar with the wide range of unusual languages spoken there.

Although English will still be the most widely spoken language in the UAE in 2023 and there is a strong market for New languages ​​in the uae, students should also learn Arabic, Persian, Indian, Urdu, and French to broaden their perspectives. Students will be better equipped for the future and have a better chance of succeeding in their jobs if they learn these new languages in the UAE.

There are various options available to you in the UAE if you’re interested in studying Foreign languages ​​in the uae, such as:

  • Numerous schools provide programmes created especially for international students.
  • You could also attempt learning a language through audio or video recordings.
  • Enroll in a course offered by the online platform in one of the numerous foreign languages offered, including Urdu, Persian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and others.
  • In any event, picking up a New languages ​​in the uae is a fantastic opportunity to extend your horizons and learn a lot about the globe.

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