Practical tips to enhance focus during study

We are now at the beginning of a new academic year, and many students, if not most of them, have already started preparing for the study and the new subjects that they will have to study, and some of them have already started.

But with the advent of a new year, a new phase, a new concern begins about what new materials and information the students will learn, and whether they will be simple and easy to absorb, or will be complex and difficult to study.

The problem that most students face is to focus during study, which is considered one of the most important problems that all of us face in the current era, whether students or even non-students.

enhance focus during study

We cannot be certain of what is actually the main cause of the problem of weakness or inability to focus during study, but it is most likely the increased distraction in which we live in our current era.

This makes sense if you notice that we are surrounded by all kinds of distractions and high-impact things that can grab our attention in moments, but in fact, it is difficult not to pay attention to them.

These distractions have many forms, but their source is one, which is the technological development that we have reached, which made it easier for us to do or reach anything we want or search for, which made us more comfortable and unwilling to do the difficult or boring routine things that it is desirable to study from.

Among the forms of these distractions that make it difficult to focus during study:

  •  Social media

If we mention distractions, we must mention social media, which although it has many useful aspects, is also considered one of the things that distract us the most and we waste a lot of time using it without much benefit, especially when studying.

  • Internet

The Internet is a giant portal full of treasures of knowledge, and you can use it to learn anything or use it for literally anything, but it is also one of the biggest distractions through which you can waste your time on things that do not benefit you, such as excessive watching series and movies without a system.

  • Not setting up a system

A lot of the time the distraction or poor ability to focus comes while studying because there are many things you are thinking about at the same time, which often causes you anxiety and tension most of the time and makes it difficult for you to focus on a particular thing.

Here we will learn some steps and methods that you must know, pay attention and apply if you seriously want to focus during study.

Firstly: mental preparations for studying

Well, you have made your decision that you want to focus during study, and now you need some basic points to start studying effectively, The first thing you have to do is mentally prepare for studying, by:

  • Allocate a suitable place for studying

Before starting the study process, you must prepare your mind first, by choosing a quiet place, away from the noise and turmoil that may be surrounding you, whether it is from the house or anywhere else.

 If you decide to stay at home, you must choose a place with natural lighting and good ventilation, away from the noise, and it is better not to be in your bedroom.

  • Choose the right time for you

Each of us has the appropriate time when he is able to focus strongly, there are some people who are at their best mental clarity and focus on aspects in the morning period and others who are in the evening, so you must know the right time to obtain focus during study effectively.

  • Mental clarity

 One of the biggest reasons for not being able to focus while studying is the inability to clear the mind, or in a more precise sense, to make your mind calm down, this is one of the biggest factors that affect concentration because your mind cannot focus as long as it is focused on something else or distracted.

Therefore, you should take some time to clear your mind, and that may be by doing some physical exercises such as sports, which stimulate the body to focus on the current time and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the body, which enhances attention and focus.

There are also those who do some relaxation or meditation exercises, which have proven effective in getting rid of the pressure resulting from anxiety and tension associated with excessive thinking, which results in the inability to focus effectively during studying, in addition to improving the mood.

  • Eat healthy food

You may be wondering now, what is the relationship between food and concentration? In fact, there is a close relationship between what you put into your body and your mind’s ability to focus. There are some foods that help enhance the mind’s ability to focus and others.

Most of the unhealthy or fast foods that require time and effort to be absorbed weaken the mind’s ability to focus, so be sure to eat light and nutritious meals before studying, in addition to water. Dehydration affects concentration, so make sure to eat adequate amounts of water daily.

Secondly: setting educational goals

Determining the main goals before starting to study is one of the most important points that most of us fall into, as we never prioritize this step, believing that it is not important, but if you really want to focus during study, you must specify it first.


  • Divide and define tasks

By knowing what tasks you must do first, then dividing them in a way that suits your ability and time, and determining how you will implement them.

  • Estimate the time required

You will have the ability to determine the time that you need to complete this task in a manner that suits you while setting logical goals and estimating the time that it will take to ffocus during study.

And it does not have to start with a long period, you can start with small periods and then extend them some if you get used to them.

  • Orientation and focus

Direct your thinking to a specific thing at the present moment and try to train yourself on that from time to time, start by focus during study on small priorities for short periods at first, and determine the time and effort that will be required of you.

  • measurement and improvement

In this step, you will evaluate your performance during periods of concentration while studying, and find out what techniques helped you progress and what did not work and you will begin to improve them. 

The purpose of this step is not to criticize yourself or your ability to focus during study, but only to find out the methods that suit you and your training.

  • Continuity

To start concentrating while studying may be tiring and useless at first, and you may even find yourself often falling into a spiral of distraction again and focusing on something else, but you do not have to be discouraged.

As this is very natural, especially in the beginning, but with persistence and some effort you will find that it becomes a habit.

Thirdly: the best study techniques to use

As we mentioned earlier one of the most important reasons that helps to better focus  during study is knowing the methods or techniques that suit you when studying, and here we will mention the best-proven techniques that help study:

  • Taking notes

It is one of the most well-known and used methods, and in fact, it is also proven that most of those who take notes about what they study remember better.

  • Mind maps

It is simply that you write or organize what you have to remember, whether it is a specific lesson or a specific material, and it is divided into main elements that are easy to remember, and it is useful, easy and fun as well.

  • Explain and teach others

Many studies have shown that a person is able to focus during study better or understand information better if it is explained to another person out loud, and this is logically true. You enhance your personal understanding when you start teaching other students.

  • Solve the tests

Solving quizzes is one of the most effective ways to fix and organize information in your mind, through a question-and-answer approach.

  • Regular review

Repetition teaches cleverness, and it is a common saying that indicates the importance of constantly reviewing, you can organize a schedule to review each section and choose several methods for that, such as solving tests.

  • Find a relation or a link

It is one of the strategies commonly used in many materials that require memorization to a large extent, and it contains important information that may be difficult to memorize, so we resort to establishing links and relationships between it and things we know in advance to make it easier to remember.

  • Set a time to focus

It is simply determining the time to focus during study, which relies on a system of allocating time for work and time for rest periods, including what is called Pomodoro.

  • Other means

These other methods may include trying to make your time more enjoyable while studying, such as listening to calm music to help you focus during study, or diversifying the use of study methods and educational resources between articles, books, videos, and others.

But you do not have to worry about the time with, which will help you organize your time so that you can focus during study better, by:

  • Choose times that fit your schedule.
  • Online courses you can attend from anywhere.
  • Multiple courses in all academic and academic subjects and many other fields.
  • The presence of specialized trainers who are able to create the system that suits you without any worries.
  • In case, there is something that is difficult for you to understand and do, you can communicate with him at any convenient time.
  • Explanation of educational materials in various ways and sources that will make you enjoy the learning process, so do not lose your focus during study.

Thus, you can better focus during study, and as long as you can control your mind and organize your tasks, it will also be easier for you to implement.

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